“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see” -- Leonardo Da Vinci

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James Webb Telescope's New Discovery is 'Shattering' Our Understanding of Big Bang. The universe that originated from the big bang, according to the cosmic inflation theory, is behaving more mysteriously than ever before. We now have identified galaxies in the early universe that are leaving scientists dumbfounded. And that is all thanks to the James Webb Space telescope, which, with its infrared detecting prowess, is changing the game. Top theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explaining the conundrum that we found ourselves in at the moment.
The collateral damage of the pandemic response was “substantial, wide-ranging and will leave behind a legacy of harm for hundreds of millions of people”, a major new study has found. Reviewing and synthesising 600 publications focused on the impact of the pandemic response, Dr. Kevin Bardosh of the Universities of Washington and Edinburgh concluded that these wide and deep societal harms “should challenge the dominant mental model of the pandemic response”.
Just like the replicator on Star Trek: The Next Generation, a new clean energy prototype promises to work wonders out of thin air. The researchers call it Air-gen, a mobile electricity generation device that uses a network of protein nanowires to turn the ambient humidity in the air into contained, synthetic thunderstorms. This 'human-built, small-scale cloud,' these scientists said, can produce electricity 'predictably and continuously' in a wider variety of conditions than sun-dependent solar cells or wind-dependent turbines.

Children are to be vaccinated against polio in a bid to stop it spreading – as health bosses warned that “nobody wants this illness for their child”.

The renewed vaccine programme comes after polio was found in 30 sewage samples in north-east London last year, including in Hackney.

The NHS initially launched an urgent jab rollout that reached more than 375,000 children between August and the middle of March. Around half of those vaccines were given in the first two months.

The phenomenon of SADS – “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is a brand new phenomenon since COVID-19 mRNA vaccines rolled out in the general population starting in December 2020.

 Perfectly healthy, young COVID-19 vaccinated people go to sleep and never wake up. There is no struggle. They die “peacefully” and their families, who never had any warning signs, are left in utter shock and horror.

According to the study:

“Retinal vein occlusion (RVO) is the second most prevalent cause of visual loss related to retinal vascular diseases, after diabetic retinopathy. RVO is related to thromboembolism caused by vessel compression, vasospasm, or degeneration of vascular walls.”

Astronomers and amateurs alike are excited about a new star explosion visible in small telescopes.

The new supernova popped into visibility on May 19 in the Pinwheel Galaxy, (also designated as Messier 101, or M101). The galaxy  is visible in a small telescope under dark-sky conditions, as long as you use a wide field of view and a low-power eyepiece

Sens. Ted Budd, Thom Tillis and seven other lawmakers demanded answers Wednesday on why their constituents continue to die from Camp Lejeune’s toxic waters while the Department of Justice and the Navy refuses to settle their claims.