When I hear some Americans talk about Palestine and Israel, I marvel at how effective the campaign to project a fictional image of that region is, even on liberals, progressives, and leftists. Then, if I must, I read Tom Friedman’s articles on the matter and despair at how many people think there is even a hint of reality in them.

A new, $90 million Facebook class action settlement could bring a payout your way.

According to a press release, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has granted "preliminary approval" of a $90 million settlement with Facebook's parent company involving the famous "Like" button.

The suit addresses a "long-running class action accusing Facebook of tracking its subscribers’ activities on non-Facebook websites –- even while signed out of their Facebook accounts."

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas suggested on Monday that the court should maybe reconsider libel rulings that increase the difficulty in an individual suing a media company for defamation. He disagreed with the Court's decision not to take up the case Coral Ridge v. SPLC, which would have brought New York Times v. Sullivan into question.

The fact checking industry is known to have a left-leaning bias, which manifests itself in both whose comments they decide to fact check, and their often absurd criteria for what's true or not.

#1. Dropping dead suddenly from “unexpected causes” a.k.a. SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)

#2. Weird, long, rubbery, fibrous blood clots (bio-structures)

#3. Myocarditis, irregular heart beats and heart attacks

#4. Cancer and tumors flare up out of the blue

#5. Catching and/or dying from COVID-19 or its variants

#6. Paralysis of arms, legs or face (Justin Bieber’s “Ramsay Hunt” Syndrome)