“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them. … “What good fortune for those in power that the people do not think.” — Adolf Hitler

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Authored by Bobbie Anne Flower Cox via The Brownstone Institute,

It is clear to me that we are increasingly being governed by an “Administrative State” instead of by our chosen representatives. Indeed, we are more and more becoming a “Regulation Nation” which is a true threat to our Constitutional Republic.

What do I mean by that? 

A Guardian writer has hit back at the newspaper for failing to disclose a cat killer who murdered a stranger was transgender.

Journalist Louise Tickle accused the newspaper of “deceiving its readers” after it failed to mention Scarlet Blake was a trans woman.

The 26-year-old was found guilty last week of murdering Jorge Martin Carreno in July 2021 on his way home from a night out.

Hurley raises the key point:

The timing of Herridge’s termination immediately raised suspicions in Washington. She was pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House including…the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop. She continued to pursue these stories despite reports of pushback from CBS executives, including CBS News President Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews.

But there's an important caveat to the fresh reporting. While Iran's enriched uranium is at this significantly higher level compared to 2015, the IAEA says the last several months have actually seen a reduction of its overall stockpile

George Soros looks set to control radio company Audacy and its more than 220 stations nationwide, stoking fears of an ultra-progressive billionaire having a megaphone during the 2024 election.

Soros Fund Management has bought up more than $400 million of the radio and podcast company's highest-ranking debt, bankruptcy court filings show.

That would make Soros' investment firm the biggest shareholder when Audacy emerges from bankruptcy.

As Statista's Martin Armstrong shows in the chart below, thanks chiefly to the €77.2 billion in pledged financial aid, European Union institutions are the largest aid donors to Ukraine.

This is based on data from the IfW Kiel Ukraine Support Tracker which currently covers the period January 24, 2022 to January 15, 2024.