"I am not a victim of gun violence. Because the one time I needed it, I had a gun!" -- Michael Rivero

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The first U.K. patients have been injected with an experimental mRNA cancer “therapy” at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust as part of a Moderna clinical safety trial, raising concerns that the mRNA could cause bodily harm similar to that of the mRNA COVID jabs.

Newly uncovered documents show that while it was still under Ukrainian control – Russia is now in charge – the city of Mariupol, population 540,000, served as a testbed for various large-scale medical experiments on local civilians.

A psychiatric ward in the city where many of these experiments took place is now undergoing a rapid reconstruction after being incorporated into Russia following a referendum held in late 2022, reports explain.

GENEVA (Reuters) - When Swiss doctor Raouf Salti realised he could not go to Gaza to help injured children, he decided he would do everything he could to get them to Geneva to receive medical care.

After dealing with swathes of red tape, Salti got permission to have four children, including a 16-year-old who lost a kidney and has already had his leg amputated, cross into Egypt from Gaza and then fly to Switzerland on Monday.

The survey, conducted last fall, spanned all branches of the military and included both enlisted and officer ranks. The average length of service was around 16 years.

Out of the 229 participants, 169 were active duty service members. Eighty-seven percent, or 199, were unvaccinated against COVID-19. Of the 30 who were vaccinated, only two said they had wanted to do it.