Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a debilitating disease that disconnects the afflicted from reality. Although most are either born with or have developed a natural immunity to this sickness, there are still those who attempt to spread the infection.

It now appears that Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in the Trump administration, has come down with an acute case of TDS. The only cure might just be some time in jail.

Rep. Lee Zeldin has secured the Republican nomination for New York governor after a fiesty yearlong campaign bid.

Zeldin, who represents New York's 1st Congressional District on Long Island, will face incumbent Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul in November. He beat out competitors Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York Mayor and Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani, and 2014 Republican gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino.

Earlier this month, a bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress that, among other important provisions to combat undue foreign influence in politics, would ban former members of Congress from lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. 

New Quincy Institute research finds that this congressional action is long overdue as the revolving door from Congress to lobbying on behalf of foreign interests has been spinning feverishly.

The RINOs and self-professed “moderates” tried as hard as they could to keep Trump-supporting, MAGA candidate Lauren Boebert out of office by running a primary candidate against her in her seat for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Read more...