"I am opposed to violence. Violence only helps the tyrant justify more oppressive crackdowns. On the other hand, making the tyrant think you might just disagree with me on this matter can be a powerful motivator!" -- Michael Rivero

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Republicans have not been kind in criticizing McConnell’s support for this bill. At least one Republican senator is calling for his removal. And Donald Trump’s son is dropping a bomb on this RINO.

From Breitbart:
Donald Trump Jr. referred to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as a “mentally declining pro-amnesty turtle” in response to the unveiling of the border security bill.

“Why do Senate Republicans continue to allow themselves to be led by a mentally declining pro-amnesty turtle?” Donald Trump Jr. said on Sunday.

But he is further defying Biden by exposing something many Republicans have said for years. Musk claims that there is one real reason Democrats are refusing to close the border. And it has everything to do with elections.

From Fox News:
Billionaire Musk, who has been a vocal critic of Biden’s border crisis, ripped into the president on X late Friday while sharing a 2021 news story headline revealing that Biden had intended to prioritize offering legal status to an estimated 11 million people while in office.

Only two months before the 2020 election, Michigan’s politically motivated Attorney General Dana Nessel warned voters they would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they cast more than one vote in an election. Michigan’s crooked Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joined Nessel, warning Michigan voters against committing voter fraud while assuring the public she has safeguards in place to ensure this doesn’t happen.

In 2022, Congress changed the electoral count act, moving up the deadline by which one of the final steps in the election process must be completed – the transmission of the certificate of ascertainment of who won a state’s presidential electors to Congress.

Early that year, then-Senator Ugenti-Rita introduced a bill to expand the threshold to trigger a 100% machine recount to from one tenth of one percent to half a percent, a bill that would have applied to the 2020 presidential election had it then been the law.

Elon Musk, the owner of X, formerly Twitter, says that President Joe Biden wants to prioritize allowing legal status for millions of immigrants because he wants to create a "one-party state" in the United States. 

In July 2023, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D-MI) charged 16 Republican Electors with political crimes in connection with the controversial 2020 Presidential election.

The ALTERNATE electors in Michigan, many of them senior citizens, were charged with eight felonies each, which could mean spending the rest of their lives in prison if AG Nessel has her way.

Each of the 16 defendants was charged with the following felonies:

A weird thing happened to Andrew Schipke in early March. Schipke is a vice president at Winkler+Dünnebier, a German-born manufacturing company that runs its U.S. operations from a city in eastern Kansas. One of its most popular products is the “inserter,” an obscure but essential component in the business of voting by mail. An inserter stuffs the envelope that contains a ballot and voting instructions. Pick whatever metaphor you like — linchpin, keystone — as long as it conveys that without inserters, you can basically forget about a fair presidential election.

Biden says he doesn’t want a wider war as he creates one, since you can always take him at the opposite of his words. Yet he really has no secrets since his transparent corruption is almost palpable: He supports the Israeli/U.S. genocide in Gaza, the Ukrainian war against Russia, has expanded the war in the Middle East over the past few weeks, and will soon widen it further while the mass media report that he and his cast of fools are trying to “manage” their violent responses to prevent a wider war.