No one is watching these Jan 6 Committee Hearings —mainly because they are so mind-numbingly boring. It’s gotten so bad that NBC decided to stop airing Thursday’s hearing in favor of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

“We’re going to have to end our coverage of this January 6 hearing on the NBC Network, my colleagues and I will continue our coverage on the hearings on our streaming platform,” NBC’s Lester Holt said. “For everyone else, U.S. Open golf begins momentarily.”

On the afternoon of March 9th, 2022, the current White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, used the United States government official Twitter account, @PressSec, to make the following claims (among several others):

“We took note of Russia’s false claims about alleged U.S. biological weapons labs and chemical weapons development in Ukraine. We’ve also seen Chinese officials echo these conspiracy theories.”

President Joe Biden announced that Americans are “really, really down” amid record inflation and the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic – and that there is a need for better mental health care - athough he did say a recession is “not inevitable” despite most economists saying it is already here.

He made the remarks in a 30-minute sit-down interview – his first formal sit-down since February, when he talked to NBC and called interviewer Lester Holt a “wise-guy” over his inflation remarks.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is a box-office smash, a massive hit with both critics and the public alike. Navy and Air Force units across the country have set up recruitment stalls inside movie halls, hoping to sign up individuals buzzed after watching the high-paced aviation action. But documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the movie was made only after an agreement was signed between Hollywood and the Pentagon, with the Navy insisting on “weav[ing] in” their “key talking points” in exchange for granting the production company extensive access to military hardware.

Nearly two out of five people polled in an annual Reuters study reported sometimes or often avoiding consuming news, according to the survey, which was conducted by the media behemoth across 46 countries earlier this year and published on Tuesday.