Thought for the day

"If there is one basic element in our Constitution, it is civilian control of the military." -- Harry S. Truman


The FBI has asked a US court to reverse its order that it produce evidence from Seth Rich’s laptop — and if the court does not reverse its order, the FBI is asking for 66 years to produce the information.

The FBI, after claiming it never possessed Rich’s laptop or any information from it, was finally forced to acknowledge in 2020 that it possesses thousands of files from Seth Rich’s laptop.

A major online database of JFK assassination records is suing President Joe Biden and the National Archives in an effort to uncover all remaining details about the former president’s murder that have been kept secret for decades. The lawsuit comes after Biden delayed the release of the files.

On 27 April, ABC News reporter James Meek tweeted a single word – “facts” – above another Twitter post from a retired CIA officer, who stated that the 2014-2022 Ukrainian civil war was an eight-year “lab experiment” on Russia’s military “tactics, techniques, and procedures.” It added that US intelligence and “unconventional warfare” experts had “learned a shit ton.”