"And the bewildered herd is still believing

Everything we've been told from our birth

Hell they won't lie to me

Not on my own damn TV

But how much is a liar's word worth

And what happened to peace on earth" -- Willie Nelson

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On Friday, Judge Arthur Engoron released a 92-page verdict, ordering President Donald Trump to pay a more than $355 million fine and barred Trump “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of three years.”

President Trump’s children, Eric Trump and Donald Jr., were ordered to pay $4,013,024 each, and Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg was ordered to pay $1 million.

JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, and State Street Global Advisors have announced their withdrawal or reduction of involvement in the United Nations climate alliance known as Climate Action 100+.

JPMorgan Chase cited the expansion of its in-house sustainability team and the establishment of its climate risk framework as reasons for its exit. BlackRock and State Street expressed concerns over potential legal issues and claimed that the alliance’s climate initiatives had gone too far.

If you thought the British had it bad under lockdown, have a thought for the Malaysians. Forced to stay at home with no furlough payments, they were told to cash in their pensions. The result is they cannot now retire.

The US Justice Department has handed almost $500,000 in forfeited Russian funds to Estonia, from where the money will be used to help repair Ukraine’s power grid. The transfer was the first of its kind, and effectively used Estonia as a middleman to skirt US laws forbidding a direct donation to Ukraine.

Poland’s political class has been at the forefront of EU and NATO’s efforts to absorb Ukraine into the West’s orbit, actively supporting the 2014 Euromaidan coup, and sending military and economic aid to Kiev for NATO’s proxy war against Russia. But many ordinary Poles are weary of the impact these policies have on their economic well-being.

The agricultural sectors of the EU’s eastern flank would be crushed if Ukraine was admitted into the European Union, former Polish Prime Minister Leszek Miller has warned.

  • Banks, governments, and businesses would face failure due to the essential role of fossil fuels in the economy.
  • Critical infrastructure like electricity, internet, and trade systems would collapse without fossil fuel support.
  • Agriculture and home heating would become inefficient and inaccessible to many, leading to widespread social upheaval.

It is now popular to talk about leaving fossil fuels to prevent climate change.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said starting the Nord Stream pipeline that remained intact would take one week, but Germany is showing no interest in this.

He made the comment in an interview with All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company journalist Pavel Zarubin, according to a fragment that the journalist posted to Telegram.

"In the end, everything depends solely on the decision of the German government. Nord Stream-2: One pipeline remained intact despite the terrorist attack," the president said. "Can we restart Nord Stream-2? We can!"

WEIRTON, West Virginia - Most people in this town will tell you they’d rather have taken a physical punch to the gut than get the news they received yesterday when Cleveland-Cliffs Steel announced it was idling its tinplate production plant, a move that directly cost 900 people their jobs.

There has never been a "more blatant act of political persecution" in the United States than the civil fraud prosecution in New York City against former President Donald Trump and the multi-million fine that was levied against him as a result, Rep. Anthony D'Esposito said on Newsmax Saturday. 

"It's going to be a wake-up call for those who do business or try to do business in New York," the New York Republican told Newsmax's "Saturday Report."