"Fear and greed, not mathematics, drives the economy." -- Michael Rivero

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Replacing meat and dairy with plant-based swaps might not be the simple health hack you think it is. 

Although eating fresh vegetables is linked with a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, you may want to reconsider how many vegan burgers and cakes you tuck into. 

Scientists found opting for ultra-processed plant-based products — such as vegan sausages burgers intended to replace animal-based foods, as well as cakes and crisps — is linked with 15 per cent higher risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes.

That's according to analysis of more than 118,000 participants' diets from the UK Biobank study.

Packed with fat, salt and laden with sugar ultra-processed foods have long been vilified for increasing heart attack and stroke risk. 

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There is a splendid, although now largely debunked, myth that Grigory Potemkin, a former lover and official in the service of Russian Empress Catherine the Great, constructed a series of lovely fake villages (by erecting only facades) along the Dnieper River that could be moved as the monarch progressed, to impress her with this actually insubstantial evidence of her imperial glory.

Whatever the truth of this Russian ministerial chicanery, it appears that we are in the throes of what could be described as a “Potemkin presidency.” Joe Biden makes some ceremonial appearances but avoids almost all substantive encounters with the press, and when he does speak in public, he has a halting delivery, appears to struggle with inaccurate memory, and betrays confusion.

If Biden is as ineffective as he appears, and if others are running the show, then we are experiencing a fundamental betrayal of “our democracy.”

We are told by those who purportedly work with Biden that in private he is quite different and that he is, supposedly, much sharper than his aides. The notion that the private Biden is everything one could want in a president was exploded in an influential Wall Street Journal exposé, headlined “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping,” based on interviews with 45 Republicans and Democrats occurring over several months.

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A jury panel of 12 Delaware residents on Tuesday found Hunter Biden guilty of three federal gun charges, marking the first criminal conviction of a sitting president’s child.

President Biden’s son was convicted after roughly three hours of deliberation of three felony counts alleging he lied about his use of illicit drugs when obtaining a gun in 2018, and then unlawfully possessed the firearm for 11 days.  

Hunter Biden’s trial which lasted just over a week, spotlighted his addiction to crack cocaine at the time he checked “no” on a federal gun purchase form questioning whether he unlawfully used or was addicted to narcotics or other drugs. 

Several women from Hunter Biden’s past and present – including his ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle; his late brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, with whom he had a brief relationship; and an ex-girlfriend – took the stand to testify about his drug use. 

Webmaster addition: So now we will see if Joe Biden keeps his promise not to pardon Hunter!

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Republicans mocked President Biden on Monday after he remained virtually motionless for nearly a minute during a lively Juneteenth musical performance at the White House. 

The 81-year-old president’s gaze was fixed on the stage as gospel singer Kirk Franklin performed his song “Love Theory” in front of the commander in chief, Vice President Kamala Harris, second gentleman Doug Emhoff and other dignitaries on the South Lawn – all of whom danced along as Biden stood still. 

“Lights are on but no one’s home,” the Trump campaign’s war room account posted on X, in response to Biden’s behavior at the Juneteenth celebration

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Pretending to be a religious conservative at the Supreme Court Historical Society's annual dinner on June 3, Windsor approached and surreptitiously recorded brief conversations with Justice Alito and his wife, Martha-Ann Alito.

As with the various flag stories pushed by the Times and other liberal publications, Windsor's apparent aim — and that of Rolling Stone, the libelous publication first provided the audio recordings, which are now on X — is to paint Alito as ideologically compromised and incapable of dealing with cases related to the 2020 election and the Jan. 6 protests as well as regarding the question of former President Donald Trump's immunity in U.S. v. Donald Trump.

The trouble for Windsor and other Democratic-aligned public-private campaigners is, once again, that notwithstanding their framing and manufactured hoopla, the recording is relatively benign. In fact, it undermines the public-private campaigner's previous narrative and reveals Justice Alito has no aspirations of weaponizing the high court, even against criminal leakers.

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In the survey conducted by IBRiS, participants were asked whether soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces stationed on the eastern border should be allowed to use firearms in situations of forceful border crossing attempts by migrants.

The survey, commissioned by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, revealed that 85.7 percent of those surveyed support such actions by the military, while 10.7 percent are opposed, and 3.6 percent are undecided.

The survey indicates that support for military action against migrants is particularly strong among men overall (88 percent), men in their 50s (90 percent), and residents of small towns (91 percent). These supporters are most often irregular churchgoers (93 percent) who follow political developments closely and identify their political views as right-leaning (96 percent). They most recently voted predominantly for the Confederation (94 percent) or Law and Justice party (PiS) (88 percent) in the last parliamentary elections.

Conversely, among those opposed to the use of weapons by soldiers at the border, voters of the New Left dominate (19 percent).

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Politicians in Washington have very short memories, so they repeat the same mistakes over and over.

It was only 17 years ago that the "subprime" mortgage crisis torpedoed the economy and sent the financial markets into the biggest tailspin since the Great Depression. Millions of Americans lost their jobs. One of the matches that lit that bonfire was Freddie Mac and its cousin, Fannie Mae, offering generous, taxpayer-guaranteed mortgage insurance to risky borrowers on loans with low down payments.

It all blew up in the faces of the taxpayers even though the Washington experts said the chances of these mortgages going bust and taxpayers taking a loss was less than one in a thousand.

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Legal expert and constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley said following former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in his hush money trial that he believes there are grounds for an easy reversal on “procedural and constitutional” grounds.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case was based on false accusations, and presiding Judge Juan Merchan severely and possibly unconstitutionally hindered Trump’s defense, according to Turley, a legal expert. Nevertheless, the jury found him guilty on all 34 counts.

“I think the level of reversible error here really is quite considerable. It runs the waterfront of procedural to constitutional problems, including federal constitutional violations,” Turley began. “I don’t even see how you can meet the unanimity requirement in the way that this thing was instructed.”

“Yeah, they were unanimous that some crime was committed on the secondary crime, but it’s apparently between the jurors and God as to what that crime was unless there is going to be some release of a jury form. We have not seen that jury form,” he continued, referencing a document that could explain on what basis jurors found Trump guilty.

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The 2020 election may seem like a distant memory, but as November 5 draws nearer, many are worried about repeated voter fraud.

And they should be worried.

Sara Gonzales points to a 2023 poll conducted by the Heartland Institute. According to the survey, “in the 2020 general election, more than one in five mail-in voters admitted to voting illegally.”

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, the Heartland Institute just released another poll indicating that “approximately 44 million Americans would vote illegally in the 2024 election ‘to prevent [the] other side from winning.”’

Justin Haskins, director of the Socialism Research Center at the Heartland Institute, tells Sara that this recent poll included questions such as:

“Would you change a friend or family member's ballot without their knowledge?” “Would you throw out a friend or family member’s ballot without them knowing about it?” And “Would you vote in two states?”

Shockingly, “28% of voters said yes to at least one of those questions,” says Haskins. “That's an incredibly staggering number.”

Webmaster addition: See HOW TO HAVE HONEST ELECTIONS

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Israel has vowed to persist with its military operation in Gaza, saying it won’t engage in “meaningless” negotiations with Hamas, shortly after the United Nations Security Council overwhelmingly approved a US-backed ceasefire plan intended to bring an end to the eight-month war.

Israel’s representative to the UN, Reut Shapir Ben-Naftaly, emphasized at a UNSC meeting Monday that her country wants to “ensure that Gaza doesn’t pose a threat to Israel in the future.”

The senior diplomat said the war would not end until all hostages were returned and Hamas’ capabilities were “dismantled,” accusing the Palestinian militant group of using “endless negotiations… as a means to stall for time.”

Her comments came after 14 of the 15 UNSC council members voted in favor of Monday’s US-drafted resolution, with only Russia abstaining – the first time the council has endorsed such a plan to end the war. Israel is not a member of the UNSC, and so did not vote.

Webmaster addition: So Israel ignores the United Nations again. Big shockeroony! Next Israel will say the UN is anti-Semitic!

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Wall Street helped the Allies finance their World War ll triumph.  But as usual, they hedged their bets.

J.P. Morgan assisted Germany’s rebuilding after World War I. J.P. Morgan, under the instruction of the Governor of the Bank of England, spearheaded the renegotiation of reparation payments and organised other Wall Street banks to bail Germany out with loans. It didn’t stop there.

According to John Strausbaugh, the author of the book ‘Victory City, A History Of New York and New Yorkers During World War II’: 

Via the [Bank for International Settlements], the American and British bankers would maintain a mostly secret friendship with their Nazi and Japanese counterparts straight through World War II while thousands and thousands of American and British men in uniform were being killed and maimed in the fight to defeat the Nazis and Japanese.

Hitler’s Bankers, Anthony Isola, 6 February 2019

Below is an article written by Russian historian Yuri Rubtsov.  The original source of this article was Fort Russ as translated from Russian by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ. The Fort Russ version is no longer available on the internet.  However, a version in Russian published in 2016 can be found on ru-polit.livejournal HERE.  It was originally published in 2009.

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Many of us have expressed alarm at the politicization of the criminal justice system in New York by figures such as Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

It now appears that New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin is angling to get into the lawfare frenzy.

The conviction of Trump on 34 felonies has either thrilled or repelled citizens. For many of us, it is a sign of the degradation of our legal system. Even the chief CNN legal analyst has acknowledged that Bragg contorted the law to bring the recent case against former President Donald Trump in an unprecedented prosecution.

Yet, the use of the legal system for political purposes is clearly popular in New York where people were literally dancing in the street outside of the courthouse after the recent verdict against Trump. Now Platkin’s office has announced that it is “reviewing” whether to pull the liquor licenses for Trump golf clubs since he is now convicted of felonies in New York. It appears that lawfare is nothing if not intoxicating for Democratic politicians.

According to an article in the Hill, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is “reviewing the impact of President Trump’s conviction” on his liquor licenses for the Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, Lamington Farm Club, and Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia in Pine Hill.

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A year-long investigation has revealed the disturbing log transcript of communications between the doomed Titan submersible and its mother ship — a document that was circulated by millions online — was in fact completely fake.

The log book claimed to detail the final communications between the submersible, which was attempting to reach the Titanic with five voyagers on board, and the mother ship.

There was widespread suspicion when the log documents were released last year, with many questioning whether the transcript between the two vessels was actually legitimate.

According to the New York Timesthe head of the US federal government team investigating the disaster — including the nature and authenticity of the communication transcript — believes the entire log is fake.

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We’re seeing new massacres every goddamn fucking day, but western politicians and media can’t stop babbling about one single massacre happening hundreds of days ago.

It’s a waste of breath trying to argue that it’s unjust to massacre over two hundred Palestinians rescuing four Israeli hostages; Israel supporters would have been happy if the number was over two million. They simply do not regard Palestinians as human beings. You may as well say they had to kill two hundred chickens to free four hostages. They don’t care.

Ever since the Gaza onslaught began we’ve been seeing US officials play dumb about all the massacres and atrocities Israel has been committing, constantly telling the press “Yeah sorry we don’t have any further information about that incident, we’re talking to Israel, you should ask the Israelis.” But a recent New York Times report says US and UK intelligence operatives “have been in Israel throughout the war” collaborating with Israeli intelligence to facilitate its operations there, which means they’re clearly lying about how much information they have about these incidents.

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District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s victory in prosecuting former President Donald Trump on all 34 counts in his hush-money case could potentially backfire on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s attempts to find the 45th president guilty of 44 more charges that were presented in federal courts in the districts of Florida and Washington, D.C.

After a season of legal stalemate, the first guilty decision against an American president may boost Mr. Smith’s confidence, but there are also some possible risks for the prosecutor. The conviction may cause judges and justices to consider the precedent set by presidential prosecution.

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Sure, the test flight of the world's most powerful rocket this week was nail-biting. But it was also a massive win for SpaceX with a successful fourth test for Starship.

The company's goals for this test flight were accomplished as Starship's first-stage booster, Super Heavy, made a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico and the 165-foot tall (50 m) upper stage, referred to simply as Ship, made a controlled landing burn during reentry before landing in the Indian Ocean.

SpaceX now aims to build on the progress with its Starship program as continues work on Starfactory, a new manufacturing facility under construction at the company's Starbase site in South Texas. As it looks to use Starship to eventually make humanity interplanetary, SpaceX has stated the ambitious goal of producing one new Starship rocket every single day at the new facility.

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Water frost has been spotted at the equator of Mars for the first time. In this region of the Red Planet, equivalent to its tropics, it was previously believed that it would be impossible for frost to exist. 

The discovery could be crucial to modeling where water exists on Mars and how it is exchanged between the Red Planet's atmosphere and its surface. This could be vital for future crewed exploration of Mars

The water frost was seen by two European Space Agency (ESA) spacecraft, first by the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), which arrived at Mars in 2016, and then by the Mars Express mission, which has been exploring the Red Planet from orbit since 2003.

Webmaster addition: Frost was detected by the Viking landers.

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In every war, there is necessarily an enemy force, and the war on our food supply is no exception. 

My previous article addressed the ongoing attacks on farmers across the globe. In today’s article, we will look at some of the culprits behind this agenda. For anyone who delved into the entities behind the tyrannical Covid policies, many names on the list below will seem quite familiar.

Webmaster addition: In the old west, Native Americans mostly relied on buffalo for their meat. But the cattle ranchers wanted the Native Americans to buy meat from them, so they orchestrated a massive hunt of the buffalo, almost to the point of extinction. The same is happening today. Natural foods and foods we can grow for ourselves are being destroyed to force us to "eat ze bugs" and other corporate produced frankenfood of dubious nutritional value and adverse health effects!

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I am going over the REAL “illuminati” and how they took over the US government and mass media.

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In a recent interview with PoliticsJOE, Norman Finkelstein broke down misconceptions of Israeli society understood in the West - particularly around the popularity of the war on Palestinians and Benjamin Netanyahu.

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