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US presidential candidate Donald Trump will be ready to enter into dialogue with Russian leader Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict in Ukraine without any mediators. This was reported to a TASS correspondent by a high-ranking Republican Party functionary taking part in the party’s national convention in Milwaukee, where Trump’s official nomination as a presidential candidate was recently announced. “Undoubtedly, he will begin a dialogue with Putin. And he will do this without intermediaries,” the agency’s interlocutor emphasized, answering a question about Trump’s readiness to enter into a dialogue with Putin on Ukraine.

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Russia will try to return to the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and has applied for membership in 2025-2027, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the organization and Ambassador to the Netherlands Vladimir Tarabrin said.

"We have already applied for membership in the Executive Council for the next two-year term in 2025-2027," he said. "Frankly speaking, I would refrain from guessing about our chances. I would only say that we would not have even tried if we did not believe in success."

"Naturally, we understand that our opponents will do their best and spare no effort not to let us be reelected," he stressed. "This is a matter of principle for them. In practice, it will mean that the West may resort to any provocations, fraud, pressure, blackmail, threats, in other words, to use all the tools they have to choke off access to the OPCW steering bodies for us. But, I would like to repeat, we are don’t lose heart. We understand that a lot of laborious work is ahead in the coming months and we are ready for it."

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US President Joe Biden said that his remark about putting his opponent Donald Trump "in the bullseye" was a mistake. He claimed that he wanted to draw attention to the ex-President’s policies, not to make him a physical target.

Previously, Biden said that it was "time to put Trump in the bullseye."

"It was a mistake to use [those words]," he said in an interview with NBC. "I didn’t say 'crosshairs,' I meant 'bullseye,' I meant focus on him, focus on what he’s doing, focus on his policies, focus on the number of lies he told on debate."

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The UK's new Labour Prime Minister Keir Starmer makes no secret of the nightmare legacy he inherited from Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government - or his determination to sort it out.

One of the worst examples of Tory malpractice concerned Gaza.

Sunak made a terrible mistake when he promised Israel’s bloodstained Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "unequivocal" support, thus giving the green light to Israeli mass murder of Gaza’s civilian population.

He allowed Britain to supply arms to Israel despite mounting evidence of Israeli atrocities. 

Then the Conservative government ordered the suspension of British donor aid to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees based on an unevidenced dossier circulated by Israel suggesting that Unrwa employees played a role in the atrocities of 7 October.

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Last week, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa announced that the Israeli Finance Ministry had released a part of the customs money that it had withheld from Palestinians for months under the order of its hardline Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich.

The amount transferred was reported to amount to $260 million, equivalent to the Palestinian customs money Israel collected on the PA’s behalf for the months of April, May, and June. But even that amount included an important deduction: the share of the Gaza Strip in the customs revenue, the social welfare reserved for the families of martyrs and political prisoners, and the PA’s debts to Israel. Meanwhile, the World Bank decided to dramatically increase its annual aid to the PA from $70 million to $300 million, according to an announcement by PM Mustafa last week.

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George Szamuely and Peter Lavelle discuss NATO's final communique: a depressing medley of plans to intrude into every corner of the world.

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The situation on the Belarus-Ukraine border has been defused after Kiev pulled back additional troops from the area, the chairman of the KGB in Minsk, Ivan Tertel, has revealed. President Alexander Lukashenko has confirmed that Belarus has “no complications with the Ukrainians now,” and ordered Belarusian forces to mirror Kiev’s move.

At the start of Russia’s military campaign in February 2022, Moscow used the territory of its key ally to launch an offensive on Kiev. Since then, relations between Ukraine and Belarus have been tense, although the Belarusian military has not directly taken part in the hostilities.

On Saturday, Tertel stated that “around July 3 – July 4 our foreign intelligence detected the pullout of these units from areas adjacent to the Belarusian border,” as quoted by BELTA news agency. The official added that Ukrainian troops had moved back to their permanent bases.

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The German government secretly delivered a new aid package to Ukraine between late June and early July, the Bavarian daily Munchner Merkur reported on Monday. The paper called the shipment “huge,” adding that it was done in a clandestine manner and went “largely unnoticed.”

The package included 39 pieces of various heavy armor from the stocks of Germany’s military and of its defense enterprises, Merkur reported, after analyzing government data. Kiev received ten more Leopard 1A5 main battle tanks and 20 more Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), among other extra donations, the outlet said.

According to open data published by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet, the total number of Leopard 1A5 tanks and Marder IFVs delivered to Ukraine has grown to 50 and 120 respectively.

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Senator JD Vance, the Ohio Republican nominated to be Donald Trump’s running mate in the November US presidential election, has made his mark on Capitol Hill by lambasting Washington’s open-ended commitment to funding Kiev. 

Trump announced his nomination for vice-president on Monday evening, on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.  

Vance, the best-selling author of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, elected to the Senate in 2022, is known for seeing US support for Israel, where he remains a hawk, and Ukraine, in very different lights.

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The recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has shocked the world. The US, a country which describes itself as a defender of democracy, freedom and human rights, is becoming an unstable, dangerous and chaotic nation. Assassination attempts against presidential candidates are an extremely serious matter and indicate a status of institutional failure.

On July 14, Trump was grazed in the right ear during an election rally in Pennsylvania. The shooter was quickly killed by security forces after the shooting, which makes it difficult to investigate who or what was behind the attack. According to the FBI, the shooter acted alone and had no connection to intelligence or terrorist networks. The Western media is spreading the FBI narrative, making the speech “official”. However, it must be emphasized that witnesses claimed to have warned the police about the presence of a man with a rifle targeting at Trump on the roof of a building. According to witnesses, the police ignored the warnings, which seems suspicious. No explanation has been given so far for the case.

In fact, there are many possibilities to be analyzed. Trump could have been targeted by political enemies or intelligence agents (both foreign or American ones). The former American president has many opponents inside and outside the country, mainly due to his “dissident” positions in foreign policy. He openly promises to end military support for Ukraine, which irritates the pro-Kiev lobby in the US. Furthermore, despite being a radical Zionist, Trump has several personal disagreements with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and has repeatedly criticized the way Tel Aviv is conducting the current war in Gaza – which is why it is possible that the pro-Israel lobby in the US wants to “punish Trump”.

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On July 13, at a rally near Butler in Pennsylvania, former American president Donald Trump narrowly escaped death after he was grazed by a bullet fired by 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks. He fired at least eight rounds from an AR-15-style rifle from the roof of a nearby building outside the rally venue. Several people were wounded, at least one of which subsequently died. The surreal scenes left the audience dumbfounded, with panic ensuing only after the shooter was neutralized. In the last two days, there’s been a lot of speculation about what really happened, ranging from assumptions that it was staged to the Secret Service’s incompetence and even possible complicity. Albeit the latter might seem far too extreme, there’s actual footage of civilians seeing Crooks on the roof from which he took the shot and warning police and security that he’s there.

Shockingly enough, the crowd’s warnings were heeded only after Crooks started shooting. For some reason, the two Counter Sniper teams that were supposed to prevent situations like this failed to do their job, killing Crooks after he took eight shots from a regular rifle. According to an analysis, as well as Trump’s own statement, the only reason he’s alive is because he turned his head slightly to the right to read a chart on illegal immigrants. However, despite the sheer luck Trump had, this opens up numerous questions about the warmongering elites in Washington DC and their highly likely (if not guaranteed) involvement in the assassination attempt. It should be noted that Trump himself is not exactly the “Second Coming of Christ”, as many believe, simply because it’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) for a single person to change the foreign policy of the United States.

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Former UN Weapons Inspector and US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter joined to discuss Israel's threats to expand its military operations into Lebanon and what the likelihood of victory would be for the IDF. This video breaks down the truth about Israel, and what a broader war would mean for its ailing military regime.

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by Tyler Durden

For the first time in years, the Taliban says it has arrested and imprisoned American citizens, and is hoping to use them in a prisoner swap. The Taliban says that at least two US citizens are being held after violating Afghan laws, while the Washington Examiner has said three are in custody.

The detained individuals have been identified as George Glezmann, Mahmood Habibi, and Ryan Corbett - as confirmed also by a State Department statement. A Taliban government spokesperson announced that the "American nationals violated the country’s law, and discussion has been held with the US officials in this regard."

AFP via Getty Images

And Taliban chief spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid recently told reporters in Kabul that "the topic of a prisoner release was discussed during his recent meeting with US officials in Doha, continuing a recurring theme in their negotiations.""Afghanistan's conditions must be met. We have our citizens who are imprisoned in the US and Guantanamo," Mujahid stated. "We should free our prisoners in exchange for them. Just as their prisoners are important to America, Afghans are equally important to us," he added.

It as yet unclear what precise charges the men are being held on, but Afghan national media has alluded to the possibility of "espionage" - which would be a very serious accusation, possibly resulting in a capital case.

Both Glezmann and Corbett were initially detained in 2022, with the former having previously described he was on a tour of the country's unique cultural landscape and history. US officials have complained that the American nationals are being held without charge or due process. Less is known about the third person who might be in custody, Muhammed Habibi, who is a US-Afghan dual citizen

Claire's Observations:  The larger question has to be, what Americans in their right mind would be traveling to Afghanistan in 2022, when the US had evacuated its troops on Aug 31, 2021?!?  Forgive me, but this appears to be a thoroughly reckless choice on the part of these 3 people, or there was something else going on about which nobody wishes to speak?!?

My gut is telling me it is that this may well be what is going on; something a lot larger than is being discussed.

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Over the past few months, economic analysts and experts have been sounding the alarm about a recession. There have been increasing concerns about economic instability, with these worries echoing in financial markets and boardrooms nationwide. Now, a surge of data has confirmed what many have feared: the United States is on the verge of a recession.
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Retirement often brings to mind peaceful images of relaxation, leisure, and financial security. Many people see their retirement years as an opportunity to pursue long-held passions, spend time with family, and enjoy the rewards of their hard work. However, for millions of Americans, this optimistic view is rapidly turning into a worrying reality. We are facing the most significant retirement crisis in our lifetime, a financial catastrophe threatening the savings and stability of a large portion of the population.
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Below is a split-screen video showing real-time footage of the assassination attempt on Trump from various angles. The video includes a countdown, starting from footage of people warning authorities about the shooter and ending with Trump being swiftly escorted away from the scene.
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One of Germany's leading national newspapers reported that 800,000 troops could be mobilised along much of the nation in a significant escalation of World War III fears. Der Spiegel said it gained the information from a "secret document" that claims German and NATO ally troops will use ports, highways, and railways to move eastwards in the event of an all out war with Vladimir Putin's Russia.
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The massive 2022 eruption of the underwater volcano in Tonga, known as Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, catapulted plumes of soot, water vapor, and sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, leading to what some are saying is the driving force behind the most recent warming event on Earth. Meanwhile, the 'green' cult, their climate alarmist friends, including Greta and Al Gore, and their allies in the leftist corporate media, relentlessly push the fossil fuels and cow farts narratives to explain the so-called global warming crisis.
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A veteran of the sniper team with the world’s longest confirmed kill refuses to believe untrained gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks was so easily able to shoot former President Donald Trump — saying even “a seventh-grader” would know the rooftop he climbed onto was “the most f–king obvious” place to check. “I’m very familiar with the layout of these types of things and what the job should be,” retired sniper Dallas Alexander said in an Instagram post Sunday of the previous day’s attempted assassination at Trump’s rally in Butler, Pa. “And yesterday what happened, I have no doubts in my mind that the shooter had help from somewhere within an agency, an organization, or the government,” Alexander stated firmly.
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Former US President Donald Trump has announced JD Vance as his running mate for the Presidential election. “After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator JD Vance of the Great State of Ohio,” Mr Trump posted to Truth Social. There are reports Mr Trump thought JD Vance was an excellent debater and a very good performer in that arena.
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