"Nowhere in the Constitution is the government authorized to lie to We The People. And the Tenth Amendment prohibits the government from simply assuming that right.

"The government lied about a Spanish mine in Havana harbor, They lied about the Lusitania not smuggling weapons to Great Britain. They lied about the JFK assassination. They lied about torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. They lied about Saddam’s WMDs. They lied about Assad gassing his own people. They lied about 9-11. They lied about Covid. They lied about honest elections. They lie about everything!

"When the government lies to We The People, it becomes an unconstitutional and hence illegitimate government, and we are not obligates to obey said government’s dictates, pay said government’s bills, or sacrifice our children in said government’s wars!" -- Michael Rivero

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The Russian Armed Forces has moved its S-500 air defense system to occupied Crimea, the head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said.

It is the latest addition to the Russian air defense family of systems, featuring better capabilities than its predecessors.

“The Russian air defense system is being strengthened,” Kyiv Independence quoted Budanov as saying.

“This is quite obvious and understandable. The newest elements of the S-500 have appeared. In principle, this will be their experimental application, but they have already appeared there [in Crimea].”

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