“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see” -- Leonardo Da Vinci

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Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey was seen in New York City on Monday on a rare outing for the tech mogul, who spends most of his time in San Francisco.

Dorsey donned a pair of casual Birkenstock sandals as he stepped out with members of his entourage clutching a large bottle of water. 

Comedian Wanda Sykes says that criticism of cancel culture criticism is simply “straight men pissed that can’t say things any more.” Sykes reacted to comedian Kevin Hart expressing anxiety over comedy’s overly “political” climate, telling the Guardian, “To me, the whole complaint about cancel culture is a lot of men — especially straight men — who are just pissed that they can’t say things any more, y’know?”

Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of former US president Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform, is suing the Washington Post for defamation, alleging the paper’s recent “egregious hit piece” about the platform threatens its very existence. The lawsuit, filed on Saturday in Florida’s Twelfth Circuit, seeks $3.78 billion in compensatory and punitive damages.

While the news from Harvard CAPS/Harris’ recent poll that received the most coverage was former President Donald Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden, the poll also demonstrates that a majority of American voters disagree with corporate media narratives. Journalist Glenn Greenwald drew attention to the report and key themes on Twitter over the weekend.

With talks stalled between Fox News and attorneys for Tucker Carlson regarding the former host being released from his contract, allies of the conservative superstar are planning a scorched earth campaign against the network that will call into question its conservative bona fides.

The fallout from Fox News’ $767.5 million settlement to Dominion continues to shake things up at the top-rated cable news organization, which was sued by the voting box company after peddling election fraud claims following the 2020 election. The settlement is a historic one, and according to Fox News employees, it's burning a metaphorical hole in the organization’s pocket. It appears the company is rectifying the situation with employee layoffs, and the latest reports point to many reporters falling victim to the large payout. 

Fox News might have always been more of a globalist than a patriotic news company, but when Roger Ailes left Fox News it signified something even worse: the end of the network’s conservative era — an era that strongly aligned with patriotic, hardworking Americans. With Ailes’ departure, the network transformed under the leadership of the the Murdochs and influential globalist board members such as Paul Ryan, fully aligning itself with the establishment and progressive ideology.

Former President Donald Trump has the unique ability to launch a lawfare offensive against the media that could be so effective it would force a media transformation, an essential step to turning the country around.   

Trump can prove the media knowingly engaged in spreading lies about collusion between Russia and his 2016 presidential compaign and so much more. It seems malice would be awfully easy to prove as the evidence is in clear view. It would also be easy to show that all of the slander and libel caused material damage to Trump companies.