Thousands of farmers gathered in the central Netherlands Wednesday to protest the Dutch government’s plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, driving their tractors across the Netherlands and snarling traffic on major highways.

The protest was organized earlier this month after the government published nationwide targets for reducing emissions, sparking anger from farmers who claim their livelihoods — and those of thousands of people who work in the agricultural service industry — are on the line.

The French Armed Forces conducted Operation THUNDER LYNX, a force projection operation towards Estonia.

About a hundred paratroopers from the French 11th Airborne Brigade were deployed by an A-400M transport aircraft above the Estonian territory, to be dropped over a zone held by Estonian soldiers. This airdropping was followed by a joint tactical training maneuver between French and Estonian units.


Two F-35 fighter jets from the British Royal Air Force will visit Karelia Air Command next week, the Finnish Air Force said on Wednesday.

The inbound squadron will consist of two F-35B Lightning II fighters and about 60 personnel. The unit will visit the Rissala base from Tuesday to Thursday next week.

The F-35 fighters will participate in the daily training and training activities of the Finnish Air Force with the F-18 Hornets of the Karelia Air Command….

On Monday the House of Commons will vote on the Government's Bill to override aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol. It would give ministers the right to scrap elements of the international agreement unilaterally without permission from the EU.

The actions taken by the EU and NATO essentially amount to the formation of a “new coalition” targeting Russia, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told journalists on Friday, comparing the steps taken by Brussels to the actions of Nazi dictator Adolf Hilter before attacking the Soviet Union.

Danish Radio's defense analyst Mads Korsager described the impetus for the Nordic country's mission as being a “desire to contribute to the deterrence of Russia” and keep and eye on its nuclear submarines, as well as a signal of friendship to the Americans.

A 140-meter-long frigate with up to 135 Danish soldiers will soon be sent to the North Atlantic as part of a NATO deterrence mission. The Danish ship will, together with other nations' vessels, form a “ring of protection” around it, the country's Defense Ministry said.

Russia is earning more than $100 million every day from the gas it sells to Europe despite the slashed deliveries to major EU consumers in the past week, according to data from Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (ICIS) cited by Bloomberg.

  • The European Union is facing a difficult energy conundrum.

  • The bloc is torn between its climate pledges and its growing need for greater energy security.

  • As Europe weans itself off of Russian energy, it is turning to countries such as South Africa which the Union previously pledged to help reduce fossil fuel consumption.