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John Kerry thinks that rules are for the little people.

He created a huge mess after one big slip-up.

Now John Kerry is in hot water after he landed Joe Biden in the middle of this lawsuit.

John Kerry recently left his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) to work on President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign.

His work as the Climate Envoy landed the Biden Administration in court after a lawsuit from energy group Power the Future.

Power the Future filed a complaint against the State Department – which houses the SPEC office – in the District Court for the District of Columbia for refusing to divulge the names and job titles of Kerry’s taxpayer-funded staff as SPEC.

The SPEC office under Kerry has also refused to disclose that information to Congress as part of its oversight work.


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Although the incident carries the hallmarks of a ransomware attack, this has not been determined yet, and no major threat groups have assumed responsibility for the attack.

Halting production operations in five plants with no clear timeline for restoring normal operations has resulted in VARTA's share price sliding by 4.75% following the announcement of the cyberattack.

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The South Australian Employment Tribunal has found that employers who mandated their staff to take the COVID-19 vaccines can be held liable for injuries caused. The ruling implies that employers will no longer be able to claim that they are protected from compensation because they were complying with a lawful state government directive.

Youth support worker Daniel Shepherd won an appeal against the state of South Australia after it had rejected his claim for compensation following a diagnosis of vaccine-induced pericarditis, a heart condition, which he contracted from a third dose of the COVID-19 jabs. Reception of the vaccine had been mandated by his employer, the Department of Child Protection (DCP).

The DCP admitted that the vaccine caused the pericarditis but said that the injection did not “arise from employment but from a lawful State Government vaccination directive.” The DCP argued that the government was solely to blame.

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6 Secrets of Ivermectin: The Medication That Keeps on Giving

#1 – It inhibits flu and RSV viral replication, which is why it’s included in the FLCCC flu and RSV protocols.

#2 – It reduces inflammation throughout the body.

#3 – Improves the gastrointestinal microbiome by boosting levels of the probiotic Bifidobacterium.

#4 – It revolutionized veterinary medicine and arguably stabilized the world’s food supply.

#5 – May help with athletic and sports performance by boosting cellular energy output in the heart.

#6 – It has profound anti-cancer properties.

Best of all, Ivermectin is incredibly safe and cheap.

When you compare Molnupiravir and Ivermectin head-to-head in the context of COVID-19, you can see what a disgraceful, overpriced stink-bomb Molnupiravir actually is:

Ivermectin: 62% improvement, 99 studies, $1 per pill

Merck’s Show Pony: 15% improvement, 34 studies, $707 per pill

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The United States faces a “serious national security threat,” according to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH), who is urging President Biden to declassify all information related to it.

Turner made the announcement on Wednesday in a short and cryptic statement.

“Today, the House Permanent Select committee on Intelligence has made available to all Members of Congress information concerning a serious national security threat,” Turner wrote.

“I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat,” he added:

Webmaster addition: This is a pathetic attempt to distract from the revelation that CIA was behind the Trump/Russia collusion hoax!

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A list of options for replacing Biden has now been put forward in a surprisingly frank Politico report.

The undeniable underlying motivation for the now apparent consideration of a Biden replacement strategy is the mounting concerns over the incumbent’s advanced age and declining mental and physical health that have become more evident with nearly every passing day.

Politico observed that “Democrats have vigorously avoided any discussion of a Plan B for their presidential nominee,” but may have now had their hands forced in that regard by events outside of their direct control.

That includes a recent damning report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, which found that Biden had “willfully” retained without authorization various classified documents from his tenure as a senator and vice president.

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President Donald Trump is crushing his GOP “challenger” Nikki Haley in her home state, according to the results of a poll conducted on Monday.

The South Carolina roots of former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley are irrelevant to the vast majority of the state’s potential Republican primary voters when they are evaluating whether or not to support their former governor in the nomination process that will take place the following week.

According to a study conducted by CBS News and YouGov, only twenty percent of South Carolinians believe that the fact that Haley is from the state makes them more inclined to vote for her, as The Daily Caller reported.

In contrast, five percent of respondents indicated the opposite, and seventy-five percent said it does not make a difference.

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Independent journalist Tucker Carlson has warned that members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are “very dangerous” because they “think they are God.”

At the World Governments Summit (WGS) in Dubai, Carlson called out globalist elites.

Without mentioning him by name, Carlson referenced previous comments made at the event by WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab.

As Slay News previously reported, Schwab also spoke at the WGS and unveiled the WEF’s plans for “humanocracy”

Schwab described a disturbing “fusion” between human beings and artificial intelligence (AI) technology which he said is part of the WEF’s agenda for a “new world” that will “transition humankind into a new era.”

According to Schwab, the WEF’s plans for the “new world” involve a “fusion between our physical, our digital, and our biological dimensions.”

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Turner's call for the declassification of all intelligence related to the threat aims to facilitate open discussions within Congress, the Administration, and allies. However, as the narrative unfolds, some observers are questioning whether this revelation is an authentic national security concern or a strategic move to generate urgency and sway public opinion in favor of passing foreign aid bills through the House. The demand for transparency and clarity on the alleged threat intensifies as skepticism grows among lawmakers and the public alike.

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Now that we know that the reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Donald Trump’s home and presidential office in Mar-a-Lago is unlikely to have been related to so-called “nuclear secrets,” there is still widespread speculation about the FBI’s historic intrusion into the former president’s estate.

The “nuclear secrets” that Trump possessed were unrelated to the U.S.’ own capabilities, it turns out; rather, they were nuclear secrets about Iran and China, according to the Washington Post. However, it was readily conceded that the FBI agents were looking for other documents, but they declined to share the details of those documents to the Post (which has essentially become an intelligence community mouthpiece at this point).

While the official cover story is that the National Archives — the glorified librarians for government documents — demanded the former president returned “classified” documents he had in his possession since his time in office, the lack of proportionality in the FBI’s enforcement of the NARA order has raised questions about the sensitivity of said documents in Trump’s possession.

This raises a critical question: What was the FBI really looking for?

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