"A land where men will not take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few." -- Dr. Martin Luther King

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In a Congressional hearing last spring, Gil Cisneros, then-Under Secretary for Military Readiness, announced that the Pentagon was closing its newly formed Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within its K-12 school system and reassigning its controversial DEI chief after a ten-month internal investigation.

Many writers decry the American political scene as “too divisive.” But I don’t think this goes to the root of our political problems. A much more serious concern is that a very powerful minority of Americans reject the core principles upon which our Constitution and our society rest: principles of Western Civilization, republican government, and the Judeo-Christian heritage.

A low-performing Bay Area elementary school introduced a “Woke Kindergarten” program centered on “abolitionist education” that instructs teachers how to remove barriers to learning by fighting racism and oppression—only to see children’s test scores drop.

The continued embrace of diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM combined with a broad decline in academic standards is producing a generation of scientists who are less capable than their predecessors, warned some scientists in recent interviews with The College Fix.

The decline of America’s major cities has been widely documented in recent years. Thanks, it seems, to progressive mayors, blue cities have suffered unchecked rioting, crime, homelessness, and drug abuse.

It seems that, despite this decline, Democrat mayors refuse to make changes to turn things around. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans are fleeing these places.

One blue city is known for unchecked violence. The city is reeling from thousands of migrants, while crime continues to rise. And now, its mayor has just agreed to a policy that could put students at risk.

"Real Time" host Bill Maher slammed Democrats for their current election strategy of all-out attacking former President Trump. Maher began his panel discussion Friday night by complaining that he was feeling "sad" for the GOP primary because Trump was handily defeating his remaining opponent, the former United Nations ambassador. Nikki Haley.
Doctors have expressed optimism over researchers' progress with a new blood test aimed at detecting Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. He told Fox Business he's waited years for a more accessible and affordable way to detect the disease, and now, it's one step closer to becoming a reality. The latest development of the test, published in JAMA Neurology on Monday, showed that a protein called phosphorylated Tau 217 assay could be used to detect the disease before the onset of symptoms.