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Major War Just Narrowly Averted & Biden Already Mulls $1BN+ In New Arms For Israel

by Tyler Durden

Friday, Apr 19, 2024 - 10:00 PM

President Biden is mulling his first new major arms sales to Israel since the unprecedented Iranian missile and drone attack which targeted the country last Saturday.

Though the world just narrowly avoided witnessing a major regional war explode with Thursday night's Israeli 'limited' retaliation on the Islamic Republic, the White House apparently thinks the 'answer' is to pump Israel with yet more and more weapons and ammo, to the tune of $1+ billion.

AFP via Getty Images

"The Biden administration is considering more than $1 billion in new weapons deals for Israel including tank ammunition, military vehicles and mortar rounds, U.S. officials said, at a time of heightened scrutiny of the use of American-made weapons in the war in Gaza," Wall Street Journal reports Friday.

"The proposed weapons transfers—which would be in addition to those in a military aid deal currently before the Congress—would be among the largest to Israel since it invaded Gaza in response to Hamas’s attack that killed 1,200 people, mostly civilians, on Oct. 7," the report continues.

This also comes while the administration has been talking out of both sides of its mouth - on the one hand condemning the immense civilian death toll in Gaza, and on the other vowing to remain firm in its "ironclad commitment" to Israel's defense.

The US administration has time and again said it has been urging Israel against escalating with Iran. The White House has also said it did not "greenlight" Israel's Thursday overnight attack, which reportedly targeted radar sites in Isfahan, which is home to a key Iranian nuclear facility.

As for the Gaza operation, Biden has still sought to press Israel to hold off on a Rafah ground offensive. And yet, the IDF is more ensconced in the Gaza Strip than ever. There are new reports of an Israeli military base being established in the heart of Gaza.

"Satellite images and photographs shared on social media show extensive development and construction at two outposts the Israel Defense Forces is building on the strategic road that divides the Gaza Strip into two," reports Haaretz.

"The army calls the construction of these outposts in what it calls the 'Netzarim Corridor' as a long-term achievement. The whole corridor is referred to as something that is here to stay," the report indicates.

Claire's Observations:  In the Hebrew language, the word "Netzarim" translates as "sprout", or "green shoot";  this military build-up firmly cements Israeli control of the road now making a united Gaza, a physical impossibility.

And the bombs and bullets By-di-Bye wants to send to Netanyahu's genocidal government?!?  Well, apparently, in the eyes By-di-Bye's handlers, not enough Palestinian women and children have died or been maimed for life.  That's precisely what these bombs will be doing, once shipped to the IDF at the Israeli War Ministry's command.

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 In February 1869, two British prospectors, John Deason and Richard Oates, were digging for gold in central Victoria, Australia, when their ax struck something hard very close to the surface. When Deason bent down to examine the large stone he thought was in the way, he found an enormous gold nugget – the largest nugget that anyone had ever seen, and ever would see. The length of the nugget was two feet and width was about one foot.


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In June 1867, James Glaisher, an English astronomer and meteorologist, and an avid balloonist, was floating over Paris in a balloon when he entered an area of dense cloud:

This was not the first time Glaisher had heard music while flying through the clouds. Five years ago, Glaisher took off in a balloon over the city of Wolverhampton, England. At an altitude of 12,700 feet, he clearly heard a band playing music.

In 1867, Glaisher, together with other balloon enthusiasts, in particular, Camille Flammarion – a French astronomer, and Gaston Tissandier – a French meteorologist, began a series of experiments with balloon flights, and in two days, Flew from Paris to Solingen near Cologne. , Glaisher mentions hearing music and various voices several times during this trip while floating above the ground at an altitude of thousands of feet. “As we passed over Antony and Boulainvilliers we were charmed by some excellent orchestral music; Then we were completely surrounded by clouds, and each of them was about 3,280 feet above the city.''

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A man set himself on fire in front of the Manhattan courtroom on Friday as a CNN live broadcast reported on the jury being seating in former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Anchor Laura Coates said, “We have a man who has literally set fire to himself. A man hasn’t plays into himself outside of the courthouse just now, our cameras are turning right now, a man has now let himself on fire. Hi, are outside of the courthouse in Manhattan where we’re waiting history to be made. A full jury panel is done. We are watching a man who was fully emblazoned in the front of the courthouse today, we’re watching multiple fires breaking out around his body and person. We have seen an arm that has been visible, that has been engulfed in total flames. There is chaos and it’s happening. People who are wondering right now if people are in danger. I’m looking at across the courtyard, there is a man racing with and aid.”

She added, “We have members of security details, NYPD is rushing to the scene they are trying to come now, officers are on the scene, a fire extinguisher is right now present being put on this man. He tried to push out. People were climbing over barricade to try to separate the public, to put out the flame on this man. He had lit himself out and fire in front of the courthouse right now, we are watching as the, we can smell, the air. I can smell the burning two of some sort of a flesh. I can smell the burning of some sort of agent being used as well as an accelerant to put backfire.”

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 The rugged terrain of North Caucasus, nestled within the Russian Federation, is filled with ancient towers that stand as silent sentinels to an architectural tradition begun by the Ingush, Chechen and Vainakh peoples centuries ago. Spanning more than 4,000 years, these imposing structures served both defensive and residential purposes, with the surviving towers mainly dating from the 13th to 17th centuries, marking a period of resurgence in tower building.


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 English inventor Sir Henry Bessemer, famous for his groundbreaking steelmaking process, which still bears his name, once lamented, "Few men suffer more seriously from seasickness than I do." Have suffered." Despite being one of the leading inventors of the Second Industrial Revolution, Bessemer's genius was not immune to personal trials. With over a hundred inventions in iron, steel and glass, most of which saw success, his attempt to build a ship to alleviate his chronic seasickness, however, ended in failure.


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 Until about a century ago, in the Western world, you couldn't tell whether a small child was a girl or a boy by her clothing. All little children, regardless of their gender, dressed alike, with girls' clothes, girlish shoes, long hair and ponytails. Pants or breeches were not worn until boys were at least four years old, but some continued to wear skirts, gowns and petticoats until they were old enough – about eight years old. By age. By that time, boys would eagerly wait to wear their first pair of trousers. Wearing trousers was a very important milestone in a young boy's life, and this important event was celebrated with a ceremony called "breeching".


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Earlier this week, a video went viral on social media, showing students protesting "furries" — people who identify as animals, wear animal-like apparel, and mimic animal behaviors — at Mt. Nebo Middle School in Payson, Utah, about an hour south of Salt Lake City, as Blaze News previously reported. Despite the number of students participating in the protest and the availability of evidence supporting their claims, the Salt Lake Tribune almost immediately issued a "fact-check" insisting that the furry allegations were likely false.

Blaze News spoke with multiple Mt. Nebo parents and students, including Kendalyn, the 13-year-old girl who orchestrated the walkout and the attending paper and online petitions. Through our conversations, Blaze News found evidence of students referring to one another as "furries," wearing animal clothing and masks in defiance of understood district dress code, and crawling about and growling in a manner that is likely to bother others. In other words, we have ample evidence that the allegations demand a good-faith investigation from the media, an investigation that the Salt Lake Tribune has thus far opted not to conduct.

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The Pentagon is preparing to build its first new nuclear warhead in 40 years as a means to 'keep pace with future adversary threats' as tensions continue to grow worldwide. 

The W93 warhead, which will be designed to be launched from submarines, is part of a $19.3 billion budget being requested by the National Nuclear Security Agency in 2025. The production is set to begin in the mid 2030s. 

The revelation came as part of prepared remarks from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby in a Senate testimony this week. 

Feasibility studies on the W93 have been underway at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, the birthplace of the atomic bomb, since 2022. All U.S. warheads begin life there in a plutonium pit that was built by engineers in the 1980s.

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Former President Donald Trump has appeared at a Manhattan courthouse all week and expressed his dissatisfaction with the ongoing criminal case against him.

The jury for the case was selected after four days of deliberation, and alternative jurors are yet to be seated. Trump is facing 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records to conceal hush money payments. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts.

“I’m supposed to be in New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Georgia, I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, in South Carolina, I’m supposed to be a lot of places campaigning. But I’ve been here all day on a trial that really is a very unfair trial. These are all stories, this is from the last few days,” Trump declared while holding a stack of news articles slamming his trial.

Trump also flipped through articles from the Wall Street Journal and National Review before referencing Fox News legal analysts in an attempt to clear his name.

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Shocking footage captured the moment a vile woman brutally murdered a young mother in a downtown Seattle alley.

As KIRO News reported, 33-year-old Rickesha Overton overpowered her victim, 20-year-old Alisia DeCoteau and forced her down the stairs of the 3rd floor of the Ellis Court Apartments and into the alley where DeCoteau drew her last breath.

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