"They [the media] are news-as-entertainment professionals – packaging glossy corporate content for maximum distribution and big bucks. The goal is not objective reportage. Their targets are quantifiable and highlighted in a business plan somewhere. Success is based on a simple formula: stay within parameters "understandable" to a wide audience that devours sound bites and familiar storylines on the hour, every hour.

Like trained seals whose every desire, instinct and buying pattern has been measured by corporate media's marketing department for the consumption of its advertisers, the audience demands satisfaction – and western media delivers it." -- Sharmine Narwani

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In a new media landscape dominated not by Western media giants but by Instagram reels, TikTok videos and YouTube shorts, Israel’s ongoing war on the besieged Gaza Strip is more than televised.

Islamic Jihad militants captured Israeli intelligence servers while participating in the Hamas attack on Israel last month, the group’s representative in Iran claimed on Wednesday. Nasser Abu-Sharif said the servers contained the names of multiple Israeli spies, some of whom were operating in Iran.

During the October 7 assault, “the resistance managed to take the Israeli regime’s intelligence servers to Gaza,” Abu-Sharif announced at an event in Tehran, according to Iranian media. 


Jesus was part of an extended family. The Bible says he had brothers and sisters. Some churches try to spin that these were only cousins, or Joseph's from a previous marriage, but Mary, Jesus' mother, was not an only child. At the very least, Jesus had cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. John the Baptist was Jesus' second cousin according to Luke 1:5-38.

For the purpose of this discussion, we do not need to go into the question of whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a family.

For all the people who want the end of days to come sooner rather than later, just find a church where author Dr. Mike Evans speaks. He’ll be the first to tell congregations of 500 or more that bombing Iran is the only way to save Israel. The former 700 Club superstar warmonger claims America can only avert Armageddon by starting it. No, really. The congregations out there seem fully ready for the “big ride” to begin.

Israel has resumed its attacks on Hamas after a lull lasting several days, accusing the Palestinian armed group of violating the ceasefire. West Jerusalem has repeatedly said that it would resume the hostilities after the truce is over.

In a statement in the early hours of Friday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that “Hamas violated the operational pause, and in addition, fired toward Israeli territory.” 

Israel lacks “credit” to keep the fight against Hamas going for months and needs to change its tactics in the south of Gaza, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at a war cabinet meeting on Thursday, according to Israel’s Channel 12.

Blinken was in Jerusalem for meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the cabinet overseeing the war on the Palestinian militant group. Some of the quotes from the meeting somehow made their way to Channel 12, Israel’s most popular commercial TV station, which aired them on Thursday evening.

The confrontations in southern Lebanon between the resistance movement Hezbollah and Israel did not only lead to military casualties.

Israel also systematically targeted civilian houses, burned tens of thousands of olive trees and destroyed schools for disabled children.

Thousands of makeshift tombstones were displayed in the center of Rome to commemorate the children of Gaza who were slaughtered by Israel in recent weeks.

Jamil: 11 years of age; Salma: 16; Jawan: 2; Mohammed 13.

These are the names of just four Palestinian children who have been slaughtered in Gaza since Israel started bombing the besieged territory on October 7th, 2023.

Israel's so-called national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has threatened to dissolve the regime’s incumbent administration if the devastating bombing campaign against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip stops.

“Stopping the war = dissolution of the cabinet,” the 47-year-old far-right politician wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Israeli finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, also said on X that a ceasefire in exchange for returning all captives held in Gaza is “a plan to eliminate Israel.”