“The politics of the destruction of the gas-line – whether it’s an act of war or what – but it was a slap in the face of Europe, saying, you know, “if you’re not going to play ball with me in Ukraine,” said the president… “I don’t care if it’s going to be harder for you to keep your people wealthy and warm.” Basically, that’s what he’s done. And that’s the real input of the story.” -- Seymour Hersh

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Labour blames the Tories for the state of the NHS. The Tories blame striking Leftist doctors. In this Punch and Judy show, neither will admit that the eye-watering waiting lists are because of lockdown, says Alex Kriel.
Covid posed no risk to children. To coerce children into getting vaccinated fear campaigns told them they should get vaccinated so they “didn’t kill granny.” Because of the risk of myocarditis, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation advised against covid injections being given to healthy children under the age of 18. However, Chris Whitty intervened and requested they review their decision. Presumably succumbing to political pressure, a few months later the Committee handed over the decision to the Chief Medical Officers.
The broadcaster was promoting a new full-time assistant producer role at Audio North, in the classical music department, based in MediaCity UK, Salford. This role was being advertised via its mailing list as part of the BBC Extend Programme which aims to take “positive action” in making it more diverse. In particular, the programme is aimed at those who are deaf, disabled or neurodivergent. However, instead of the job description reading “identify as deaf”, it instead said: “to apply, you should identify as dead, disabled or neurodivergent”.

Pro-Palestine activists filmed themselves breaking into the Israeli firm Elbit's "highly secured" weapons factory in the UK and smashing up their property in protest of their support for the Gaza genocide.

"Actionists cut through 3 security fences to get inside Elbit's 'highly secure' compound and break into Kent's Israeli weapons factory," Palestine Action said Monday on Twitter. "Once inside, they begun dismantling machinery, technology and parts used to arm the Gaza genocide."

Charles Garrett, an apparent British intel agent, teamed up with a local prosecutor to wrongfully indict Macedonian public figures and topple the country’s government. Everywhere Garrett goes in the region, coups seem to follow.