On June 27, the assistant to the head of Chechnya in the power unit Mr Alaudinov claimed that Russian-led forces found evidence that the Severodonetsk airport should be turned into a large military base of NATO. 

He claimed:

On June 27th, the Kiev regime claimed another Russian attack on a civilian target in Ukraine. A shopping center on an area of over 10 thousand square meters is burning in the city of Kremenchug in the Poltava region.  Ukrainian President Zelensky claimed that Russian missiles hit the building. According to him, there were more than a thousand people inside.

Since 1997, NATO has kept forces out of Eastern Europe. It was a commitment the military alliance made to Russia who was nervous about Western Troops building up on their borders, but now that has all changed and it looks like NATO is readying itself to enter a war few in the West have a desire to enter.

At this week's NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, NATO will determine the largest military deployment since the Cold War, El Pais reported.

The Pentagon on Monday in a belated reaction to Russian President Putin's Saturday announcement that Russia will be transferring nuclear-capable long missiles to Lukashenko's Belarus slammed "cavalier" and "irresponsible" nuclear saber-rattling.

The recent BRICS summit managed to run its course this past week with very little fanfare, despite the fact that Russia is in the midst of a conflict with Ukraine that has led to a worldwide economic war. China is edging towards a potential invasion of Taiwan, and much of the planet is in the middle of a stagflationary crisis in the meantime.

The one major takeaway from the summit was the reaffirmed stance of the BRICS that they would continue to work closely with Russia in economic terms.  

The Russian military has confirmed an airstrike on the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug on Monday, but claimed it targeted a stockpile of Western weapons. The detonation caused damage to a nearby non-functioning shopping mall, Tuesday’s report said. Kiev had claimed that Russia attacked the shopping center, killing and injuring many civilians.

After returning from a visit to the front near Kherson, Ukraine, on June 19, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his military would continue to fight Russia and “return everything that’s ours,” after having earlier made clear his intent to “liberate our Cr

A second sub-salient of the Donbas salient, centered on the town of Borivske southeast of Lysychansk, has been closed by Russian forces. The Ukrainian General Staff (UGS) announced that Borivske had fallen.

Most of the 2,000 Ukrainian troops trapped since last week in the Hirske to Zolote sub-salient have been cleared out. The escape gap to the west has narrowed to ten from 25 kilometers a week ago.

Britain and its allies face their "1937 moment" following Russia's invasion of Ukraine and must do everything possible to avert another world war, the new head of the army has said.

The warning emerged as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce an uplift in UK defence spending this week, in line with growing security challenges.