Thought for the day

"People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist?" -- H. L. Mencken


Disney suffered one of its worst theatrical releases ever with its latest animated movie Strange World, which brought in just $18.6 million over the five-day holiday weekend despite being heralded as the first Disney movie to include an openly gay main character.

23-year-old paramedic Nicholas Theofilis died late Sunday night after he was found in cardiac arrest after crashing the ambulance he was driving into traffic in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Shadyside. Two other vehicles were hit, resulting in multiple injuries. There was no patient aboard the ambulance, however a passenger in front was seriously injured.
Joe and Jill Biden are devout, church-gong Catholics who make a point of being seen by the media meeting their weekly obligations for attending mass. Yet the Bidens have a cruel streak in them that manifests itself at Christmastime when children and family become the centerpiece of the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

More photographs from an axed Balenciaga campaign are being questioned today over the prominence of a book which celebrates a Belgian artist whose work includes depictions of castrated toddlers. 

Two photos from the brand's now canceled Spring '23 ad campaign feature French actress Isabelle Huppert posing in a Manhattan office with a stack of books behind her.