[Video] New 'religion' of climatarians are eating to 'save the planet malterwitty Mon, 01/30/2023 - 13:14

Sky News host James Morrow says there is now a "new religion" with its own dietary codes. "Meet the climatarians, the new generation of environmentalists who are eating to save the planet," Mr Morrow said. “Of course, I - and anyone else who raises objections to all of this, is of course tarred as a culture warrior. “Simply because we don’t want … so called experts to meddle with what we eat or how we cook it. “The same people who want to keep the government out of our bedroom is very, very keen indeed to get it into our kitchens.”

The most pressing issue of the day is “the ethical and medical urgency of the climate crisis,” according to The Lancet.

The once-respected medical journal, which is based out of the United Kingdom, has declared global warming to be the “biggest global health threat of the 21st century.”

The jet burns 1700 liters of fuel each hour as he zips around the world strumming up business for his firm, Breakthrough Energy, whose stated aim is driving innovation and sustainable energy and technology in order to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

David Silbey, associate professor of history at Cornell University and director of teaching and learning at Cornell in Washington, also brought up how much fuel is used by Abrams tanks.

"The main thing is that the engine gulps fuel voraciously," Silbey told Newsweek.

Silbey noted that mileage on the Abrams is estimated as between 1.5 to 3 gallons per mile, emphasizing that the measurement is in "gallons per mile" and not the more familiar "miles per gallon" used for most vehicles.

Dozens of people were injured in a massive pile-up on a snow-covered Wisconsin highway Friday.

At least 85 cars were involved in a major crash on I-39/90 between the cities of Beloit and Janesville, located just north of the Illinois border and about 50 miles southwest of Madison, Wisconsin State Patrol said.

Beloit Memorial Hospital told WIFR-TV that at least 27 people were treated for injuries sustained in the crash, though the extent of their injuries was not immediately clear.

Keep in mind, as reported on CNBC for the recent Davos WEF 2023 Conference, elite attendees enjoyed the following:

“A private lunch was held at the Hotel Schatzalp, which is primarily accessible by riding a funicular, or tram, up the property, those with knowledge of the gathering explained. An attendee said the gathering took place at the hotel’s Belle Epoque restaurant, with salmon and a beef dish served to participants.”

Meat for me, not for thee!

The installation of wind and solar power projects is slowing down in the United States, with some projects being canceled over persistent cost issues and community animosity.