"In the not-too-far future, rule by debt-based currency will be seen as devoid of any legitimacy, just as today we see as devoid of legitimacy the concepts of rule by divine right and rule by chattel ownership of ones body." -- Michael Rivero

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Problems with temperature data include a lack of geographically and historically representative data, contamination of the records by heat from urban areas, and corruption of the data introduced by a process known as “homogenization.”

The flaws are so significant that they make the temperature data—and the models based on it—essentially useless or worse, three independent scientists with the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES) explained.

The experts said that when data corruption is considered, the alleged “climate crisis” supposedly caused by human activities disappears.

Instead, natural climate variability offers a much better explanation for what is being observed, they said.

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After a new meta-analysis of COVID data, the Center for Disease Control has updated its guidelines to just do what your hillbilly Uncle Frank said to do four years ago.

"After tasking dozens of the best minds in science to review hundreds of studies, we have determined that Uncle Frank was right the whole time," announced C.D.C. director Dr. Mandy Cohen. "Basically, just treat it like the flu. So, um, sorry about that whole 'you can't be with your dying husband' deal. Our bad."

According to sources, Uncle Frank had said the exact same thing back in 2020 when the whole COVID thing began. "Despite no formal medical or epidemiological training, Uncle Frank has somehow managed to continually stay a step ahead of the C.D.C.," said researcher Dr. Stan Makowski. "Frank's sage advice to 'let 'em stick ya with that there vaccine only if COVID might kill ya' has now been backed up by a large body of research. He also prophetically called for people to 'forget about that dumb social distancing crap, just stay home if you're sick'. Such an incredible mind! Uncle Frank's brilliance knows no bounds."

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President Joe Biden received a financial boost from staffers for influential left-wing climate activist groups that later pressured the U.S. government to pause new approvals for liquefied natural gas export terminals, records show.

In recent years, the Rockefellers and philanthropy of ex-Democratic New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined deep-pocketed nonprofit organizations in bankrolling a sprawling anti-LNG initiative that helped propel the Biden administration to halt LNG exports, a decision in January that policy experts and lawmakers warn could embolden foreign adversaries such as Russia. Top employees for roughly half a dozen entities behind this successful pressure campaign wired large sums to Biden in 2020, with thousands of dollars also coming in to support his 2024 reelection bid, according to documents on file with the Federal Election Commission.

That the activists behind the anti-LNG campaign doubled as donors to Biden could lead to Republicans further pressing for investigations into both his administration’s LNG export pause and ties to green energy groups. In some cases, the White House has either hired or sought to nominate environmental attorneys linked to the climate pressure groups. High-powered lobbyist Tony Podesta, the brother of Biden climate envoy John Podesta, stands to benefit from the pause based on his recent roster of clients, including Golden Pass LNG, co-owned by the state-owned QatarEnergy petroleum company in Doha.

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