"Excessive administrative secrecy [...] feeds conspiracy theories and reduces the public's confidence in the government." -- John McCain

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Israeli soldiers can be seen shooting starving Palestinians collecting food aid in the northern Gaza Strip in footage released Thursday by Al Jazeera. 

The video shows Palestinians collecting aid from an airdrop while IDF soldiers fire on them repeatedly. 

One Palestinian man walking away from the scene after filling a bag with aid can be seen getting shot from behind by the IDF while posing no threat to anyone. 

The IDF continue to shoot at him after he falls to the ground, fighting desperately to cling to his life. 

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Israeli reporter Barak Ravid told CNN on Wednesday that an Israel Defense Forces reserve officer told him the orders from the commanders on the ground in Gaza are to "just shoot every man in fighting age." 

Ravid, an Axios reporter with deep connections to the Israeli government, told Anderson Cooper that the drone-striking of the World Central Kitchen volunteers "shouldn't come as a surprise."

"You know, you remember that just a few weeks ago, three Israeli hostages that managed to escape their captors were killed by Israeli soldiers who fired at them even though they were holding a white flag. Okay," Ravid said. "And, you know, I spoke to, an Israeli reserve officer who was in the same unit to those soldiers who shot those hostages. And I remember him telling me that the orders are basically from the commanders on the ground is 'just shoot every man in fighting age.' Those are the orders, but those are, but that's not the rules of engagement that is coming from the IDF leadership."

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Jessica Winter in The New Yorker writes about an amusing war in Amherst, MA’s public schools that pits ultra-liberal white parents Munchausen Syndroming their children into the transgender faith vs. black and Hispanic Christian DEI hire staffers who think this trans stuff is the work of Satan:

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As anti-Israel sentiment creeps into mainstream conservative discourse, a number of Jewish authors — some who try to interface with white radicals — have sought to counter this rising tendency with proverbial Pavlovian bell-ringing: opposition to Zionism is the agenda of “brown people,” “the woke left,” “anti-whites,” and “Third Worldism.”

This discourse is intended to reduce a Middle Eastern geopolitical conflict, where Israel enjoys bipartisan unconditional military support from the entire American ruling elite, into a meaningless domestic red team vs blue team culture war issue. To see this in its basest form, observe the New York Post’s coverage of the conflict, which is broadly ignoring all of the real news in the conflict in favor of photos of nefarious looking Arab Muslim protesters and blue haired Marxists holding “Queers For Palestine” signs on college campuses. This is an inversion of Zionist Bill Maher’s type of appeal to the left, which dwells on images of protesters waving Swastikas and frames support for the Palestinian cause as a betrayal of progressivism and minority rights.

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The US government this week authorized a new transfer of over 1,000 500-pound MK82 bombs and 1,000 small-diameter bombs to Israel, according to several sources who spoke with CNN.

The authorization was reportedly issued on 1 April, hours before the Israeli army bombed a humanitarian convoy three consecutive times in the Gaza Strip, killing seven foreign aid workers.

Global outrage followed this attack, which came after more than 190 aid workers in Gaza and the West Bank had already been killed in nearly six months of a genocidal war waged by Tel Aviv. Moreover, 14,500 children and over 9,000 women have been massacred by the Israeli army since October.

Despite constant reports in western media about “frustrations” and “anger” within the White House over the brutality unleashed in Gaza, US President Joe Biden has clearly stated that military assistance for Israel has no red lines.

Webmaster addition: So much for Biden being upset about the dead aid workers.

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Jaish al-Adl terrorists suffered 18 fatalities in attacks on public places and military and law enforcement bases in Iran's southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says.

The overnight attacks were launched with the intention to seize IRGC headquarters in the towns of Chabahar and Rask, but they were thwarted by Iran's security forces who lost 10 members, an IRGC statement said Thursday.

According to the statement, "a number of terrorists and armed bandits affiliated with foreign intelligence services" launched simultaneous attacks on five public places as well as military and law enforcement bases in Chabahar and Rask in the early hours of Thursday.

They "were met with the tact, patience and intelligence of the security forces," the statement said.

Webmaster addition: I wonder if Jaish al-Adl  is a front group for either the US or Israel.

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US and UK Have Bombed Yemen 148 Times Since January

According to the Yemen Data Project, a total of 339 munitions were dropped on Yemen in the first 80 days of the bombing campaign

At least 148 missile strikes have hit Yemen since the US and the UK launched a new bombing campaign against the Houthis in January, according to the Yemen Data Project (YDP).

YDP said in the first 80 days of the US-led bombing campaign that started on January 12, a total of 339 munitions have hit Yemen, averaging more than four per day. The UK has joined the US in several rounds of missile strikes, but most have been unilateral US attacks on Houthi-controlled Yemen.

YDP said there was a drop in strikes in March, with 35 recorded, compared with 79 in February. The group said there were no reports of civilian casualties in March after 11 were recorded in February.

Houthi leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi said in March that a total of 34 Houthi fighters had been killed since the Yemeni group, officially known as Ansar Allah, began targeting Israel-linked shipping in the Red Sea last year in response to the onslaught in Gaza.

The US-British bombing campaign has done nothing to deter the Red Sea attacks and has only escalated the situation as the Houthis began targeting American and British shipping in response. In January, President Biden acknowledged the bombing wasn’t “working” but vowed to continue anyway.

The Houthis have been clear that the only way they would stop targeting Israel-linked shipping is if the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza comes to an end. But the US chose escalation instead of pressuring the Israelis to stop by leveraging military aid.

Congrats to Bye  di Bye and his minions;  oh, and has anyone had the guts to mention to you, that doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different outcome, is a classic definition of insanity?!? OK, folks, I am screaming the quiet part out loud!!!!  The Bidenistas have "utterly zero game" with Netanyahu, who is expecting "regime change" in DC in November  anyway. (IF elections are permitted, that is)

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Israeli army chief Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi has approved new plans for the northern front during a visit to the army’s Northern Command headquarters in Safed, the Israeli military said.

The plans “for the continuation of the fighting” were approved during an assessment held by Halevi, the commander of the Northern Command, Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, and members of the General Staff.

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He stressed that all the patients at the hospital set up at Sde Teiman are handcuffed by all four limbs, regardless of how dangerous they are deemed. They are blindfolded and fed through a straw. "Under these conditions, in practice, even young and healthy patients lose weight after a week or two of hospitalization," the physician said. He added that the hospital doesn't receive regular supplies of medical equipment or medicine.
The Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson's Unit said in response that detainees were given enough food for their health needs and had access to the restroom in accordance with their medical condition. If their movement is restricted, it said, they are provided with diapers.
Gazan detainees in December. According to the physician, after surgery patients are quickly returned to a facility which has only one doctor and staff who are not sufficiently trained.
Gazan detainees in December. According to the physician, after surgery patients are quickly returned to a facility which has only one doctor and staff who are not sufficiently trained.Credit: Motti Milrod
The procedures for care at field hospitals when the patient is handcuffed and blindfolded were issued by the Health Ministry last December. A ministry official said the policy on shackling detainees was instituted after a medical staffer was attacked by a patient. As a rule, detainees at Sde Teiman are handcuffed 24 hours a day.
According to the doctor, more than half of the patients at the facility's hospital are there due to injuries sustained due to constantly being handcuffed during their detention in Israel. The handcuffs, he said, cause serious injuries that "require repeated surgical interventions."

Claire's Observations:  And somewhere in the deep bowels of hell, Josef Mengele is laughing, clapping, and dancing, and saying, "After the war and Germany's defeat, I knew they would never get it!!!"

And for those who have  been living under a rock for the last 80 years, the "it" to which Mengele is referring is that dark, but venerable truth stating "Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it!!

What if, right after the Balfour Declaration was deemed "Law", there had been a complete, and honest, even if difficult, creation of a viable Palestinian state?  One living in harmony with its Israeli neighbor?!?

The degree to which that might have changed the outcome for the region, and perhaps the entire world, might have been breathtakingly different from what we see now.  

No kids killing other kids because of a relatively tiny sliver of real estate in the Middle East both called, and had legitimate reasons to be considered,  as a "homeland" for both groups?!?

And I say to every Israeli, wanting a lasting and just peace with ALL her neighbors, "It's not too late" to make that happen; there has to be a will to create this, backed up by a leadership committed to making it happen.  And right now, your leadership appears to be committed to the polar opposite from what it would take to make this happen/.

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Listen to Nancy Pelosi at the end of January this year: “What we have to do is to try and stop the suffering in Gaza. This is about women and children, people who don’t have a place to go. So let’s address that. But for them to call for a ceasefire is Mr Putin’s message… Make no mistake. This is directly connected to what he would like to see.”

“I think some of these protestors are spontaneous and organic and sincere. Some, I think, are connected to Russia and I say that having looked at this for a long time."

What is going on here? These are Zionist talking points. As the Palestinians say – every Zionist accusation is a confession. In reality, the only entity with really significant spy networks in the US is the Zionist entity.  

The FBI and the CIA know this, but they are either unwilling or unable to investigate Israeli espionage networks operating freely in universities, businesses, and government facilities across the United States.

Webmaster addition: The largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in the US was run by Israel, and was discovered just before 9/11.

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'Two prisoners had their legs amputated due to handcuff injuries,' says a doctor at an Israeli prison facility, who describes deplorable conditions and violations of medical ethics and the law in a letter to ministers, attorney general

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday vowed that Ukraine will eventually join NATO, repeating a provocative promise that the alliance first made at a summit in Bucharest in 2008.

“Ukraine will become a member of NATO,” Blinken said in Brussels alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. NATO foreign ministers met in the Belgium capital to prepare for a NATO summit that will be held in Washington this July.

“Our purpose of the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership and to create a clear pathway for Ukraine moving forward. We’ve done a lot of work on that over the last couple of days here in Brussels, a lot more work to be done between now and the summit, but we will see, I think, at the summit very strong support for Ukraine going forward and its relationship with NATO,” Blinken said.

Webmaster addition: NATO's own rules state that no nation may join that has an ongoing territorial dispute. In the spirit of the current administration it is clear that rule is to be ignored! But yes, bringing Ukraine into NATO creates a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia.

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The report titled “Killing starving Palestinians and targeting aid trucks: A deliberate Israeli policy to reinforce famine in the Gaza Strip,” documents incidents between January 11 and March 23, 2024.

A new report by the Geneva-based Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor reveals the killing of 563 Palestinians and the injury of 1,523 others due to Israel’s targeting of people waiting for aid, distribution centres, and workers responsible for organising, protecting, and distributing aid.

Released on Wednesday, the report titled “Killing starving Palestinians and targeting aid trucks: A deliberate Israeli policy to reinforce famine in the Gaza Strip,” documents incidents between January 11 and March 23, 2024.

During that period, Euro-Med Monitor documented that 256 people were killed in the Kuwait Roundabout area, in the southeast of Gaza City, 230 on Al-Rashid Street, in the southwest of the city, and 21 due to the targeting of aid distribution centres.

Documentation also shows that 41 police officers and People’s Protection Committee members who were in charge of overseeing aid distribution were killed, along with 12 aid distribution workers, two of whom were from the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNRWA.

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The latest Israeli heightening of violence in an already violent region presents the Biden administration with one of its biggest challenges yet in keeping the United States out of a new Middle East war.

Israel’s bombing of an Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus, killing a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and several other Iranian officials in addition to at least four Syrian citizens, was a marked escalation. Besides being as much an act of aggression in Syria as many previous Israeli aerial attacks, hitting the embassy compound constituted a direct attack on Iran.

Iranian leaders will feel heavy pressure to respond forcefully. The extent of that pressure can be appreciated by imagining if the roles were reversed. If Iran had bombed an embassy of Israel or the United States, a violent and lethal response would be not just expected but demanded by politicians and publics alike.

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April 4 marked the 75th anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty by the foreign ministers of the original 12 members of the NATO alliance. And rather serendipitously, it was reported this week that NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg has proposed standing up a new $100 billion fund to help Ukraine continue its effort against the Russian invasion — just in time for the anniversary.

While only in the planning stages, the so-called Mission for Ukraine proposal would also see NATO take control of the Ramstein Group which the U.S. set up to coordinate military supplies to Ukraine (This particular aspect of the plan was immediately met with a cold shoulder by the White House yesterday). The alliance support for the proposal, which seeks to “Trump-proof” support for the Ukraine war in the event the former president is reflected and seeks to pull the plug on U.S. funding for Ukraine, is spit along lines one might expect, with support coming from the Baltics, Poland, and The Washington Post, and opposition from Hungary.

Critics, such as the legendary American diplomat Chas Freeman say that the plan is simply “a case of throwing good money—in this case, borrowed money—after bad."

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One of the world’s most highly respected pathologists is raising the alarm after seeing cancers spreading rapidly in his patients after they’ve received Covid mRNA shots. Dr. Ryan Cole says he observed cancer diagnoses soaring since the rollout of the injections for public use in 2021. Before the mass vaccination campaign, Cole says his practice saw one endometrial cancer case every one to two months. However, after the public started receiving mRNA injections, he said he was overwhelmed with endometrial cancer patients. Dr. Cole saw an exponential increase in endometrial cancers in his practice, spiking to multiple cases per month. “And then one month, it was four or five in a month,” he said.
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