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That stinks: Global opinion of US goes down the toilet MikeRivero

Dragged down in important part by disapproval over the U.S. position on the Gaza war, the popular image of the United States abroad has declined over the past year, according to a new poll of public opinion in 34 countries released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center.

If you ask most people, the economy is in the toilet. But according to Democrats and the White House, the economy is “strong as hell.” Why do they say this when inflation continues to make eggs and cheeseburgers too expensive? When Americans keep applying for jobs but get no answers?

According to the federal government’s jobs reports, companies keep adding workers, and the job market is said to be strong every single quarter.

Democrats are banking on Trump’s unpopularity to save them this election season. Why? Because they can’t count on Biden’s popularity to win! Democrats have launched several criminal trials against Trump, in an unprecedented attack on a former president.

One of those trials resulted in a guilty verdict. Liberals are counting on that to destroy Trump’s election chances.

Democrats have a huge problem. With Israel going to war with Hamas, far-left liberals are siding against America’s ally. Joe Biden is losing support among progressives who accuse him of helping Israel commit “genocide.” Democrats have been scrambling to win back progressives, including turning their backs on the state of Israel.

But that doesn’t seem good enough. The far left is going to war with its own party, protesting Democrats and demanding harder attacks against Israel.

Hunter Biden’s federal gun charges have captured the nation’s attention, but let’s be honest here—this is just a shiny object meant to distract us. The Biden family’s alleged corruption and international dealings are the real issues at stake. The mainstream media’s focus on Hunter’s gun case is nothing but a diversion from the juicy, scandalous details they don’t want you to see.

Webmaster addition: This is what our government is risking by provoking Russia and China! As a side note, the last bomb shown, the Tsar Bomba, was tested at 50 megaton but was designed as a 100 megaton weapon.