"It is the beans, and not the counting of the beans, that prospers a nation." -- Michael Rivero

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Weeks after a Republican election official in Georgia raised questions about the outcome of the 2024 elections, it appears the state will be implementing reforms to ensure that the questionable results aren’t repeated in the future.

The Georgia Election Board on Thursday agreed to a series of measures intended to provide oversight in Fulton County, home to notorious anti-Trump prosecutor Fani Willis and the site of so many votes in 2024 that they outnumbered actual residents, according to one official with the county’s election board.

The “36 inconsistencies” consisted of double and triple-counted batches of ballots that accounted for over 6,000 ballots incorrectly counted and reported.  Based on the analysis, Rossi stated there would be a net gain of 4,081 votes for President Trump in Fulton County’s 148k absentee ballots alone if the incorrectly counted Biden votes were removed.

The Biden regime is stepping up its relentless campaign of persecution against those who attended the January 6th protests, arresting people at double the rate they have over the past three years.

The Epoch Times reports that according to the Department of Justice’s monthly update, 1424 people have been arrested in connection with their attendance on that day:

Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation Tuesday that makes additional changes to Georgia's election laws ahead of the 2024 presidential contest in the battleground state, including defining probable causes for removing voters from the rolls when their eligibility is challenged.

As an alternative to a primary election, Illinois law allowed for a party to get its candidates on the ballot for General Assembly spots by party slating procedure, along with collection of a requisite number of public signatures on nominating positions. A number of Republican challengers have been proceeding accordingly.

But over the course of just 30 hours on the first days of this month, the Democratic supermajority changed the law to retroactively disallow that procedure, thereby barring challengers from the November ballot as Republican party candidates.

The Georgia State Election Board is requiring Fulton County to implement an independent election monitor in the 2024 election, after an independent investigation found that the county likely scanned thousands of ballots twice in a recount of the 2020 election.

Election integrity is a non-negotiable foundation of our U.S. democracy. Citizens must be able to trust the voting process, or else the fabric of U.S. society will quickly fall apart.

Problems with the voting system have surfaced ever since the Bush v. Gore election where pieces of paper, or “chads,” on ballots set the world ablaze in debate over election integrity. Challenges to more current voter rules have forced the court system to step in and decide how elections must be conducted.

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project released a memo Thursday detailing recent records the project obtained which show the Biden Administration's coordination with left-wing groups to increase partisan left-wing voter registration.