"Everyone knows that alcohol destroys brain cells. But I have dedicated my life to testing the theory that if you drink exactly the right amount, only the weak brain cells will die!" -- Michael Rivero

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Last week, a paper was published which describes that scientists have developed a new method to “create” artificial human chromosomes.  The hope is that this will revolutionise gene therapy and other biotechnology applications.

We should be extremely concerned but not surprised.

The aim since the Earth Summit in 1992 has been, under the guise of biological diversity, the genetic manipulation of any or all living creatures and the creation of synthetic DNA that does not currently exist in nature.

Yesterday, a sample of the negotiating text for WHO’s Pandemic Accord was released. If this sample is anything to go by, there is a long way to go before countries reach a consensus.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested millions of dollars in a French biotech company working to rebuild the immune systems of cancer patients, as the global elite continue making major moves in the turbo cancer economy.

Doctors have begun to sound the alarm after soaring numbers of patients have developed deadly brain tumors after receiving Covid mRNA vaccines.

Medical professionals around the world are now warning the public about the spike.

In some cases, doctors warn that people are discovering tumors within days of being vaccinated for Covid.

However, experts say that most patients had experienced continuous migraines in the days leading up to the disturbing diagnoses.

Excess cancers, cardiac deaths, and stillbirths, oh my! It’s only the future of humanity on the line as excess mortality among young adults has become part of the “new normal” since 2021. Will state and federal officials ever take an interest in trying to understand why so many young people are either dying suddenly or developing aggressive cancers?

Two major studies have just warned of a ticking time bomb after concluding that all recipients of Covid mRNA shots now have some degree of permanent heart damage.

Health officials have long claimed that damage to the heart that caused myocarditis after the vaccines is just temporary.

However, two independent studies have now found that the injections caused “heart scarring” in all people who receive the shots.

Mars methane is hard to trace, but a solution might be on the way.

An early-stage airplane concept called MAGGIE will soon kick off a nine-month NASA-funded study to explore its feasibility for soaring over Mars. It won't go to the Red Planet any time soon, if ever, but there's a clear science need for more flying vehicles on Mars.

A hailstorm hammered thousands of solar panels at a Fort Bend County farm with emergency crews investigating, and neighbors worried whether any chemicals were leaking.

An unimaginable storm's unforgettable damage

Last Saturday was a night Nick Kaminski will never forget. After the wind tore off his roof, golf ball-sized hail rained from the sky.

"The hailstorm we experienced Saturday morning was unimaginable," Kaminski recalled. "We've never seen anything like it in our lifetime."