"Stopping terrorism is simple. Just quit screwing around with other people's countries and the terrorists will go home. But the government of the United States wants to go on screwing around with other people's countries, refuses to stop, indeed views it as Manifest Destiny for the United States Government to persist in screwing around with other people's countries, and views the inconvenience, increased tax burden, loss of civil liberties, and even deaths among the American people as just another cost of doing business."  -- Michael Rivero

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A top scientist who advises the Canadian Government said he was blocked from studying a freak outbreak of a mysterious and deadly brain illness in young adults and teenagers. 

More than 200 New Brunswick residents have bizarrely developed a dementia-like disorder that causes vivid hallucinations, an inability to talk and write, memory lapses and even physical paralysis.

While the disease has baffled doctors, local health officials put the outbreak down to misdiagnosis, concluding that most patients in fact suffered common illnesses like dementia and cancer

Now, damning evidence has come to light that suggests health chiefs may have purposefully blocked investigations into other potential causes — namely, exposure to toxic pesticides. 

In leaked emails sent between Dr Michael Coulthart, a microbiologist, and members of Canada's public health agency (PHAC), Dr Coulthart said he was 'essentially cut off' from being involved in the research.

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The federal government has sued Hyundai after a 13-year old girl was found working on an assembly line. 

The  Department of Labor on Thursday sued the South Korean auto giant, an auto parts plant and a labor recruiter over illegal use of child labor in Alabama.

The complaint follows an investigation by the department’s Wage and Hour Division that found a 13-year-old worked between 50 and 60 hours a week operating machines on an assembly line that formed sheet metal into auto body parts. 

The filing also seeks an order requiring the companies to relinquish any profits related to the use of child labor.

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The Netherlands intends allow the Ukrainian air force to use its 24 F-16 fighter jets to carry out strikes in Russia, shortly after President Biden gave Ukraine the green light to hit some of Putin's targets with US weapons. 

This was confirmed by Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren who, in an interview with Politico this weekend, said there was not a 'Belgian-style restriction', referring to Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo's warning that Kyiv will not fly the F-16 jets that come from Belgium into Russian airspace. 

Also, Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot said this decision does not require permission from the US, even though it produces F-16s. 

The use of the planes is also not limited to the border region near Kharkiv, as is the case for US weapons.  

Ollengren was among the senior officials who met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the Shangri-la Dialogue in Singapore, an independent think tank, which is attended by defense ministers, permanent heads of ministries and military chiefs. 

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Mexico's newly elected and first female president Claudia Sheinbaum faced a market meltdown hours after being elected as stocks and the value of the peso dropped.

Stocks fell nearly 6 percent and the peso lost as much as 4 percent in the hours after Sheinbaum won a landslide victory in Sunday's presidential election.

The scale of the gains for the Morena party and its allies took markets by surprise, with some fearing the results would pave the way for the ruling coalition to pass constitutional reforms without opposition support. 

The Mexican peso earlier hit a fresh seven-week low of 17.7207 to the dollar, more than a 4.1 percent drop, LSEG data showed. By 1:30 p.m. EDT, the peso was trading at 17.64 to the dollar, down 3.7 percent.

'The question is whether the Morena party has done so well that it could command a super-majority and try to pursue market non-friendly policies of constitutional reform,' said Chris Turner, global head of markets at ING.

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A Georgia appeals court has set an October date for hearing the sensational appeal of a ruling that let Fulton County DA stay on the Donald Trump case, essentially guaranteeing Trump won't be tried there before the election.

The news, which comes days after a Manhattan jury convicted Trump on 34 counts in his Stormy Daniels trial, is just the latest break for Trump in his three other trials.

Three judges who will decide the matter have set a tentative date of Oct. 4 for Oral arguments.

Even if they decide to reaffirm Judge Scott McAfee's decision to allow Willis to continue to prosecute the case, it might not come until several months after the election.

Based on a state constitutional time limit, they would need to rule before mid-March 2025, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, or about four months after the election. 

The hearing comes after Trump and co-defendants sued following McAfee's decision, which allowed Willis to stay on the case she oversaw despite having an acknowledged affair with former special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

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Tasneem Elholy The Electronic Intifada 

Tents and other temporary structures are cramped close together

Overcrowded and unsanitory conditions for the 1.7 million people in Gaza who have been forcibly displaced have led to a spike in infectious diseases. Here a shelter in Nuseirat on 14 May. 

Omar Ashtawy APA images

Death by bombing is not the only thing that destroys the lives of Palestinians in Gaza.

The spread of infectious diseases, high temperatures, water and air pollution, as well as hunger, and displacement, with 1.7 million people forced into overcrowded, unsanitary shelters, have also taken a severe toll.

All of these conditions hit the young, old and those suffering other health conditions disproportionately.

In early January, Ahmed al-Weidy, a lively 17-year-old, contracted hepatitis and “suffered from general weakness, loss of appetite, yellow eye color, and diarrhea,” his mother, Samia, said.

“Since birth, he had suffered from an inability to absorb enough oxygen and couldn’t move his neck well. His fingers were cramped, and he couldn’t move them as well. He underwent more than one physical therapy session, but to no avail, and his condition did not improve.”

Adding to Ahmed’s physical problems came those tied to trying to avoid Israeli bombardments, being surrounded by devastation and destruction and having trouble sleeping at night.

Last October, Ahmed and his family, like hundreds of thousands of others, were displaced from Gaza City and forced to move to a shelter in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees, UNRWA, center in the city of Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Overcrowded, suffering from the total absence of any functioning municipal services, and devoid of the most basic necessities of life, polluted water and waste accumulate near such shelters in which hundreds share toilets.

Infectious and skin diseases spread rampantly in such conditions.

Hospital treatment

Ruba Hijeh, a doctor the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, said the destruction of vital infrastructure and the impossibility of providing municipal services have played a key role in the spread of diseases.

“Solid waste is collected in random dumps next to the tents of displaced people, and this waste and wastewater accumulation cause the spread of harmful insects that transmit diseases.”

The doctor said the young are particularly vulnerable and that there had been a large number of children arriving at the hospital with hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea.

The UN has reported that children under 5 make up a disproportionate number of those affected by the spread of infectious diseases, affecting anywhere between a quarter and one-third of reported cases.

Claire's Observations:  "Hey, it saves us bombs and bullets when Palestinian kids die of opportunistic infections!!!" -0fficial Israeli Souse

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Damian Williams, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on Monday announced the unsealing of an indictment charging Weidong Guan, a/k/a “Bill Guan,” the Chief Financial Officer of conservative media company The Epoch Times with participating in a $67 million transnational money laundering scheme.

Bill Guan, 61, of Secaucus, New Jersey, is facing up to 80 years in prison.

He was charged with one count of conspiring to commit money laundering, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and two counts of bank fraud, each of which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Bill Guan was arrested on Sunday morning and appeared before a magistrate judge on Monday afternoon.

“As alleged, Bill Guan, the Chief Financial Officer of a global newspaper and media company, conspired with others to benefit himself, the media company, and its affiliates by laundering tens of millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained unemployment insurance benefits and other crime proceeds. When banks raised questions about the funds, Guan allegedly lied repeatedly and falsely claimed that the funds came from legitimate donations to the media company.

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In a shocking admission during closed-door testimony, Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed that he recommended masking children during the COVID-19 pandemic without reviewing any specific scientific data. This stunning revelation comes from newly-released transcripts of Fauci’s January testimony to the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here’s a snippet of the appalling exchange:

  • Question: Do you recall reviewing any studies or data supporting masking for children?
  • Fauci: You know, I might have, Mitch, but I don’t recall specifically that I did. I might have.
  • Question: There’s been a lot of studies that have come out since the pandemic started, but specifically on this there have been significant on kind of like the learning loss and speech and development issues that have been associated with particularly young children wearing masks while they’re growing up. They can’t see their teacher talk and can’t learn how to form words. Have you followed any of those studies?
  • Fauci: No. But I believe that there are a lot of conflicting studies too, that there are those that say, yes, there is an impact, and there are those that say there’s not. I still think that’s up in the air.

Despite this glaring lack of evidence, Fauci, the former Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, unabashedly continued to promote child-masking policies to the public. In March 2021, he told CBS News, “When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear a mask.” Then, in February 2022, he doubled down on CNN, declaring, “it is risky” to let kids take their masks off. All this, while ignoring research that has shown masking children during the pandemic severely hampered their social and emotional development, communication skills, and mental health.

To add insult to injury, during the same January testimony, Fauci admitted there was no scientific basis for his 6-foot social distancing guidelines, confessing it “just sort of appeared.”

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A Massachusetts man out on low bail after allegedly repeatedly raping his young stepdaughter has now apparently killed her and himself, police say.

On September 7, 2021, a young girl called police to report that her stepfather, Juliano Santana, had raped her on "multiple occasions," said a press release from Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, perhaps over the course of several years. The most recent assault had reportedly occurred just one month earlier.

The victim told investigators that Santana had warned her "not to be scared and not to tell her mom." Investigators also examined a diary in which the victim reportedly documented the attacks and shared them with her sister.

Webmaster addition: But they locked up the woman who prayed in front of an abortion clinic!

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After saying the six-foot social distancing guideline during the COVID-19 pandemic “sort of just appeared,” Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday testified that his statement had been “distorted” and that it “actually” came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fauci, a longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and former chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, was grilled during a hearing before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic on Monday. He said that the guideline to explain that the guideline “actually came from the CDC. The CDC was responsible for those kinds of guidelines for schools, not me.”

A transcript of Fauci’s past testimony about the health recommendations to reduce exposure made waves when they were released last week due to his comment that he was “not aware” of studies that supported the six-foot standard adopted for schools, businesses, and beyond.

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The Chief Judge for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals officially shut down coordinated complaints against Judge Aileen Cannon.

Judge Aileen Cannon is overseeing Jack Smith’s classified documents case against President Trump.

Leftists are losing their minds because they don’t have control over Cannon’s courtroom. Cannon is a Trump appointee and she isn’t allowing Jack Smith to railroad Trump and his attorneys.

Cannon has been accused of ‘stalling’ the sham classified documents case against Trump.

Jack Smith indicted Trump on 37 federal counts in Miami last June for lawfully storing presidential records at his Mar-a-Lago estate which was protected by Secret Service agents.

Trump was charged with 31 counts under the Espionage Act of willful retention of national defense information and 6 other process crimes stemming from his conversations with his lawyer.

Espionage cases take years to prosecute, but Jack Smith is trying to get Trump convicted before the 2024 election.

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As expected, Microsoft's creepy move to spy on everything you do on your PC with Copilot+ Recall has backfired with widespread criticism over the potential privacy issues it could cause. And, to add fuel to the fire, we now have a more disturbing development that could allow hackers to easily take advantage of a user's Recall data. This is thanks to some key weaknesses that were discovered by Kevin Beaumont, an experienced cybersecurity researcher. In his detailed blog, Kevin found out that even though all the data is processed locally, when Azure AI automatically OCRs (extracts text from images) the user's screen, it is stored in an SQLite database in the user's folder under a new “CoreAIPlatform” folder inside “AppData”. That is where the problem lies, Microsoft is banking on the encryption already present on a user's device, and is of the belief that a malicious actor would need physical access to a user's device to compromise Recall data. But, the thing is, all that data is stored in plain text and a simple InfoStealer Trojan could easily make short work of that, stealing all the information that Recall has collected, with the user being unaware of it.
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Wafaa Jarrar has been severely wounded in an explosion during her arrest in Jenin last month

Wafaa Nayef Zuhdy Jarrar, 49, has sustained serious wounds following her arrest by Israeli forces last week (Arab48)

By Fayha Shalash in Ramallah, twitter sharing buttonwhatsapp sharing buttonmessenger sharing button

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Israeli prison authorities have released a wounded Palestinian detainee soon after her arrest to evade responsibility for her serious medical condition, her family and a rights group told Middle East Eye.

Wafaa Jarrar, 49, was violently detained by the Israeli army during an incursion into Jenin in the occupied West Bank on 21 May.

An explosive device hit the military vehicle transferring Jarrar to the al-Jalama military camp near Jenin, causing severe wounds in her legs, according to the Israeli army.

The circumstances of the explosion remain unknown, and no further details have been While in detention, Jarrar underwent the amputation of her legs in the Israeli Afula Hospital, and during that time, an Israeli court issued a decision to transfer her to administrative detention for a period of four months, subject to renewal.

After several tests, it was found that Jarrar had suffered other injuries, including one in the spine and lungs, so Israel announced her immediate release and transfer from Afula hospital to hospitals in the occupied West Bank, which her family considered a renunciation of treatment.

She is currently at the intensive care unit at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin.

Her husband, Abdul Jabbar Jarrar, had been in Israeli custody since February and is not aware of his wife's condition.

Home ransacked

Huthaifa Jarrar, her son, told Middle East Eye that the storming of the house was "brutal".

"The soldiers deliberately smashed the furniture, vandalised the contents, and painted the Star of David on the walls," he said. "They also shouted at my mother several times, demanding that she hand over any sum of money she had."

"When the soldiers didn’t find any money, they stole her gold jewellery and celebrated inside the house, chanting racist slogans," he added.

Claire's Observations: "The most moral Army in the world, MY ASTROLABE!!

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Cybercriminals can do lasting damage to internet routers protected by weak credentials by exploiting the right remote access features. Black Lotus researchers discovered one such "destructive" event last October that bricked hundreds of thousands of routers.

Analysts at Black Lotus Labs dubbed the cyber-incident the "Pumpkin Eclipse," as it was felt across several Midwest states by the end of October last year. Between October 25 and 27, over 600,000 small office/home office (SOHO) routers were taken offline, unable to access the internet.

The unnamed criminals targeted two router models manufactured by ActionTec (T3200, T3260), but the method used to access those devices is still unknown. The hackers didn't use exploits or zero-day vulnerabilities, which suggests they used brute force to attack weak authentication credentials or may have entered through an exposed administrative interface.

Once in, the cyber-criminals used a well-known remote access trojan (RAT) named Chalubo to download and install malicious firmware on the compromised routers. The firmware rendered the SOHO devices "permanently inoperable," forcing the ISP to replace them to restore internet connectivity. Security researchers have known about the Chalubo RAT since 2018. The malware has advanced features such as encrypted communications, DDoS capabilities, and custom Lua script execution.

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The White House announced Monday that President Joe Biden would not attend a 'peace summit' scheduled in Switzerland with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but would send Vice President Kamala Harris instead. 

The news is a blow to Zelensky who has publicly been pressuring Biden to attend the summit, planned for June 15-16 at the luxury Bürgenstock hotel after the G-7 summit meetings for world leaders in Italy. 

Biden has other plans, as he is scheduled to leave the G-7 summit and return to Los Angeles for an A-list fundraiser with former President Barack Obama, actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel will moderate a conversation between Biden and Obama during the fundraiser where tickets go as much as $500,000 for the Biden victory fund. 

Last week, Zelensky said Russian President Vladimir Putin would celebrate if Biden did not attend the peace summit. 

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As I’ve been documenting for the past year, the COVID experts have been contradicting themselves six ways from Sunday. As charlatans, they’re abject failures. They can’t keep their own story straight.

Thanks to an alert reader, I’ve come across a new blockbuster.

BY THEIR OWN STANDARDS, the FDA should never have allowed the Pfizer COVID vaccine to be shot into a single arm. The Agency’s Emergency Use Authorization was a crime—according to their own data.

Here we go.

The document, posted on the FDA website, is titled, “Vaccines and Related Biological Products; Advisory Committee Meeting; FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” [1]

It is dated December 10, 2020. The date tells us that all the information in the document is taken from the Pfizer clinical trial, based on which the FDA authorized the vaccine for public use.

A key quote is buried on page 42: “Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group [who received a saltwater shot].”

Those shocking numbers have never seen the light of day in news media.

The comparative numbers reveal that the vaccine was not effective at preventing COVID-19. It was certainly not 50% more effective than no vaccine at all—the standard for FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

To make all this clear, I need to back up and explain the theory of the vaccine clinical trial.

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NOTE: Judge Napolitano was not on this flight, but his trip to the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum was also cancelled, details unclear.

Webmaster addition: There does seem to be a lot of confusion in this story, especially about Napolitano.

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CHICAGO – Graduation is an important moment for many Americans. More than just pomp and circumstance, the ceremonies mark when students are handed the most coveted testimonial in academic life: A diploma.

But for some college students who participated in pro-Palestinian protests, campus activism has cost them their degrees – at least for a while.

“Four years and just a criminal record, nothing else,” said Youssef Hasweh, one of four students at the University of Chicago who have had their degrees withheld pending an investigation into a protest encampment. “A decade of (high school and college) work down the toilet because I decided to express my free speech.”

Students being denied conferment – some of whom have faced arrests, expulsions, suspensions and other disciplinary action – say they're in limbo and are being made into examples. As they await appeals processes and the results of university investigations, they're preparing for an uncertain future. In the worst-case scenario, they'll be saddled with debt and will have no degree to show for it

Claire's Observations: To the University of Chicago Trustees; and others around this country and around the world,  a word, please.

How, in the halls of Academia, did Israel become the 6,000 ton gorilla in the room, which no one dares talk about, peacefully and logically,  in terms of its treatment of Palestinians?   Is it possibly because of the large donations Israel lavishes upon schools which insist in "towing the Israeli agenda line", even when  that agenda is dead wrong?

What is the blackmail/quid pro quo, going on here, because it must be very pervasive, that" alleged" educational institutions have called in the cops to forcibly and violently arrest students who were demonstrating peacefully?!?

I am paraphrasing now, but to find out the limits of one's freedom of speech, find the people or institutions you are forbidden to criticize; then, you will know precisely where you are, in terms of an allegedly "free society."

And by the way, as far as I am aware, the By -di-Byidenistas have not yet suspended the Constitution or Bill of Rights;  and these kids have every right to peacefully protest the carnage in Gaza, under the First Amendment to that Constitution; that you are punishing them in this manner for so doing, reflects horrifically on the leadership of this university, and  forever destroys its reputation as a place upholding "academic freedom of inquiry"

Through the cold and unforgiving eye of history, future students, and academics will look at this period in the University's history, as one of shame, and outrage as to what has happened to these students.

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Former MIT associate professor Jeremy England, an ordained rabbi, wrote in Tablet Magazine that Jews need to fully reject any "lingering" sense of Christian morality and embrace ethnically cleansing Gaza in accordance with Talmudic law.

In an article last week titled "Live by the Law or Die on the Cross," England said that "Israel must stop pretending it is a nation like any other."

"[W]e should conquer, annex, and resettle parts of Gaza so that Jews and friendly gentiles both can live there safely," England said.

"If our own, unsurpassably subtle ethical tradition guides us to these policies, then it is only our lingering ideological subjugation to the Western tradition that makes them seem scandalous," he continued. "Like the Jew among nations, Israel constantly struggles with its half-successful attempt to blend in with the crowd and pretend to be a member like any other, and it is time to put an end to this paralyzing charade."

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Back in January 2024, Britain’s Leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer arrived in Davos on the invitation of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak decided not to attend the Davos Venue: 

“Number 10 has not provided an explanation for his absence but the Prime Minister is facing significant problems at home”.

Starmer started his election campaign in the Swiss Alps, in conformity with Klaus Schwab’s  Fourth Industrial Revolution 

Starmer was presented at Davos in January as the WEF’s  “favourite candidate” for the position of  PM,

Ironically, the actual announcement of the U.K. July election was released by PM Sunak several months later.

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Want to see some actual crime and corruption? This is what true campaign finance malfeasance looks like.

In the 90’s MBNA was Biden’s biggest campaign contributor. In addition, executives would send memos out “encouraging” employees to donate to Biden. The company hired Hunter Biden and continued paying him even AFTER HE LEFT the company. An MBNA executive bought Biden’s house for full asking price and then MBNA reimbursed that executive for a portion of the purchase price. It’s all true.

In return Biden would go on the Senate floor and fight for the rights of the credit card companies over the rights of the American people. This is what our politicians get away with.

This isn’t shocking to anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to Joe Biden’s lengthy history of crime and politics. He’s always been known as one of the dumbest politicians in DC, but also one of the biggest opportunists. When you consider the entire picture, it all makes sense. Who’s a better puppet “president” than the guy with so many skeletons in his closet he could build a bone army? Biden is protected because he is a product of the Swamp, used repeatedly to achieve goals and defeat political enemies. When he’s no longer useful, he’ll be discarded. His days are numbered, but this sham “conviction” against Trump may have just bought him some time, but not much.

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There were many COVID martyrs—brave warriors who challenged the regime’s twisted COVID and vaccine narratives and ultimately lost their jobs and reputations and were “canceled” by the vaccine-obsessed left-wing mob. Many of these martyrs were athletes who refused to take the jab and found themselves publicly ostracized, banned, or even fired. Tennis champ Novak Djokovic famously declared he would rather miss out on future tennis trophies than be forced to get a COVID vaccine, and he stuck to his guns, even when the media and the mob threw everything they had at him. In the end, he had the last laugh when he won the US Open. Another one of those rebel athletes, NBA player Kyrie Irving, proclaimed that his decision not to take the COVID jab was bigger than basketball—it was about his life. Right on cue, he was demonized for making an informed—and, as it turns out, smart—decision for himself.

Well, now, Kyrie Irving’s story has come full circle. Just two years after the NBA forced him to sit out for refusing the beastly jab, he’s making a triumphant return to the finals.

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Last month, the Israeli military declared that it had taken “tactical control” of the Philadelphi corridor, the strategically important nine-mile-long and 300-foot-wide buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt. I

sraeli officials say that they took this action as part of an effort to decapitate Hamas roughly eight months into this war, claiming that the Palestinians have used this corridor to set up tunnels for funneling arms.

But these tunnels have been used to bring all types of goods and services, not just weapons, into Gaza — even if authorities in Egypt, which has officially been imposing its own blockade on Gaza since 2007, have not been openly admitting so. These tunnels connecting Egypt and Gaza have given the Palestinians in the besieged enclave some sort of a lifeline. Now the blockade will be even tighter and Gaza’s humanitarian disasters are only set to worsen.

“The direct control of the [Philadelphi corridor] by Israel means the complete encirclement of Gaza, which in prior years [the Israelis] left that one part of the borders to a joint Egyptian-Palestinian control. For Palestinians it denies them all hope of an Israel-free part of their borders,” Nabeel Khoury, former deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, told RS.

“Israel’s takeover will make it that much harder for humanitarian aid to get through. Israel’s right wing is getting its desired goal here: Full encirclement of Palestinians and denial of all means of livelihood — in other words a step closer to driving out whoever is still alive once this war ends, if it ever does,” added the former US diplomat.

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Today, I bring to your attention another government policy that’s about to take effect that will crush domestic air travel under the guise of national security.

Independent journalist Patrick Webb reports that the US government plans to launch its heavily criticized federal ID program, called Real ID, for domestic air travel on May 7, 2025.

Webb stated in a series of posts to X Sunday that this will ban all adults from domestic flights unless they have replaced traditional state-issued IDs with Real IDs, raising significant concerns about privacy and state surveillance.

Webmaster addition: And what about the illegal aliens?

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday the United States could face “fatal consequences” if it ignored Moscow’s warnings not to let Ukraine use weapons provided by Washington to strike targets inside Russia.

Ryabkov was commenting on President Joe Biden’s decision last week to approve the use of U.S.-supplied weapons to hit targets inside Russia that were involved in attacks on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

“I would like to warn American leaders against miscalculations that could have fatal consequences. For unknown reasons, they underestimate the seriousness of the rebuff they may receive,” state news agency RIA quoted Ryabkov as saying.

He referred to comments last week by President Vladimir Putin, who said NATO countries were playing with fire and risking a deeper global conflict – one of a series of warnings from Moscow about the risk of a serious escalation.

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