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"The supreme trick of mass insanity is that it persuades you that the only abnormal person is the one who refuses to join in the madness of others, the one who tries vainly to resist. We will never understand totalitarianism if we do not understand that people rarely have the strength to be uncommon." -- Eugene Ionesco

Ukrainian troops fire thousands of explosive shells at Russian targets every day, using high-tech cannons supplied by the United States and its allies. But those weapons are burning out after months of overuse, or being damaged or destroyed in combat, and dozens have been taken off the battlefield for repairs, according to U.S. and Ukrainian officials.

One-third of the roughly 350 Western-made howitzers donated to Kyiv are out of action at any given time, according to U.S. defense officials and others familiar with Ukraine’s defense needs.

Spare a thought to the Polish farmer snapping pics of a missile wreckage – later indicated to belong to a Ukrainian S-300. So a Polish farmer, his footfalls echoing in our collective memory, may have saved the world from WWIII – unleashed via a tawdry plot concocted by Anglo-American “intelligence”.

UK-supplied Brimstone 2 missiles provide Ukraine with “new tactical options” with which to punish Vladimir Putin’s invading troops, a defence analyst has said. The Ministry of Defence is supplying the weapons to Ukraine, with pictures taken by the British Armed Forces Network showing them being loaded on to a plane at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire recently.

Prior to this, Britain supplied a consignment of previous-generation Brimstones to Volodymyr Zelensky in May.

The full interview with Vladimir Kozin, a Russian expert at the Political-Military Studies Center, was made by Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti at the Russia Today headquarters in Moscow.

Vladimir Kozin denounces the fact that the United States after tearing up the INF Treaty is deploying intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe close to Russia, in addition to the new B61-12 nuclear bombs. Regarding these bombs, he declares:

Lab-made hybrid version of coronavirus created at Boston University - Defense Ministry MikeRivero Sun, 11/27/2022 - 07:18

A hybrid version of coronavirus, which fuses an Omicron version with a virus of the Wuhan strain, was developed by researchers at Boston University in October, Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said at a briefing on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

US continues to build up military-biological capabilities - Russian Defense Ministry MikeRivero Sun, 11/27/2022 - 07:16

The United States proceeds with the policy of building up its military and biological capabilities, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said on Saturday ahead of the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention.

German military preparing for potential war with Russia, leaked internal report reveals MikeRivero Sat, 11/26/2022 - 08:13
The Military Pledged to Remove Unexploded Bombs From This Island. Native Hawaiians Are Still Waiting. MikeRivero Sat, 11/26/2022 - 08:11

For the better part of two years, Liliu Ross had lived in a one-room tin-roofed shack in the rural outer reaches of Hawaii’s Big Island. It had no running water and no electricity. But it provided shelter for Ross as she raised sheep and grew crops on land that her Native Hawaiian ancestors once called home. From the open fields and gentle slopes of her five-acre farm lot, she marveled at the stunning views of nearby Mauna Kea, one of the world’s tallest island mountains. Still, there were challenges to living under such conditions.

It Seems Russia Wont Require a Winter Offensive to Win the War MikeRivero Sat, 11/26/2022 - 08:05

Moon of Alabama has proven to be a reliable source of reporting on the conflict in Ukraine. The posting of November 23 indicates that some part of the Russian government or military has finally realized that Russia is at war. You can read the account here:

NATO chieftain: interceptor missiles needed both in Poland andUkraine MikeRivero Sat, 11/26/2022 - 07:19

Air-defence systems such as the US-made Patriot are needed both in Poland and in Ukraine, Nato secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday in an interview for US news channel CNN.

“We need both,” Stoltenberg said when asked if Patriot batteries offered to Poland by Germany should be deployed in Poland or Ukraine. “We need both increased air defence of our Nato allies in the east, in the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania. But also we need more air defence in Ukraine, that’s obvious.”