"Beliefs are chains used to hold free minds in slavery. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains made of beliefs." -- Michael Rivero

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Prostate cancer screening is likely to do more harm than good, experts have warned, after a 15-year trial showed one in six flagged cases was wrong. The largest study to date investigating the PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) blood test, which is used as a screening tool in some European countries, found it had a small impact on reducing deaths, but also led to a worrying level of overdiagnosis. In some cases, it missed early detection of some aggressive cancers.
Believe it or not, insect and bug ingredients can also apparently be added to American food items without explicit labeling. The plan in just a few short years is to lace ground-up bugs into everything sold at conventional grocery stores. By 2027, the plan is to reach $4.6 billion in sales from bug ingredients, amounting to around 1.4 million tons in total weight.
This is according to a study done by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, which found that around 57 percent of doctors collectively received approximately $12.1 billion from medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical drug makers between 2013 and 2022. "Despite evidence that financial conflicts of interest may influence physician prescribing and may damage patients' trust in medical professionals, such payments remain pervasive," the researchers wrote.

In direct opposition to the suspect claims of transgender activists that children who are “gender-confused” must have medical “care” that goes up to and includes surgical body mutilations, a new 15-year study confirms that most of those kids, if left alone, “grow out of it.”

A report from the Daily Mail confirms the study results show that “being trans is usually just a phase for kids.”