"A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny." -- Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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Norinchukin Bank plans to liquidate $63 billion in US and European bonds. alexmark
Japan’s Norinchukin Bank indeed plans to liquidate $63 billion in US and European treasuries to mitigate unrealized losses. Here are the key points: Liquidation Plan: Norinchukin Bank, a major Japanese bank with $681.6 billion in total assets, intends to sell approximately 10 trillion yen (equivalent to $63 billion) worth of US and European sovereign bonds. The bank aims to complete this sell-off by March of next year. Unrealized Losses: The bank faces significant unrealized losses on its bond holdings, which totaled around 2.2 trillion yen as of the end of March.
Joseph P. Farrell: Chase Bank Customers Are Reporting a Wave of Wire Fraud in their Accounts; the Bank Wont Make Good on the Looted Funds alexmark

Every once in a while, you listen to someone, and what comes out of their mouth is so raw and real, it makes you wonder if they meant to say it. That’s exactly what many people are saying about comedian Louis C.K. after his recent chat with Joe Rogan about Biden’s devastating border invasion. It was one of those candid moments where he let the beans spill all over the floor, revealing, firstly, that this invasion was planned. He then went on to discuss why the left is determined to see America overrun with uneducated, low-skilled, and often-times criminal illegals.

An American shipyard that builds domestic cargo vessels and training ships for U.S. maritime colleges has agreed to a deal, in which it would be bought by a major South Korean shipbuilder.
Pending regulatory approvals, Philly Shipyard is set to be acquired by Hanwha Systems and Hanwha Ocean for $100 million from its Norwegian parent Anker ASA, according to a statement from the Philadelphia yard on Thursday.


In the last week, Houthi forces killed a merchant mariner, sunk a commercial ship and forced a crew to abandon another in flames. The attacks come as the Houthis continue to escalate its eight-month campaign against commercial traffic in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

Trump Media & Technology Group, which operates Trump Social, announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission has "declared effective the company’s registration statement on Form S-1, related to the resale by certain selling security holders of certain shares and warrants issued by and issuable from the company."

Cancer-Drug Costs Skyrocket, Leaving Even Insured Patients In Financial Ruin MikeRivero

An increase in cancer cases is putting pressure on Americans already facing a difficult situation—exorbitant drug prices, a lack of regulation, and a system that seems designed to profit, according to experts.

With medical debt burying patients, the battle against cancer is taking a new financial front that could bankrupt many cancer patients.

These are the 17 signs that most Americans will be wiped out should another incoming financial collapse happen again in the near future.

The vast majority of Americans are going to be absolutely blindsided by what is coming.

They don’t understand how our financial system works, they don’t understand how vulnerable it is, and most of them blindly trust that our leaders know exactly what they are doing and that they will be able to fix our problems.

As a result, most Americans are simply not prepared for the massive storm that is heading our way.

US existing home sales fell for the third straight month in May (-0.7% MoM vs -1.0% exp). This left home sales down 2.8% YoY (YoY sales have not increased since July 2021)…