"The US Government has no right to send a single penny of our money to any foreign nations while a single American citizen has to sleep in an alley and eat  out of trash dumpsters!" -- Michael Rivero

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By John Liu, Zhu Lin and Abhishek Vishnoi, Bloomberg Markets Live reporters and strategists

China’s most-promising industries are facing a growing threat of trade restrictions from Western governments, blurring the outlook for stocks that have the potential to fuel the nation’s market growth.

The sectors under scrutiny by Europe and the US are as wide-ranging as electric vehicles, wind and solar projects, medical devices and chips, but have one thing in common: they are of strategic importance to President Xi Jinping’s bid for leadership in the global race toward green transition and high-tech development.

The rising tensions come at an inopportune time. Stocks were starting to emerge from a multi-year slump as investors bought into China’s efforts to build new growth engines and achieve self-sufficiency along key supply chains. A materialization of those threats can hinder China’s global expansion, while tit-for-tat responses from Beijing may bring about a full-blown trade war that would drastically alter the investment landscape.

“Geopolitical pressures will only rise — any exports can be targeted since it’s no longer really about trade fairness,” said Vey-Sern Ling, managing director at Union Bancaire Privee. “It dampens the export growth drivers for China’s economy.”

China’s CSI 300 Index has climbed about 3% this year, regaining some footing after a third-annual loss. Performances among leaders in the green and high-tech industry have been mixed as geopolitical risks add to concerns over oversupply and price competition

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Authored by 'sundance' via TheConservativeTreehouse.com,

Barack Obama and Eric Holder did not create a weaponized DOJ and FBI; instead, what they did was take the preexisting system and retool it so the weapons only targeted one side of the political continuum.  This point is where many people understandably get confused...

In the era shortly after 9/11, the DC national security apparatus was constructed to preserve continuity of government and simultaneously view all Americans as potential threats.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) were created specifically for this purpose.

What Barack Obama and Eric Holder did with that new construct was refine the internal targeting mechanisms so that only their ideological opposition became the target of the new national security system.  This is very important to understand as you dig deeper into this research outline.

Washington DC created the modern national security apparatus immediately and hurriedly after 9/11/01.  DHS came along in 2002, and within the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 the ODNI was formed.  When Barack Obama and Eric Holder arrived a few years later, those newly formed institutions were viewed as opportunities to create a very specific national security apparatus that would focus almost exclusively against their political opposition.

The preexisting Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Dept of Justice (DOJ) were then repurposed to become two of the four pillars of the domestic national security apparatus.  However, this new construct would have a targeting mechanism based on political ideology.  The DHS, ODNI, DOJ and FBI became the four pillars of this new institution.  Atop these pillars is where you will find the Fourth Branch of Government.

We were not sleeping when this happened, we were wide awake.

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Via SchiffGold.com,

America’s trust in its institutions has rapidly eroded over the past 20 years.

We have a lower level of trust in our judicial system and elections than most European countries. Some of this is natural, as Americans are uniquely individualistic, but much of it arises from repeated government failures.

Americans generally believe that public trust can be brought back to full vigor, but the current trend of decline has not slowed. While governmental distrust is often well-grounded, a concerning increase in distrust has been seen among citizens. America’s ever-dwindling amount of freedom originally thrust great responsibility onto the citizens. With less institutional control, citizens had to both act with goodwill and hold the expectation that their countrymen were beneficent. More free-market solutions meant that citizens had to trust word of mouth and relationships rather than institutional certification. The most basic building blocks of industry would have ceased to function if Americans had refused to trust one another. The shared pursuit of individual aims under an institutional framework that explicitly limited itself arguably created more willing cooperation than any other civilization. Some have credited this high level of trust to America’s relative cultural homogeneity at the time of its founding. While a more similar cultural and religious background certainly aided the budding country, ingenuity and prosperity arose from the diversity that freedom created. Americans were able to trust one another and their institutions even as they thought and worshiped differently. America’s rejection of its trust-filled past can both reform our institutions and destroy our strength of commerce

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Ukraine Gets Their Billions Despite CIA Director Reportedly Warning Zelenksy To Stop Stealing So Much Money

by Tyler Durden

Sunday, Apr 21, 2024 - 09:45 PM

Democrats cheered and waved Ukrainian flags, chanting "Ukraine, Ukraine!" in some pavlovian response to Congress passing a bill that will send (another) $61 billion to Ukraine with no questions asked

Rand Paul, among many others, was incensed

"Ukrainian flags fly in the chamber of the UNITED STATES House of Representatives as they vote to send more of your hard-earned money to a corrupt foreign regime. And just like that they shout “UKRAINE! UKRAINE!”while happily working to secure Ukraine’s borders, not ours."

Claire's Observations:  Anyone who voted for this, should not be allowed to run for a local dog-catcher position, let alone allegedly representing those people who "allegedly" voted them in during the last "election".  

This vote was one of the most vicious and stupid nightmares inflicted upon American taxpayers, ever.  Whatever the hell Zelinsky (read:  Mossad and IDF) has on Biden and the current crop of US Representatives must be so  unspeakably vile, that it would shake the foundations of this country to the core.

Zelinsky is well on his way to becoming a millionaire, with properties all over the world, and you are paying for that through the nose, America!!  Doesn't it make you feel "special":?!?


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by The Macro Butler
Saturday, Apr 20, 2024 - 22:23

While all eyes were blurred by the unfolding regional conflict in the Middle East, Jerome Powell used the opportunity of a speech at the Wilson Economic Forum to pivot, but not in the way that Wall Street YOLO investors had hoped for over the past 18 months. In his most direct comment about the FED’s expected path for rates after the inflation boomeranged, Powell admitted that ‘recent data show a lack of further progress on inflation.’ The bond market didn’t really like that pivot, as it pushed the bear steepening further out of its ‘Halloween hibernation’.



While anyone who understands English would have concluded that the FED will NOT cut rates this year, despite the additional comment from FED’s Williams who highlighted that ‘while rate-HIKES are not the baseline, they are possible if the data warrants’ , the ‘Forward Confusion’ driven myopic Wall Street consensus still discounts more than one interest rate cut for the year, with 88% probability of the first cut to happen now in September.



As mentioned previously, on March 18th, the USD index triggered a golden cross with the 50-day moving average crossing once again above the 200-day moving average. Examining the performance of the USD since the beginning of the year reveals a trend which has taken the widespread pessimism about the dollar at the outset of 2024 by surprise. Indeed, the USD has appreciated against ALL G10 fiat currencies and all except the Peruvian Sol among the EM currencies of the Bloomberg EM currency index

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How many steps away from ‘no mark of the beast – no entry’ – UK tesco 1st store to implement change, checked via CCTV before entry

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The Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences at the foot of Canal Street is facing financial struggles nearly three years after opening as New Orleans’ premier luxury hotel and condominium complex, forcing its owners to seek additional investor cash in an effort to avoid having to sell the property.

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In a political theater starring Lindsey Graham and Rep. Gerald Connolly, aid flows abroad, neglecting Americans’ needs.

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Market indicators flash warning: Discretionary and Staples teeter on the edge as S&P 500 hovers precariously near its 20-week moving average. Amidst cautionary whispers, even the options market hesitates, while a Reddit tale spins a tale of high-risk fortune.

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