"There is a fourth function of money: as a means of social control."
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The Biden White House has ignored calls for Joe to step down. Apparently, Biden’s family is forcing him to stay in the race. This comes after many claim Biden’s cognitive decline has left him too impaired to run for reelection. Yet Biden is entrenched. Like every good dictator, he is defying the will of the people to hold onto power.

This week, he held a solo press conference to convince America that he’s fine. While it was a better performance than at the debate, he did not in any way banish fear that he’s too old to be president. In fact, he made one flub that had everyone cringing.

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Authored by Aaron Gifford via The Epoch Times,

New research indicates that U.S. public school spending has doubled since 2003, outpacing the rate of inflation and showing no clear correlation between more dollars per pupil and higher eighth-grade math and fourth-grade reading scores.

The Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University released its latest findings last month. The report, titled “Will Academic Recovery Stall When the Federal Relief Funds Dry Up?”  also draws attention to the fiscal cliff many districts face in the year ahead as they weigh expenditures against desired achievement.School districts are required to earmark whatever is left of their post-COVID American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds by Sept. 30. The liquidation deadline is Dec. 31. ESSER, established in 2021, allocated $122 billion over three phases to help schools with learning recovery efforts.

Most of the ESSER money was spent on labor—more teachers, classroom aids, counselors, reading coaches, tutors, subject area specialists, and administrators, but it was not applied to raise pay rates for existing teachers, Edunomics Lab Director Marguerite Roza told The Epoch Times on July 10.

While one device (laptop or tablet) per child became an industry standard largely funded by federal money, equipment purchases did not make up a significant portion of expenditures, Ms. Roza said. She and her team of researchers interviewed school administrators and analyzed data at the federal and state levels dating back 20 years, including information from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which runs The Nation’s Report Card website. Many comparisons cited involved shorter time frames, and the findings were largely focused on the pandemic era.

Claire's Observations:  Remote learning, without dedicated parents who actually have the time to work with their kids on their lessons, does not work, period, end of discussion.

What is interesting to me, here in southern, and very rural, Indiana, is that the local public school teachers have found a way to combine remote work with classroom work, resulting in the reality that we have two kids in our extended family, an 11 year old, and a 14 year old, reading at adult grade level, which I think is wonderful outcome of the educational system here.

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has subpoenaed three key White House staffers who are allegedly shielding Joe Biden from media scrutiny and doing his job for him amid his cognitive difficulties.

“I am issuing subpoenas today for White House staff Annie Tomasini, Anthony Bernal, and Ashley Williams to appear for depositions,” Comer announced on X on Wednesday.

Williams is the Special Assistant to the President and Deputy director of Oval Office Operations,  Bernal, the Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the First Lady, and Tomasini, the Deputy Chief of Staff.

“The White House has shielded these three key aides from testifying about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents and now we’ve learned through reporting these same aides are also seeking to cover up President Biden’s declining cognitive state inside the White House,” the Chairman added.

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The Democrats are in total disarray. Biden’s press conference performance did nothing to quell nerves within the party. They’re stuck in a tough spot – Biden isn’t fit to lead, but they don’t have a viable Plan B. The party’s bigwigs are holding their breath, hoping against hope that Biden can pull it together. But let’s face it, it’s not happening.

Every day, more Congressional Democrats and liberal Hollywood stars defect from Biden’s campaign and are calling for him to resign. Even leaders like Pelosi and Schumer are making comments that seem to be pushing Joe toward the exit. But Biden remains defiant.

The Democrats’ refusal to face reality is astonishing. They keep saying Trump is the existential threat to democracy, but behind closed doors, they know Biden’s incompetence is the real danger.

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Police arrested a New York Times best-selling author on Wednesday in New Hampshire on child porn charges after authorities launched an investigation in March.

Sixty-four-year-old Brendan DuBois turned himself in after the Exeter Police Department executed a search warrant at his residence, TMZ reported Thursday.

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A six-year-old girl died from injuries she suffered in a single-car crash in Alabama that an illegal immigrant driving drunk at three times the legal limit caused.

On Monday, Zelvin Gomez, a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras, was allegedly driving while intoxicated with the six-year-old girl, who has not been identified, according to WKRG-TV.

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An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal has thrown cold water on the idea that President Joe Biden will drop out of the presidential race before formally becoming his party’s nominee by the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in August.

The reason: he cannot hand over the $100 million in his campaign committee’s accounts to Vice President Kamala Harris or any other candidate until he formally becomes the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Election lawyer Charlie Spies wrote this week:

In short: Before the nomination officially goes to Mr. Biden, his campaign is limited to donating $2,000 to the Democratic nominee, whether that new standard bearer is Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer or Ms. Harris.

In August 2023 the Biden for President campaign amended its FEC Form 1 to assert on Line 5 that the committee was the principal campaign committee for both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. At the time nobody had reason to question that maneuver, and if at the Democratic convention Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris emerge as their party’s nominees, then there won’t be a need to challenge the premature designation. If, however, Mr. Biden were to drop out before being nominated and attempt an unprecedented and possibly illegal unlimited transfer of funds to Ms. Harris, the courts would likely interpret the plain language of the statute to prohibit such a contribution.

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Ron Klain, the former chief of staff for President Joe Biden, is calling for an end to Democrat “freak-out” after Biden’s NATO press conference avoided total disaster and an NPR/Marist/PBS News poll showed him with a narrow lead over Trump Friday morning.

“With yesterdays press conf and this new poll, it’s time to end the freak out and unite behind the Democratic nominee and the only person who has ever beaten Trump,” Klain declared in a post on X.

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The FEC announced on June 26 that the campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein had become eligible for matching funds for the primary season of her campaign.

Jill Stein, the leading candidate for the Green Party’s nomination for president is being denied federal matching funds they are entitled to, Stein campaign manager Jason Call said on Tuesday.

The funds come from an optional $3 donation to the Presidential Matching Fund on the US individual federal tax returns. That fund is designed to match political donations under $250 to campaigns that meet certain thresholds and do not take private contributions or spend more than $123.5 million.

Last week, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) confirmed that the Stein campaign reached that threshold and should be awarded $100,000 immediately, with more to come monthly. Call says the total amount should be around $270,000. The Stein campaign was the only active campaign to reach the required threshold.

However, the US Treasury has declined to distribute the funds, citing a shortfall. In March, the government raided the fund of $400 million as part of the $1.2 trillion spending package that averted a government shutdown. Most of that, $320 million, was used to fund the Secret Service, $55 million was appropriated for election security, and $25 million went to the Justice Department.

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The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) has released information obtained from Russian covert operatives, shedding light on the direct involvement of the collective West in the proxy conflict in Ukraine.

According to the declassified information, the US State Department and the European External Action Service are worried about the increasing distrust among Ukrainians towards the state institutions of the Kiev regime, as well as towards Volodymyr Zelensky's rule, which they consider illegitimate.

Despite this, Washington and Brussels would prefer Zelensky to remain in power, as lucrative war profiteering schemes are tied to him. Zelensky's opponents are advised to exercise restraint "for the time being."

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Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance

If it wasn’t evident going into yesterday that President Joe Biden was going to need to step aside, all doubts should now be out of the way.

For his opening act on Thursday, Biden made his way out of bed and to the NATO summit across town, all for the honor of stepping on stage and referring to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy — whom U.S. taxpayers have gifted hundreds of billions of dollars at Biden’s direction to fight Russia — as “President Putin”. To refer to Zelenskiy as Putin, and at a NATO event nonetheless, is about as big of a f*ck up as you can possibly make given the world’s geopolitical climate right now.

If Kamala Harris winds up as the Democratic nominee, Trump must pick Tulsi Gabbard as his Vice President. There is no better option.

Not only is Tulsi world famous for having already beat Kamala to a pulp during the 2020 primary debates…

…and happens to be an active member of the U.S. military and a woman. She didn’t have to do any “favors” to make her way in the political world, she has had the courage to stand up to the most terrifying political force, the Clintons, in 2019 accurately calling Hillary the “personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long”.

Additionally, Tulsi’s long held non-interventionist foreign policy ideas fall in line with Trump’s policy of “let’s just use some common sense and get these global conflicts settled and stop the killing, regardless of who is deemed the ‘winner’”. She has made it clear that avoiding World War 3 is far more important to her than prolonging wars and changing regimes overseas. While Nikki Haley’s lobbyists may not like this, it’s what’s best for the nation.

Claire's Observations:  Having lived on Oahu for as long as we did, Mike and I followed this lady's career, and how she conducted herself, for quite some time. She is a woman of high moral integrity, which already marks her as a refreshing change from career politicians. She is military, and has seen the results of combat, up close and personal.   She is also from a blended heritage family, American Samoan and European.

I would love to hope that President Trump and his team, have the horse-sense to bring her on board as VP; she would be an incredible asset to the ticket; to the campaign, and ultimately, to the country.


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Meta on Friday said it would soon roll back restrictions it placed on former President Donald Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Why it matters: The company said it was making the change to ensure parity among presidential candidates leading up to the 2024 election.

State of play: Since being reinstated in January, 2023, Trump's accounts have been subject to stricter penalties than other Meta users, including account suspensions and advertising restrictions, if he violated the company's rules.

  • While those penalties were designed to limit any public figure's accounts during civil unrest, Donald Trump's accounts were the only ones that have so far been subject to those restrictions, a spokesperson confirmed.
  • Neither of Trump's official accounts on Instagram or Facebook violated the company's policies during his restriction period, which meant his accounts never triggered those penalties.
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The Homeland Intelligence Experts Group convened by the Department of Homeland Security, disbanded under a settlement with America First Legal, called President Biden an "ineffective messenger" for the group's surreptitious campaign to convince the public that supporters of former President Trump are the bulk of "domestic violent extremists."

The disclosure was made in AFL's latest dribbling out of screenshots of the internal meeting notes from the group, which included two Obama administration proponents of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Previous disclosures in the #DeepStateDiaries series showed the group proposed a reboot of September 11, 2001-style messaging against domestic wrongthink, called the "religious" and members of the military comparable threats as Trump supporters, and brainstormed how to convince parents and teachers to report students to the feds as potential extremists as a matter of "public health."

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The Washington D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign and an affiliated super PAC violated federal election law in spending that totaled close to $6 million.

The amount in question is more than 45 times the $130,000 a Manhattan court convicted former President Donald Trump of misreporting in business records during the same 2016 campaign.

It should be noted that the Federal Election Commission and the Justice Department looked at the payments Trump made through his personal attorney at the time, Michael Cohen, to adult film star Stormy Daniels as part of a nondisclosure agreement and declined to prosecute him.

But Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg chose to bring the case under New York law, bootstrapping the alleged FEC violation as an underlying crime to the state business record violations.

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The Big Green Grift, the Energiewende and all the other green energy scams are about to be slowly shuttled aside because we need massive amounts of new energy these schemes cannot deliver. Moreover, we can no longer afford the virtue signaling, power seeking and money grabbing nonsense these ventures involve. Indeed, there's a big wreck about to happen at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence Boulevard and Net Zero Avenue. Future AI data center demand Is forcing energy discussions to suddenly get very real.

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A recent poll conducted by Channel 12 news revealed that most of the Israeli public believes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should resign, either imminently or at the end of the war.

According to Channel 12's poll, 44% of respondents believe that Netanyahu should resign immediately, while an additional 28% think he should resign after the war. This combined figure indicates that 72% of the public supports his resignation now or after the war ends. 

In contrast, 22% of those surveyed by Channel 12 believe that Netanyahu should remain in office. Even among Netanyahu's supporters, opinions are divided, with 50% agreeing he should resign immediately or post-war, while 42% feel he should not.

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It’s weird seeing the media pile on with the ‘scoops’ about what exactly is going on behind the scenes with Biden’s panicking entourage, but this one takes it to another level.

CNN reports that a prominent Democrat has claimed Biden’s advisors have threatened White House staffers, saying they will “beat the shit out” of anyone who says anything about Biden’s health that runs contrary to their narrative.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper spoke with reporter MJ Lee in a bizarre segment in which she revealed the claims.

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The recent launch of China’s Fujian aircraft carrier has sparked allegations that China may have stolen plans for the U.S. Navy’s Ford-class carriers. The Fujian’s features, particularly its electromagnetic catapult system, closely resemble those of the Ford-class, leading to suspicions of espionage.

China’s history of acquiring U.S. military technology, such as the J-20 fighter jet modeled after the F-35, bolsters these concerns. The question remains whether China has infiltrated the U.S. Navy’s secrets to such an extent that they could replicate key aspects of the Ford-class carriers. Analysts are scrutinizing the technological similarities and the timing of China’s advancements.

While the Fujian is an impressive step for China, it falls short of the Ford-class in critical areas. The Ford-class carriers are larger, with a displacement of 100,000 tons compared to the Fujian’s 80,000 tons, allowing them to carry more aircraft and sustain longer operations. Additionally, the Ford-class is nuclear-powered, giving it greater endurance and operational flexibility.

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The list of protesting individuals and organizations signed up to take part in a parade or speaker platform during next week’s Republican National Convention includes the “Chinese Communist Party” and “Former President, Donald J. Trump” — as the city of Milwaukee approved everyone who applied, without vetting or checking identities.

Trump’s contact person is listed as “Joe Biden,” and the CCP’s address is “Beijing, China.”

The CCP would like to be in both a parade and a speaker platform every day of the convention in the early afternoon if the entry is to be believed.

Registrants had to indicate their full name, whether they were signing up as an individual or group, their address and contact person and, if they wanted to take part in the parade and/or speaker platform, their preferred days and times to speak.

They also had to list whether they’d been convicted of a felony in the past seven years, agree to abide by demonstration regulations and affirm the truth of their statements.

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While "Star Wars" fans have come to know the Jedi as the good guys, the series is now attempting to portray them as “the patriarchs of the universe who are these unjust authoritarians who are trying to clamp down on the oppressed space witch lesbians of the universe.”

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According to an anonymous Democratic lawmaker, a coalition of powerful Democrats dubbed “super friends” are “assembling” in an effort to convince embattled President Joe Biden to end his struggling reelection bid.

A House Democrat described the alleged group to POLITICO this week. 

“There’s a group of people who are going to go make their case to whomever they can get to at the White House that [Biden] needs to step aside and we’re going to get our asses kicked if he doesn’t,” the member of Congress said.

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Via Energy Security and Freedom,

The Big Green Grift, the Energiewende and all the other green energy scams are about to be slowly shuttled aside because we need massive amounts of new energy these schemes cannot deliver. Moreover, we can no longer afford the virtue signaling, power seeking and money grabbing nonsense these ventures involve. Indeed, there's a big wreck about to happen at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence Boulevard and Net Zero Avenue. Future AI data center demand Is forcing energy discussions to suddenly get very real.

Google, of course, is already facing the fact the two streets it’s simultaneously traveling are not parallel roads, but, rather, two routes that intersect and the company will be forced to stop and decide which direction it wants to go. Net Zero Avenue, taken to the end of the highway leads the end of Google’s AI dreams, while Artificial Intelligence Boulevard promises huge rewards

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Authored by Michael Tracey,

“Dangerous, diabolical, and dastardly” is how Hakeem Jeffries, the House Democratic Leader, just described the so-called “Project 2025” planning document that all liberals have now been commanded to light their hair on fire about and run around in circles screeching how it portends some imminent apocalyptic MAGA takeover.

First off, it’s the least surprising thing in the world that the preeminent DC think tank of the “Conservative Movement” would merge itself to the maximum extent possible with the branding and sensibility of Donald Trump, the current undisputed ruler of the “Conservative Movement,” such as it exists. What would be far more surprising is if the Heritage Foundation, which drafted the document now being wailed about by every Democratic pundit, had not maximally ingratiated itself with Trump — in fact, the Trump Administration’s embrace of the Heritage Foundation was already well underway during his first term. But now liberals, desperate for a campaign pivot amidst Joe Biden’s cognitive implosion, are using their usual overwrought melodrama to hype “Project 2025” as slam-dunk proof that Trump obviously represents an Existential Threat To American Democracy™ or whatever. What they curiously fail to mention is that the document is robustly aligned with many of the liberals’ most sacrosanct priorities.

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NATO leaders, including U.S. President Joe Biden, convened in Washington with key Asia-Pacific partners and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to address escalating concerns about China’s support for Russia in their war with Ukraine. NATO’s recent declaration of China as a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war has sparked significant tension, with Beijing accusing the alliance of seeking security at the expense of others.

During the summit, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and emphasized the global implications of security challenges.

Stoltenberg noted that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine highlights the necessity for NATO allies to collaborate more closely to maintain peace and stability.

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The Jewish State’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz blasts the outlandish comments made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who said that until a peace deal is reached, “Cooperation with Israel within NATO will not be approved by Turkey.” Meanwhile, Israel exposed the Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA as having over one hundred Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists on its payroll. Also, American President Joe Biden is mounting even more pressure on Israel to end its war in Gaza. Will Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adhere to his demands?

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by Tyler Durden

As yesterday marks World Population Day, we’re taking a closer at one of the population trends that will affect many countries sooner or later in the 21st century: population decline. Especially prevalent across Europe and developed Asia, Statista's Felix Richter reports this demographic trend is a consequence of declining birth rates and ageing populations and poses significant challenges to the countries affected.

Infographic: Tipping Point: When Populations Peak | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

In countries like Japan and Italy, where population decline has begun in 2011 and 2015, respectively, fertility rates have long fallen below the replacement level of 2.1 percent, influenced by factors such as higher education and career opportunities for women, shifts in societal norms regarding family and childbearing and an ageing overall population

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Authored by Pepe Escobar,

We are the world. We are the people. We are NATO. And we’re comin’ to get ya – wherever you are, whether you want it or not.

Call it the latest pop iteration of the “rules-based international order” – duly christened at NATO’s 75th birthday in D.C.

Well, the Global Majority had already been warned – but brains under techno-feudalism tend to be reduced to mush.

So a gentle reminder is in order. This had already been stated in the first paragraph of the Joint Declaration on EU-NATO Cooperation, issued on January 9, 2023:

“We will further mobilize the combined set of instruments at our disposal, be they political, economic, or military, (italics mine) to pursue our common objectives to the benefit of our one billion citizens.”

Correction: barely one million, part of the 0.1% plutocracy. Certainly not one billion.

Cut to the 2024 NATO Summit Declaration – obviously redacted, with stellar mediocrity, by the Americans, with the other 31 assorted vassal members duly assenting.

So here’s the main 2024 NATO “strategic” trifecta:

  1. Extra tens of billions of dollars in “assistance” to the upcoming rump Ukraine; the overwhelming majority of these funds will be slushing around the industrial-military money laundering complex.
  2. Forceful imposition of extra military spending on all members.
  3. Massive hyping up of the “China threat”.

As for the theme song of the NATO 75 show, there are actually two. Apart from “China Threat” (closing credits), the other one (opening credits) is “Free Ukraine”. The lyrics go something like this: it looks like we are at war against Russia in Ukraine, but don’t be fooled: NATO is not a participant in the war.


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