new pamphlet from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges homosexual males to refrain from their normal deviant sexual behaviors in order to “flatten the curve” of monkeypox – though they are not required to stop being perverts in the same way that the rest of the world was forced to refrain from engaging in normal human behaviors throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic.

Public health officials have declared a “national incident” after routine surveillance of wastewater in north and east London found evidence of community transmission of the poliovirus for the first time.  The virus was only found in the sewage, and no case has actually been reported in a human being.

What interesting timing though. Because Bill Gates is helping create a vaccine that supposedly prevents polio caused by vaccines. We wrote about that in May:

A sunspot nearly triple the size of Earth is within firing range of our planet, and may send out medium-class flares in the near future.

"Yesterday, sunspot AR3038 was big. Today, it's enormous," Tony Phillips, the author of in new tab), wrote on Wednesday (June 22).

While hiking in Grand Canyon National Park, Kristi Key came across a concerning site: four hikers resting on the side of the trail, looking a little worse for wear. After learning that two of the hikers had spent the previous night violently vomiting, Key offered to call a rescue team, but the group declined. But when she saw them sitting in the same spot on her return trip, with one of the hikers still vomiting, she knew it was time to call for help.

No one knows why Pfizer put a bioluminescent (aka “glow in the dark”) chemical in its product.

If you’re a long term Brasscheck subscriber you know we organized all the data to answer this question last summer.

The original Brasscheck Report – August 2021

Hundreds of thousands of people in China have been evacuated from their homes after devastating flooding and landslides.

With unrelating rainstorms continuing to lash southern and eastern regions, roads have collapsed and floodwater has swept away properties, cars and crops.

State media said some 85 rivers nationwide have ‘experienced floods above the warning level’, with more torrential rain expected.

Videos show vehicles trapped in high waters and rescue teams in dinghies helping residents out of their houses.