"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights." --  Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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As this year comes to a close, as expected most people are trying to save for and plan their retirement, and have been left reeling from the effects of economic turmoil.

What kind of turmoil?

Red-hot inflation, rising interest rates, and rapidly increasing risk (even at banks) sum up only a part of the chaos affecting older Americans for the last 11 months.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:49

Despite conventional wisdom, gold's value is on the rise, bolstered by geopolitical tensions and a global move away from the U.S. dollar. Central banks are doubling down on this precious metal, set to buy record amounts in 2023. This robust performance is challenging the norms, especially as gold continues to surge despite a backdrop of cooling inflation.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:49

Many people worldwide are concerned about climate change and believe there is a climate emergency. For decades we have been told by the United Nations that Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activity are causing disastrous climate change. In 2018, a UN IPCC report even warned that ‘we have 12 years to save the Earth’, thus sending millions of people worldwide into a frenzy.

Thirty-five years ago, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the (World Meteorological Organization) WMO established the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide scientific advice on the complex topic of climate change. The panel was asked to prepare, based on available scientific information, a report on all aspects relevant to climate change and its impacts and to formulate realistic response strategies. The first assessment report of the IPCC served as the basis for negotiating the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Governments worldwide have signed this convention, thereby, significantly impacting the lives of the people of the world.

However, many scientists dispute with the UN-promoted man-made climate change theory, and many people worldwide are confused by the subject, or are unaware of the full facts. Please allow me to provide some information you may not be aware of.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:48

All dietary carbohydrates are digested into sugars called glucose. Glucose, in turn, can be metabolized (burned) for fuel using two different pathways. First, the glucose is metabolized into pyruvate. The pyruvate can then either enter the glycolysis pathway in the cytoplasm of the cell and produce lactate (this is an inefficient backup pathway), or it can be converted into acetyl-CoA and shuttled to the mitochondrial electron transport chain, which results in optimal energy production

The Warburg Effect refers to the observation that if your body has access to enough oxygen, it will preferentially burn (oxidize) glucose in your mitochondria by converting the pyruvate into acetyl-CoA

The state of mitochondrial physiology that Warburg accurately identified occurs when your body has enough oxygen and the mitochondria are not maxed out, yet still uses the backup glycolysis pathway. This is also called cancer metabolism. It gives the false impression that cancer is using glucose to supply its metabolic needs for energy, but it is merely an illusion

The primary reason glucose cannot be burned in your mitochondria is because the mitochondria are dysfunctional. This dysfunction is the result of the electron transport chain (ETC) being backed up with an excess of electrons that are unable to flow easily through the five complexes. This condition is known as reductive stress. In this situation, your body has no choice but to use the backup system, glycolysis

Posted on: Dec 10 08:48

The German newspaper “Handelsblatt” reported on October 2nd that the mRNA COVID “vaccine” was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in order to convince reluctant people to undergo this experimental gene therapy treatment, which I call “spiking” for short.

I derive the term from the fact that the mRNA components code for the coronary spike protein. In my new book, The Indoctrinated Brain, to be published December 12 2023, I show that the recently awarded Nobel Prize for “spiking” is a neuropathological attack on our autobiographical memory (the hippocampus). The injections have dramatic consequences, not only for the cardiovascular system, as is now well documented. In particular, rational thinking, psychological resilience, and natural human curiosity have been shown to be severely impaired.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:45

On October 8th, the day after the Hamas attack, I penned an article calling bullshit on the “intelligence failure” narrative that emerged immediately in the aftermath — how could the governing authorities and media call it confidently an “intelligence failure” mere hours after the event? — just as the same narrative emerged just following the 9/11 attacks in Manhattan and DC.

          RelatedNo, the Hamas Invasion Was Not an Israeli ‘Intelligence Failure’

Although I always take the time to carefully weigh evidence before making any definitive statements, as responsible journalists do, I didn’t feel compelled to wait or hedge in this case because it was palpably clear from the start that the narrative was total propaganda and would subsequently be debunked in the coming days and weeks.

Even based on the limited evidence available on October 8th, basic logic defied the “intelligence failure” story:

·       Gaza is among the, if not the, most heavily surveilled strips of land on Earth, both from the air (satellite and drone surveillance) and via Mossad spooks on the ground (what the so-called “intelligence community” calls “human intelligence” or “humint” because it loves insular jargon)

Posted on: Dec 10 08:44

The Egypt–Israel peace treaty which was the result of the historic Camp David Accords of 1978 has for decades since been considered the cornerstone ensuring regional peace and stability of Arab relations with Israel.

But even such treaties with large state actors (also Jordan) are increasingly under threat due to Oct.7 and the ongoing Gaza War, as Egypt has reportedly warned the US and Israel that if the floodgates break on Palestinian refugees pouring into its country, "a rupture" in relations between Egypt and Israel would likely result

Posted on: Dec 10 08:43

The United States government has used an emergency authority to allow the sale of about 14,000 tank shells to Israel without congressional review, says the Pentagon.

The State Department on Friday used an Arms Export Control Act emergency declaration for the tank rounds worth $106.5m for immediate delivery to Israel, the Pentagon said in a statement on Saturday.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:43

Yemen’s Houthi movement says it will target all ships heading to Israel, regardless of their nationality, and warned all international shipping companies against dealing with Israeli ports.

“If Gaza does not receive the food and medicines it needs, all ships in the Red Sea bound for Israeli ports, regardless of their nationality, will become a target for our armed forces,” the group’s spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:42

The G7 decision to impose a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil aimed to curb Moscow’s revenue from natural resource exports. However, a closer look reveals unintended consequences that not only fail to hurt Russia but also provide new opportunities for global players. The Western assumption of its near-monopoly on maritime insurance being a means to enforce the price cap has proven flawed. Instead of crippling Russia’s financial standing, Moscow’s net oil revenues almost doubled.

Despite the G7’s efforts, Russia’s oil exports continue to thrive. Seaborne exports rose by 10% last month, reaching 3.37 million barrels a day, well above the pre-2022 average of 3.1 million. This, coupled with higher prices, challenges the effectiveness of the imposed cap. Moscow experienced a nearly twofold increase in revenue from crude sales between April and October. In October, Russia’s net oil revenues reached $11.3 billion, constituting 31% of the country’s total net budget revenue for the month, according to information from the Russian Finance Ministry.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:42

Most Americans have already drained the excess savings they made during the Covid-19 pandemic, Marko Kolanovic, a senior stock strategist at JPMorgan bank, said in a note this week.

According to Kolanovic, inflation-adjusted liquid assets such as deposits and money market funds of nearly all US consumers will be below 2019 levels by mid-2024.

It is likely that only the top 1% of consumers by income will be better off than before the pandemic,” he warned, noting the recent surge of credit card and auto loan delinquencies and a growing number of bankruptcy protection filings.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:41

EU diplomats and think tank officials have been contacting former US President Donald Trump’s associates to figure out whether he would pull the US out of NATO if he returns to the White House, the New York Times reported on Friday.

With less than a year to go until the 2024 US presidential elections, Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee and is leading President Joe Biden in most polls. A host of former Trump administration officials and anti-Trump pundits have claimed in recent weeks that a second Trump presidency would herald the collapse of NATO, and that panic has reportedly spread to the EU.

“European ambassadors and think tank officials have been making pilgrimages to associates of Mr. Trump to inquire about his intentions,” the New York Times reported, citing anonymous sources. These officials included Finland’s ambassador to the US, Mikko Hautala, who the newspaper said “reached out directly to Mr. Trump and sought to persuade him of his country’s value to NATO as a new member.”

Posted on: Dec 10 08:41

Venezuela and Guyana are due to hold a high-level meeting in the coming days to discuss sovereignty over the oil-rich region, after the decades-old border dispute has been recently rehashed.

The meeting will be held on Thursday in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean country's Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves announced. Brazilian President  Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will attend, at the request of the two quarreling countries.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:37

 Attacks by Iranian-backed terrorists against U.S. forces in the Middle East increased late this week as U.S. officials have grown frustrated by President Joe Biden’s lack of a forceful response to deter future attacks.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:37

 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) suffered a blowout defeat Saturday night in Houston’s mayoral runoff election against Texas Sen. John Whitmire (D-15).

Posted on: Dec 10 08:37

The Philippine coast guard said on Sunday that a Chinese coast guard vessel assaulted three Philippine boats in the South China Sea with water cannons, and collided with one vessel, causing engine damage. 

This latest confrontation between Chinese and Philippine vessels in the disputed waters of the South China Sea took place near Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands, where the Philippines maintains a small outpost on a grounded navy ship. 

Philippine navy-operated supply boats with a Philippine coast guard escort were on a supply mission to deliver food and other supplies to troops stationed on the shoal. 

The Chinese coast guard said Philippine boat "deliberately" collided with their ship after ignoring several warnings.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:37

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday said he appreciated the US veto at the UN Security Council, which blocked a call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Israel will continue the war against Hamas, said Netanyahu, as the military pressed up with relentless bombardments in Gaza. Read our blog to see how the day's events unfolded. All times are Paris time (GMT+1).

Posted on: Dec 10 08:35

Former President Donald Trump told partygoers at a New York Young Republican Club event that the indictments against him have 'opened Pandora's box' and that Joe Biden should 'be very careful what you wish for'. 

Talking at Saturday evening's event Trump told a crowd chanting his name that Biden has 'opened up a Pandora's box that will never let our country be the same. 

'I can only say to Joe: Be very careful what you wish for, but you have done is a terrible thing,' former president Trump said in his speech.

The event was hosted at Cipriani's flagship location on New York City's Wall Street where roughly a thousand guests gathered, including notable Republicans Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz

'I am being indicted for you. These are not indictments in the traditional sense. These are Biden indictments against their political opponent,' Trump told the event. 

Posted on: Dec 10 08:34

Defense attorneys have coined the term “January 6 Jurisprudence” to describe the treatment received by the more than 1,200 defendants arrested so far in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021. This carve-out legal system involves the unprecedented and possibly unlawful use of a corporate evidence-tampering statute; excessive prison sentences and indefinite periods of pretrial incarceration; and the designation of nonviolent offenses as federal crimes of terrorism.

A universal feature is the requirement that a Jan. 6 defendant, usually a supporter of Donald Trump, face trial in Washington, D.C., a city overwhelmingly populated by Democrats. Federal judges have denied every change of venue motion filed in Jan. 6 cases, arguing those who protested at the Capitol can get a fair trial in the nation’s capital.

The results so far appear to contradict the court’s collective conclusion. Court records show the jury selection process has repeatedly revealed a strong degree of bias against anyone tied to Jan. 6. At least 130 defendants have been convicted at trial – not one has been acquitted by a jury – and hundreds have been sentenced to prison time ranging from seven days to 22 years. Defense lawyers say this track record helps explain why the vast majority of defendants have opted for a plea deal rather than go to trial.

This is the same environment that now awaits the former president as he prepares to stand trial in Washington on March 4, 2024 for election interference, in addition to an array of criminal and civil cases against him elsewhere.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:34

In a surprising turn of events, the Dow Industrials achieved a new 52-week high this week, creating a buzz on Wall Street. However, beneath the surface, a Dow Theory non-confirmation has emerged as Dow Transports experienced a -1.6% decline.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:32

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen ordered diplomatic passports to be issued to powerful members of his Likud party who have the ability to influence where he is ranked on the party's slate in a future Knesset election, Haaretz has learned.

The step was taken against the advice of professional staff at the ministry who expressed the view that the recipients were not appropriate to receive diplomatic passports. Cohen also ordered a diplomatic passport for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son Yair, even though he doesn't meet the normal criteria.

Posted on: Dec 10 08:28