The Left has been tempting fate since January 2021 - applying its nihilist medicine to America on the premise that such a rich patient can ride out any toxic shock.

Our elites assume that all our nation’s past violent protests, all its would-be revolutions, all its cultural upheavals, all its institutionalized lawlessness were predicated on one central truth—America’s central core is so strong, so rich, and so resilient that it can withstand almost any assault. 

Two of America’s most significant Republican megadonors donated $1 million apiece to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s super PAC last month, just before the organization spent heavily on several key Democratic primaries.

 Earlier this month, when Senator Bernie Sanders said he would not challenge President Biden in 2024, Mr. Biden was so relieved he invited his former rival to dinner at the White House the next night.

It is well known that the Democrats have a problem, a schism between moderates and far-left nutjobs known as progressives. But it just got a little more contentious after it was confirmed that President Joe Biden does not back the Progressive push to expand (AKA Pack) the Supreme Court. The AOCs are pissed.

The prices of chickens and eggs are rapidly increasing because the US government is using PCR tests to justify the killing of tens of millions of chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks. The US government and the men who act as if it they owned it prepared the way for today’s misery starting back in 2009 when Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin crossed bird flu with Spanish flu.

Joe Biden, who claimed he never spoke with Hunter about his business deals with China is heard in newly-released audio leaving a message on Hunter’s phone. The purpose of the call is to discuss Hunter’s lucrative China business deals with the Chinese spy chief.


Progressive Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna renewed his push to establish term limits for Supreme Court justices.

The announcement comes in response to last week’s Supreme Court ruling to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion at the federal level.