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Ever since losing the House, Nancy Pelosi has stayed mostly out of the limelight. But now that we are nearing a major election, it seems the former House Speaker is eager to be seen. Perhaps she thinks she can help Democrats win big in November—despite her own failed track record.

She has spoken out against Israel—joining Chuck Schumer in condemning America’s longstanding ally.

Now, she is speaking out about President Joe Biden. He recently challenged Donald Trump to two debates, one in June and the other in September. Biden wants the debates to be held on CNN and ABC—with no live audience. Trump accepted the conditions. But Pelosi had some hard words for old Joe.

From Fox News:
Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday revealed her personal views on a debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“I myself would never recommend going on stage with Donald Trump, but the president has decided that’s what he wants to do,” Pelosi said…

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President Biden faced a major setback after the DOJ appointed a special counsel to investigate him. Robert Hur interviewed Biden several times over classified documents he illegally kept at his home and office.

But the special counsel declined pressing charges, due to Biden’s shockingly poor memory.

Hur revealed that Biden performed so poorly during interviews, he would be unable to stand trial. This was a huge blow to Biden’s credibility. Congress requested to see the recordings of these infamous recordings. Now, Biden is doing something Democrats blasted Trump for trying to do.

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Ben Carson is a Republican who served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Trump. He is a true American success story, rising from hard circumstances to become a doctor and U.S. statesman. Carson knows full well how someone can make something of themselves, thanks to the American dream.

He has been watching the state of the country under Joe Biden. And he is not pleased.

Carson has been a frequent critic of the Biden administration. Now, he is giving Joe some very bad news. Carson is watching as a major exodus is taking place within the Democratic Party. And if this trend continues, liberals might not have a leg to stand on.

From Daily Caller:
Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said Wednesday that black voters are no longer “just following ideology” as many are reportedly moving away from the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 elections…

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Disney has been losing customers over recent years. Their box office returns have been terrible—even with big-named movies. According to reports, they are losing money hand over fist. Even their beloved parks are turning people off.

Why? Because Disney’s top executives have come out in favor of the woke agenda. Disney’s leaders admitted to pushing LGBT content onto children.

This was only the tip of the iceberg of the far-left ideology Disney began pushing through once-beloved franchises. Now, the company’s CEO has been forced to acknowledge a major loss. But his refusal to cop to the real issue could end the company for good.

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Authored by Donald Jeffries via I Protest,

There are only so many ways one can say that America is collapsing. That the Fat Lady is nearing the end of her song. That we’re running on fumes. If Yogi Berra were around, he’d say it’s over. We had a good run, as far as civilizations go. We were the light of the world for a long time. Maybe even Reagan’s shining city upon a hill.

Yesterday, Jason Whitlock reported on one Dexter Taylor, a software engineer who was just convicted and sentenced to ten years for constructing his own guns without a license. Shades of January 6. Taylor is Black, by the way, for those of you to whom that matters. I don’t expect to see former crack dealer turned FBI informant “Reverend” Al Sharpton leading a protest about this particular Black man being a victim of injustice. Our record-setting prisons are overflowing with people like Taylor, of all races. People who most decidedly don’t belong behind bars. Having watched enough of those Investigation Discovery shows, and cops gone wild videos, I often wonder just how many actual criminals are in prison. The system devotes so much effort to framing innocent people, that they may no longer be capable of convicting truly guilty ones.

I could have titled this Substack Whistling Past the American Graveyard. Maybe I should have. But America 2.0 isn’t literally dead yet. On life support? Yes. With an almost certain terminal prognosis? Yes. I used the train wreck analogy because everywhere we look, things are wrecked. A sad vestige of what they were even a decade ago. It’s fitting that we haven’t addressed our Third World infrastructure for over sixty years. What you see is what you get now. America is in critical condition, and it looks it. You can judge this book by its cover. Give me your obese, your tattooed, your weezing, chronically ill with oxygen tanks and walkers. Wretched refuse indeed. Your endless migrants, who don’t speak English and urinate and defecate in public. What’s not to love?

A society is reflected in its leaders. And what leaders America 2.0 has! Our political “representatives” are so dedicated to not representing us that every piece of legislation they pass is assumed to be yet another figurative drone strike to the population. I’ve been a political junkie for over fifty years, and I couldn’t tell you when the last law was passed that benefited the People in the slightest way. That’s why libertarianism, and now anarchy, has become popular. The best we can hope for with these beloved statesmen (and stateswomen, and soon to be statetransgenders), is that they do nothing. That we pay them their generous salaries, and give them the lucrative benefits very few of us get, to maybe rape an underage page, or be bribed by a special interest group. Just don’t pass any legislation. Pretty please.

As I wrote recently in depth about, Americans also have to contend with the occupying force of militarized police officers. They are the standing army Thomas Jefferson warned about. They serve no function other than to annoy, harass, and sometimes kill the befuddled citizens who pay them. They are never there when you need them, and are incapable of solving any real crime. They are good at beating people (as long as you are a vulnerable target who represents no danger to them), planting evidence, and lying on their police reports. But people love them. Jolly coppers on parade, as Randy Newman called them long ago. The best you can hope for is to completely avoid any interaction with them. They are upholding the systemic corruption. Doing the bidding of their masters. Guarding the train wreck.

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Despite Biden’s repeated failures, he could count on the mainstream media to protect him. Most of the time, the liberal-leaning news industry has spun most of Biden’s failures. They have even been willing to redefine the word “recession” so they didn’t have to say Biden is responsible for one.

But it seems even the liberal media’s kindness for Joe can only go so far. With Biden’s White House spiraling over his repeated blunders, it seems the media is pushing back.

Biden recently made a claim that is so untrue, that it is hard to believe he even said it. It seems the failing president is trying to pull an obvious fast one on Americans. Yet this lie was so shocking, that not even the liberal media would swallow it. And they are fighting back.

From Just the News:
Last week, Biden told CNN that “[n]o president’s had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% percent when I came to office, 9%.”

In reality, inflation stood at 1.4% in January of 2021 and reached a high of 9.1% in June of 2022, during Biden’s term.

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Authored by Conor Gallagher via NakedCapitalism.com,

Turkish public opinion of the West dropped due to the Iraq War and has not recovered. There have been almost constant issues since, with both sides fanning the flames – the US with its arrogance and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for using the disputes for political gain. Beneath the surface, however, they continue to cooperate on a wide range of issues.

That might get more difficult. The fact is the US, by supporting Israel’s “plausible” genocide in Gaza, has managed to find an issue that could cause an irreparable break between the West and the vast majority of Turkish citizens, which could make it politically toxic for Erdogan or anyone else to remain partially aligned with the West.

For months after October 7, Erdogan paid lip service to the Palestinian cause while trade kept flowing between Turkiye and Israel. Voters forced him to take a firmer stand at the polls on March 31 when Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AK) Party lost the popular vote for the first time since 2002 – partially due to the government response to Israel’s war in Gaza (the other big issue was the economy).

The Islamist far-right New Welfare Party (YRP) left Erdogan’s ruling People’s Alliance and campaigned on ending trade with Israel, and as a result it became the third largest party nationwide with 6.2 percent of the vote and won 60 municipalities.

A contrite Erdogan said the AKP would begin listening more to voters’ concerns.

On May 2, the news broke that Türkiye is halting all trade with Israel, which in theory could be a major blow to the latter. Türkiye is the fifth-largest source of Israeli imports, which include high-value products like iron, plastic and steel in addition to basic goods such as food items and textiles. In 2022, iron and steel topped the list of Turkish exports to Israel, and were together worth $1.19 billion.

The US surprisingly bit its tongue over Türkiye’s announcement with State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller saying that “they are both allies of ours, and we would encourage them to work through their differences.” The fact is there isn’t a whole lot the US can do as Washington has already pushed so much on the Ukraine issue, trying to do so on the issue of the slaughter in Gaza, which has inflamed public opinion in Türkiye, would be unwise. Miller’s statement also ignores the fact that “their differences” could be solved by the US forcing Israel to put an end to its “plausible” genocide.

Israel’s Foreign Minister said on May 9 that Erdogan was retreating on his trade restrictions only for Ankara to deny that’s the case. That makes the statement from Israel sound either imprudent or like more of a threat.

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The situation in Ukraine is getting scarier by the day, yet it seems like nobody’s really paying attention. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently sounded the alarm, warning that we’re dangerously close to a nuclear disaster. He compared the actions of Western powers, like the US and Europe, to a reckless game of “chicken” with Russia.

Kennedy isn’t alone in his concerns. Many believe that some leaders in the West are pushing Russia’s buttons, tempting them to do something drastic. But why take such risks?

Sure, there are the usual reasons given, like standing against Putin or protecting NATO. But there’s another big factor at play here: money.

Let’s face it: efforts to save Ukraine have fallen short. Despite what you might hear in the news, the reality is grim. Hundreds of thousands of people have died or been injured, and the country’s infrastructure is in ruins. Over 6 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes. Yet, some leaders continue to encourage Ukraine to fight on, even though they’re sitting comfortably far from the battlefield.

And then there’s the money. President Biden recently signed off on another huge aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan—$95 billion worth. But that’s not all. Talks are underway for a long-term security agreement between Ukraine and the US, which could cost a mind-boggling $1 trillion over 10 years.

For some defense contractors, Ukraine has become a goldmine. But when does all this taxpayer money start to look more like fraud than aid? Many argue that it’s happening already, with millions disappearing into shady deals with little to no oversight.

Webmaster addition: 1. Send money to Ukraine.

2. Ukraine "invests" part of that money in FTX.

3. FTX makes generous donations to mostly Democratic politicians.

See how it works?

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by Tyler Durden

More shocking images have come out of the ongoing unrest and riots which have gripped the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, as additional French troops, including reports of elite security forces, are en route to help authorities restore order. 

Determined to suppress an uprising that's killed at least four people and injured hundreds, France starting Wednesday declared a state of emergency -- deploying soldiers, banning the social media platform TikTok, and granting additional police powers to authorities. Authorities say the TikTok shutdown is necessary to thwart the rioters' ability to organize and instigate.

The upheaval was sparked when France passed legislation that would expand the privilege of voting in local elections to all citizens who've lived in New Caledonia for more than 10 years. The territory's pro-independence factions see that move as a deliberate effort to weaken the power of the indigenous Kanaks. 

But instead of focusing on finding a way forward through the archipelago's complex and historic tensions, Paris authorities are now highlighting a 'foreign hand' which has allegedly fueled the anti-France violence. According to a fresh Thursday report in Politico:

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that the violence, which has claimed the lives of three indigenous Kanak people and a police officer, had been actively supported by Azerbaijan.

“This isn’t a fantasy,” he insisted on Thursday. “I regret that some of the separatists have made a deal with Azerbaijan.” However, “even if there are attempts at interference, … France is sovereign on its own territory, and so much the better,” he added

Claire's Observations:  Why in the name of heaven would Azerbaijan be supporting the Kanak people? This link https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20240517-why-is-france-accusing-azerbaijan-of-meddling-in-its-pacific-territory-of-new-caledonia may provide the answer.  But trouble has been brewing between Paris and Baku for quite some time now.  https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20240220-how-france-became-target-azerbaijan-smear-campaign

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Ukrainian nationals, who have been mobilized in the city of Kherson, are being kept in a big cage without access to personal hygiene measures and contact with their families, sources familiar with the matter in the Kherson underground network told Sputnik.

"All those captured men are taken to the same place, to the territory of a former driving school, where a detoxification center was located earlier. They keep the conscripts in one big cage without even providing the basic hygiene standards," the sources said.

The mobilized Ukrainian nationals are denied the opportunity to contact their families and friends to prevent the former from receiving any documents that "might confirm their right to deferment or reservation," the sources also said.

Moreover, military commissars from western Ukraine may have been "bribing pensioners" from the Kiev-controlled part of Kherson, paying them $25 each for information about the place of residence of men subject to mobilization, the sources added.

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According to Palestinian media reports on Thursday, the journalist, identified as Mahmoud Jahjouh, was martyred along with his family members in an Israeli airstrike on their home in Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of northern Gaza.

The body of the journalist and his family members were buried at the courtyard of Al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza City.

Journalists covering the genocidal war in Gaza have been a frequent target of Israeli attacks since the regime launched the aggression against the enclave on October 7 last year.

Israeli forces have also detained a large number of journalists since then.

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In an advanced draft for a coalition agreement between four right-wing Dutch political factions, the partners agreed to look for the “appropriate time” for moving the embassy of the Netherlands to Jerusalem.

The draft agreement published Thursday morning follows the November general elections in the Netherlands, in which the pro-Israel, far-right Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders received the highest share of the vote with 37 seats out of 150 in the Dutch lower house.

The draft states that research will be conducted into “the appropriate time in which the move of the embassy to Jerusalem can occur.”

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Amid growing international consternation over Tel Aviv’s stance on Rafah, with warnings that further military escalation could cause a “humanitarian catastrophe,” US President Joe Biden has been taking heat on the home front and abroad over continued support for Israel. Hence, Washington’s flip-flopping on weapons aid to its ally.

Israel will be able to “win” its fight against Hamas in Gaza even without US support, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told CNBC in an interview.

The Israeli leader underscored that Tel Aviv “values and wants” American support, and vowed that he would personally do “everything that I can to get American support.” However, when asked point blank, “But can you win this fight without American support?” the PM responded curtly:

"Well, the answer is yes.”

Webmaster addition: Great! Stop sending them our money!

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In recent weeks, the Israel Defense Forces and the Defense Ministry have made extensive preparations for the reception of the floating dock, which was built off the coast of Gaza City. Two ships carrying humanitarian aid that were checked in Cyprus are expected to arrive on Friday.

The preparations were carried out in recent weeks by the Engineering and Construction Division of the Defense Ministry of Defense, the Southern Command's engineering formation, the 563rd Construction Division, the Navy, the Technology and Logistics Division, and the Coordinator of Government Operations in the Territories, in cooperation with the U.S. Army.

"There is an ongoing humanitarian effort and we are working in cooperation with the Central Command of the U.S. Army to establish the floating dock for humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip," according to the IDF.

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