"People, once suckered into a war, will defend that war rather than admit they were suckers." -- Michael Rivero

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On Tuesday, Member of the Netherlands Parliament Wybren van Haga wrote to the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to inform him that the 2022 amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) are subject to the formal approval by the Dutch Parliament.

“I notify you, in my capacity as Member of Parliament, of the reservation that the 2022 [IHR] amendments require the approval of the Dutch government before the 2022 amendments can enter into force in The Netherlands,” he told Tedros.

Angela McLean, the Government's Chief Scientist, told the Covid Inquiry that the U.K.'s 'circuit breaker' lockdowns in 2020 cut Covid infections. That's not what the data show, say Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson.

Professor Dame Jenny Harries, who now heads up the UK Health Security Agency, said the evidence that coverings reduced transmission is 'uncertain' because it is difficult to separate their effect from other Covid curbs.

She also told the UK's Covid inquiry that government advice on how to make a mask using two pieces of cloth was 'ineffective'.

Studies showed at least three were needed for even a small effect on the spread of viruses, Dame Jenny said.

Elderly adults experienced a disastrous decline in cognitive functioning during the UK’s Covid-19 quarantine policies, a study published in the Lancet on Tuesday revealed. The accelerated worsening of working memory and other key intellectual metrics persisted even after lockdown ended. 

Breathtaking photos from the first ultra-high resolution camera in Earth's orbit shows our bright blue planet against the black abyss of space.

The photos were taken from a 360-degree camera launched into space by a private Chinese company who described it as an 'astronomical achievement'.

Shenzhen-based camera company Insta360 says these images are just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, it plans to capture similarly crisp images of the stars and the Milky Way.

A trio of Republican lawmakers fined by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over their refusal to wear masks petitioned the Supreme Court Tuesday to hear their lawsuit after losing in a lower court.