"The committee believes, on the basis of evidence presented to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunmen or the extent of the conspiracy" -- House Select Committee on JFK's assassination after determining that a shot had come from the Grassy Knoll (1976)

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This week, Attorney General Merrick Garland took to the pages of the Washington Post to lash out at critics who are spreading what he considers “conspiracy theories crafted and spread for the purpose of undermining public trust in the judicial process itself.” His column, titled “Unfounded attacks on the Justice Department must end,” missed th

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Topics and stories informing analysis of today’s news:


1. Who’s writing “leaderships’” scripts into single-digit approvals? 

The U.S. surgeon general has called on Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms similar to those now mandatory on cigarette boxes.

In a Monday opinion piece in the The New York Times, Dr. Vivek Murthy said that social media is a contributing factor in the mental health crisis among young people.

Under the direction of the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the European Union, the largest globalist power grab in history is currently underway.

“We have threats on multiple fronts,” Glenn Beck warns, adding, “The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Everything is under attack. Free-speech, private property, faith, liberty, children, our families, everything is at stake.”

And the time has never been more ripe, as over 60 countries are facing elections this year.

Via Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com,

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.) is sounding the alarm about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will impact your world in very negative ways. 

The world-renowned scientist behind mRNA vaccine technology has blown the whistle on a shocking agenda to push the entire human race into complying with the globalist vaccination agenda.

Dr. Robert Malone warns that unelected globalists and top government officials are preparing to leash a “new wave of psychological bioterrorism.”

Malone warns that governments, the corporate media, and vaccine makers are planning to terrify the general public using the “fear of infectious diseases.”

AIPAC-funded House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) on Friday demanded Congress "immediately" pass the Anti-Defamation League-backed "Countering Antisemitism Act" to silence criticism of Israel and police Americans' online speech.

"The dangerous explosion of antisemitic incidents in New York City and the nation requires decisive action at every level of government," Jeffries said on X, without referencing any specific incident. "We have to crush this cancer with the fierce urgency of now. Congress must pass the bipartisan Countering Antisemitism Act. Immediately."

In a weekend rife with political drama, Steve Bannon dropped a bombshell prediction at Turning Point Action's “The People's Convention” in Detroit. Speaking to a throng of Donald Trump supporters, Bannon boldly proclaimed that former president will receive a multiyear prison sentence at his hearing on July 11.