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President Joe Biden is preparing to make a second attempt at large-scale student loan forgiveness, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The Supreme Court in June ruled that the Biden administration overstepped its authority in trying to cancel or reduce student loans for millions of Americans. The 6-3 decision, with conservative justices in the majority, effectively killed the $400 billion plan.

We might sound like a broken record, talking about the border crisis. But the truth is, the situation is getting worse every day. And it stands to fundamentally change the United States, for the worse.

Biden has done shockingly little about the millions of illegals entering the country—despite what he’s said to the media.

A private university in Poland and a number of its high-profile graduates have become embroiled in a corruption scandal involving bribery and fake master’s degrees.

Poland’s Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA) is investigating the Warsaw-based Collegium Humanum management university for illegal trade in MBA (Master of Business Administration) diplomas. According to local media, several well-known district councilors and city mayors are among the graduates of the establishment. 

President Biden is facing a litany of problems to his reelection bid. His approval is very low. Polling shows major Democrat voting blocs turning on him. He has a third-party candidate that might take many voters away from him. And Donald Trump will be hammering him for months.

What is a failed president to do, when facing such terrible odds?

It seems Biden is looking to once again bribe millions of Americans. Despite being struck down as illegal by the Supreme Court, he’s at it again. And now, a team of attorneys general are throwing down the gauntlet.

Instead of making the schools safer, government officials are making them more authoritarian. This is what it means to go back-to-school in America today.

Instead of raising up a generation of civic-minded citizens with critical thinking skills, government officials are churning out compliant drones who know little to nothing about their history or their freedoms, writes Constitutional attorney and author, John and Nisha Whitehead in this post.

Finding a job can often be a Sisyphean task in this rapidly changing modern economy. Highly sought after skills come and go, following the greater tides of technology change, marketplace behavior, and shifting consumer patterns.

After all, take a look at what’s happening in the tech world.

The State trying to be the arbiter of truth and using “Fake News” to shut down dissent goes back centuries, and its something America’s very existence is based upon fighting against. Nothing we’re seeing now is new, people just don’t know enough history to realize it.



 Daniel Boguslaw

When Vice President Kamala Harris toured the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this week, site of the infamous 2018 Parkland, Florida, mass shooting, she pushed for more gun control and called for communities to accept more federal help in stopping school shootings. “I will continue to advocate for what we must do in terms of universal background checks and assault weapons ban” Harris said.