"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But, I repeat myself." -- Mark Twain

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How about we take a close look at the 2nd amendment to the Bill of Rights?  And not just a cursory look, but rather an honest, critical, deeper look.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It does not say “A well regulated Standing Army being necessary to the security of a tyrannical state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall always be infringed.”

Well-regulated means to run smoothly, be disciplined, and be well-supplied. Militia means the body of people consisting of lawful citizens in a free state of existence. Security means to keep safe. Necessary means needed, essential Free state, meaning the collective of states, the whole nation. The right means those essential liberties that all people have regardless of government.

The people, the lawful citizens in a free state of existence, To keep, meaning to own and possess And bear, meaning to carry on or about one’s person either open or concealed.
Arms , meaning weapons Shall not, meaning must not, will not be infringed, meaning restricted, retarded, or suppressed in any way whatsoever.

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According to Russian officials, Navalny, 47, lost consciousness after taking a walk at the Arctic penal colony where he had been serving a 19-year prison sentence for allegedly inciting “extremist” activities and other offenses. An outspoken foe of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Navalny won fans around the world including Hollywood celebrities and government leaders of all political persuasions.

Biden immediately blamed Putin for Navalny’s passing while admitting the cause of death remains unknown. “[Make] no mistake, Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death,” Biden said during a hastily arranged press briefing on February 16. Putin, Biden continued, “had him arrested. He had him prosecuted for fabricated crimes. He sentenced him to prison. He was held in isolation.”

Well, what a difference a few weeks makes. Biden clearly suffers from a faulty if not fantastical memory but are his mental faculties so poor that he has forgotten the past few years—let alone the past few weeks?

Is this the same Joe Biden who has publicly vilified his own detractors for more than three years? The same Joe Biden who continues to deploy the country’s most powerful government agencies and corporations to hunt down, investigate, interrogate, arrest, charge, and imprison Americans for their participation in the events of January 6, 2021?

The same Joe Biden who routinely brands his countrymen as “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” because they protested his election for a few hours that day?

The same Joe Biden who recently bragged about the success in creating his own set of political prisoners? Did Biden happen to forget his remarks at Valley Forge on the third anniversary of January 6? 

Here is a helpful refresher:

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A wave of confusion and concern washed over Nevada voters this weekend when many discovered that their mail ballots were registered as counted for the February 6 presidential primary despite not having participated.

The 8 News Now reported that these irregularities in voter histories prompted an immediate response from the Secretary of State’s office on Monday.

The issue was first identified on Sunday when voters began noticing discrepancies in their voting records.

“On Sunday, February 18, the Secretary of State’s Office became aware of possible technical issues related to the vote history of individuals who did not participate in the Presidential Preference Primary,” a spokesperson told 8 News Now.

“Elections and IT staff began working on the issue immediately, and met with county clerks and registrars this morning. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and will provide further updates as we can.”

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Recent reports indicate that North Korean hacking groups are employing artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to launch intricate cyberattacks against American white-collar workers. This development raises concerns about the evolving landscape of online threats and the potential misuse of AI for malicious purposes.

North Korean actors are leveraging AI-powered LLMs to generate content likely used in spear-phishing campaigns. These campaigns typically involve impersonating legitimate entities, such as recruiters, to trick individuals into revealing sensitive information or clicking on malicious links.

The targets of these attacks appear to be concentrated in specific sectors, including global cybersecurity, defense, and cryptocurrency companies. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Discord, and Telegram serve as the primary battlegrounds for these operations, with LinkedIn emerging as the platform of choice for phishing scams.

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The US housing market is entering a precarious phase marked by a substantial decline in median sales and a drastic collapse in investor home purchases, surpassing the pace witnessed during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Warning signs are flashing, notably illustrated by desperation among renters in markets like Las Vegas, where concessions reveal a stark decline in demand for apartments at certain price points.

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An exclusive video taken at one of the many refugee camps along the Darién Gap shows a group of men aged 24 to 25 from Somalia who intend to enter the United States illegally. The Darién Gap is located in Panama and connects North America with South America, making it a key location in the illegal immigrant smuggling route into the United States. These Somalis informed me that they support Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection because he makes it easier for illegal immigration. One of the Somalis named Ayub went on to say that after he illegally entered the USA, he wanted to run for Congress just like fellow Somali Ilhan Omar. The group of men also say that they do not care that the American taxpayer is paying for their illegal immigration crime. In an incredibly chilling moment, Ayub’s face lit up in a creepy smirk when asked about Sharia Law. This video is further proof President Trump’s assessment of the border is correct.

Webmaster addition:  In the United States, federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in federal elections. The U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 611, makes it a crime for non-citizens to vote in federal elections, and violations can result in fines, imprisonment, or deportation.

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New video footage released by James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group shows the board of the Universalist Universitarian Church of Tucson’s discussions regarding recent reporting on the No Mas Muertes human trafficking and illegal immigrant aid operation in southern Arizona.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, O’Keefe Media Group recently shined light on the No Mas Muertes or No More Deaths organization, which appears to house cartel members and facilitate human smuggling in southern Arizona.

Previously, this facility was raided multiple times by Border Patrol agents, and members of the organization were charged with smuggling and conspiracy or interfering with Border Patrol operations.

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On Monday's episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec analyzed the mainstream media's response to the Kansas City parade shooting. He pointed out that while they are not naming the shooters allegedly because they are "juveniles," they had no problem naming 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan Holden Armenta who Deadspin falsely claimed wore blackface to a game. 

Posobiec said that "even right-wing media is terrified of talking about Kansas City. The media won't name the shooters" and that Americans are "living through an era of information warfare." 

He played a clip in which the mayor of Kansas City criticized the governor of Missouri for calling the shooters "thugs" and seemingly revealed that they were black. 

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis claimed during her Thursday testimony at the hearing to disqualify her from the Georgia election case against former President Donald Trump that she took a significant amount of cash from her first election and used it to replenish her physical cash reserves. Willis claimed to use the physical cash to repay her former lover, special prosecutor Nathan Wade, for luxurious vacations.

Willis made the claim about keeping “some of the cash” from her first campaign when asked about the origin of her cash savings. The district attorney claimed she has been saving physical cash “all my life,” and gave as an example, “When I took out a large amount of money on my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that.”

The district attorney also testified on Thursday that she lost $50,000 in that election, which she admitted left her “broke” toward the end of 2018.

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New York, once the financial capital of the free world, a city that epitomized the best of American ingenuity and capitalism, dealt itself a fatal blow with last week’s verdict against President Trump that would have him pay in excess of $350 million simply for having politics deemed forbidden by a rogue judge acting out the shrieking orders of a vindictive Attorney General.  It is a tragic indictment of the Empire State – and really, America’s ongoing political crisis overall – that arguably its proudest son and most prolific developer since Robert Moses would be cannibalized by the legal matrix of a state now defined by its shrinking population, unmanageable illegal alien crisis, and skyrocketing crime that complements its equally skyrocketing cost of living.

The powers in charge of the state are literally driving it to the ground.  New York’s political and legal establishment are both among the most corrupt in the country – which makes Arthur Engoron and Letitia James rife for exploitation to carry out the marching orders of Merrick Garland and Joe Biden, who are bloodthirsty to persecute the man they perceive to be their greatest political threat.

The verdict against Donald Trump violates both the letter and spirit of the law in every possible sense.  Rather than allowing the law to impartially lead to whatever result may follow, Engoron and James have weaponized New York’s fraud law, § 63(12), which is designed to protect against fraud where there are identifiable victims (of which none exist in the Trump case), to bring down a political opponent.  Thus, rather than have the law dictate a remedy, they both have unilaterally decreed Trump an enemy for his political views ipso facto and are using the law as a cover to destroy him behind the proprieties of the justice system.  This is an extremely dangerous formula: and exactly how persecutions of political enemies were conducted under Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.

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It has been a constant refrain among defenders of President Joe Biden that his family benefiting from foreign influence-peddling abroad took place without his knowledge and participation.

A new report from Politico, as establishment a publication as one can find, shatters that already precarious defense.

While the president’s defenders have often pointed to Joe Biden’s involvement in the troubled affairs of his son Hunter Biden as illustrating a case of a father’s love, rather than the aiding and abetting of illicit activity that compromises national security, the new report involves a different and often-overlooked person in the Biden corruption scandal: The president’s brother, James Biden.

The Politico report comes ahead of an expected interview of James Biden on Feb. 21. The critical implication of the report is the “central” involvement of Joe Biden in his brother’s scheme to profit off a troubled medical conglomerate, now bankrupt, called Americore.

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