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GOP Lawmakers Seek To Block US Funding For Rebuilding Gaza

by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 13, 2024 - 10:20 PM

Several initiatives were introduced for a vote in Congress on Wednesday meant to block the Biden administration from using taxpayer dollars for future Gaza reconstruction.

One key provision was introduced as an amendment to the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. It was led by Republican Reps Brian Mast, Claudia Tenney, and Eli Crane - and was subsequently passed by a simple voice vote, though Democrats opposed the amendment. 

Via The Hill

Mast is a well-known pro-Israel hawk who at one point prior to entering Congress even volunteered to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), though not in a combat capacity.

"They are absolutely at war with one of our major and best allies anywhere across the globe," said Mast of Palestinians on the House floor before the vote. He asserted that it is "nonsensical" to suggest rebuilding the place that's been largely destroyed by Israeli and American bombs for much of the past year.

"Any group that takes control of the Gaza Strip following this war will have ties to terrorism and be opposed to the existence of our ally — Israel," said Congressman Mast further. 

"Given this reality, even one penny of American tax dollars used to build or rebuild infrastructure in Gaza will just be going to subsidize the next attack on Israel. Our tax dollars should be going to support our allies, not terrorist entities holding American citizens hostage," he added.

Currently there are still 5 American citizens (who hold dual Israeli citizenship) still in Hamas captivity in the Strip (though some may be deceased).

These same Republicans have long complained that Biden's $300 million humanitarian pier project is also a waste. Due to inclement weather it has actually been out of commission longer than it's been in operation.

Claire's Observations:  The only way Mast, et al will see their way clear to supporting a renewal of American taxpayer reconstruction in Gaza, is to ethnically cleanse it of Palestinians, so that Israel can start rebuilding an "Israeli-only" Gaza. 

But if other close-by Muslim countries refuse to take them in, because they are mired in their own economic messes, what then?!? As complete a genocide against all Palestinian Muslims as can be accomplished by the IDF?!?  

Folks, this is what Mast and his minions, would love to see happen; that we are witness to the US government's complicity in this slaughter, is utterly abominable to me, and yet I hear so very few, particularly those in the bowels of DC, speaking out against it.

As an American who loves her country, this breaks my heart.  Are we not supposed to be for freedom; peaceful self-determination; the rule of law; and fiscal and moral responsibility on the part of world leadership?!?

Where did "... except in the case of Israel and the Palestinians" creep murderously  into that credo, please?!?  Was it actually 7 October, or way before this incident (which we now understand the IDF and Mossad allowed to happen) took place?!?

And to the regime in Tel Aviv; gentlemen, when you began conflating "self defense" with genocide, you lost me, and a lot of other people who had previously been absolutely steadfast in their support of Israel, no matter what it had done to the Palestinians.

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Substack,

Wednesday’s meeting between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg saw the two leaders reach an agreement on the bloc’s military aid to Ukraine. Hungary won’t oppose NATO’s decisions in this regard like it briefly did the EU’s in exchange for NATO not forcing Hungary to participate in a conventional intervention there, allow its territory to be used to facilitate that, and fund the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Simply put, they agreed to disagree and not interfere in the other’s affairs.

While some observers abroad who are favorable towards Orban might be disappointed by this, they’d do well to reflect on how unrealistic it was for them to imagine that he alone could stop NATO’s plans. The Hungarian leader has become a cult hero among Western dissidents who oppose the bloc’s proxy war on Russia through Ukraine after bravely warning over the past two years about how irresponsible and dangerous this policy is. His strongly worded statements perfectly channeled their views on this issue.

Nevertheless, he’s ultimately just one man in charge of a comparatively small country whose role in this proxy war is overshadowed by nearby Poland’s and neighboring Romania’s. It was therefore impossible for him to throw a wrench in NATO’s plans and all that he could ever hope for at best was to get public guarantees that Hungary wouldn’t be drawn into this imbroglio. That’s precisely what he received on Wednesday, which Stoltenberg gave him in an attempt to improve the bloc’s reputation.  

From NATO’s perspective and keeping in mind Hungary’s inability to stop a conventional intervention in Ukraine as well as prevent others from funding the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it made the most sense to leave that wayward member alone in order to deflect from allegations of bullying. Publicly pressuring Hungary to send its troops to Ukraine and let others transit across its territory despite how unpopular these policies are at home could draw negative comparisons between NATO and the Warsaw Pact

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Why Americans Aren't Buying Biden's "Strong Economy" Propaganda

by Tyler Durden

It's become a bit (or more than a bit) of a joke: Biden is doing everything in his power - and beyond that too now that Fed Chair Jerome Powell has admitted what we have been saying all along and that the White House has been "overstating" jobs - to prove to America just how great his "economic recovery" is, and the more he tries the more people hate it. 

And the funny thing is, the responses themselves are prima facie evidence of precisely the propaganda embedded in this discussion.

Consider that last October, the WSJ published an op-ed by the ultra liberal Alan Blinder titled "The Economy Is Great. Why Do Americans Blame Biden?" (his conclusion was "Inflation is lower, but some won’t be happy until prices come down too. That would be a disaster.") A few months later, in April, the even more liberal WSJ editorialist Greg Ip wrote "What’s Wrong With the Economy? It’s You, Not the Data." These desperate attempts to spark adoration for Bidenomics were a disaster, and in May the University of Michigan consumer confidence cratered the most since August 2021...

... forcing the WSJ to point out the painfully obvious: in an article from the editorial board titled "Why Biden Is Losing on the Economy", the WSJ capitulated and pointed out the glaringly obvious: "The average annual inflation rate during his Presidency is 5.5%. Under Trump it was 1.9%."

Alas, this moment of lucidity did not stop the propaganda express, and over the weekend Politico came up with what can only be described as pathetic pandering, writing that "Inside Biden’s orbit, the fear is that there’s little new the administration can do to change the perceptions of a stubborn electorate that’s living through an upswing — yet simply refusing to believe it." Translation: the deplorables are too stupid to appreciate just how great they have it.

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Authored by John & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“Take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.”

- James Madison

James Madison, often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution,” once predicted that the Bill of Rights would become mere “parchment barrier,” words on paper ignored by successive generations of Americans.

How right he was.

Although Madison initially felt that the inclusion of a bill of rights in the originally ratified Constitution was unnecessary to its success, Thomas Jefferson persuaded him that “a bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, & what no just government should refuse, or rest on inferences.”

The Bill of Rights drafted by Madison—the first ten amendments to the Constitution—was a document so revolutionary at the time that it would come to be viewed as the epitome of American liberty.

The rights of the people reflected in those ten amendments encapsulated much of Madison’s views about government, the corrupting influence of power, and the need for safeguards against tyranny.

Madison’s writings speak volumes to the present constitutional crisis in the country.

Read them and weep.  

“The accumulation of all powers, Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” — James Madison

“The people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived.” — James Madison

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.” — James Madison

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.” — James Madison

“Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the danger of oppression.” — James Madison

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” — James Madison

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”— James Madison

In the years since the founders laid their lives on the line to pursue the dream of individual freedom and self-government, big government has grown bigger and the rights of the citizenry have grown smaller.

However, there are certain principles—principles that every American should know—which undergird the American system of government and form the basis of our freedoms.

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A YouGov survey found that Reform has increased support by two points to 19%. The Tories are on 18%. The poll was carried out after Rishi Sunak launched the Tory manifesto on Tuesday
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Welcome to Fear City.

Amid spiking crime and violent carjackings involving luxury vehicles in NYC — like last month’s “great first date” turned action movie, complete with guns shoved in the face of a $150,000 BMW-driving Romeo — well-heeled Gothamites worried about getting to the Hamptons this summer are clamoring for their own exclusive, secure “supercars.”

Among the most sought-after armored automobile suppliers is a former Austrian commando who helps give billionaires peace of mind by fortifying their homes, helicopters, superyachts and Range Rovers — to the tune of millions of dollars.

“People need to understand one simple fact: they need protection,” Matthias Fitzthum, CEO of Bespoke Home & Yacht Security, told The Post of the souped-up security measures he says any “ultra-high net worth” family would be crazy not to follow. “An alarm system isn’t protection — they need hardware to protect their family and themselves.”

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Everything NATO is doing today is a preparation for a possible clash with Russia, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Izvestia.

"Everything NATO is doing in this area today, to put it bluntly, is the alliance's preparation for a possible military clash with Russia," he said. "And the exercises that are being conducted show how all concepts of cooperative security have now been discarded and NATO has returned to Cold War-era security schemes," he pointed out.

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"JUNE 1, 2024: NOURISH CO-OP HAS A CEASE & DESIST ORDER FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND AT THIS TIME IS NOT ABLE TO SELL RAW CHEESE, RAW DAIRY, SOURDOUGH & RAW HONEY. We are working through the details and will keep everyone updated as we get more information."

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A US Department of Defense contractor's tantalizing encounter with a giant, glowing UFO has sparked 10 years of research and two patents inspired by his encounter.

Three witnesses, including that Pentagon engineer, report that they captured electronic evidence of a 'barbell' UFO, half the length of a football field, that glowed an eerie 'indigo' blue.

The craft, they said, flew silently over an old logging road in southwestern Ontario, Canada, on August 28, 2013, near where the trio had camped for a hunting trip. 

DailyMail.com spoke with the case's first investigators, who shared electronic data from the contractor's attempt to film the object — showing 'white noise' pulses in the video that recur in one-second loops identical to strobing light from the UFO itself.

Webmaster addition: This sudden surge of UFO and space alien stories is for a reason. 

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A leading data analyst has raised the alarm after uncovering evidence exposing a major cover-up of mass deaths of children who received Covid mRNA shots.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) analyst Albert Benavides has blown the whistle after realizing that U.S. government data massively underreports the number of children who died from the injections.

VAERS is the national vaccine safety monitoring system that accepts reports of adverse events after vaccination.

The system is controlled by Democrat President Joe Biden’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

VAERS allows doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, health officials, and vaccine manufacturers to report adverse events that occur following vaccination.

Many VAERS reports list “age unknown” for people who were injured or died following a Covid mRNA injection.

After a deeper investigation into the data, Benavides found that report summaries often reveal the victim’s age.

However, VAERS doesn’t update the reports to reflect this.

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Joe Biden‘s ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, admitted early last year to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that he deleted numerous audio records of interviews with the 81-year-old Democrat incumbent in part because of the special counsel investigation. At the time, Department of Justice special counsel Robert Hur was investigating whether Biden had mishandled and illegally retained classified documents after leaving the vice presidency. It is alleged some of these classified documents were shared, in a breach of national security, with Zwonitzer.

According to the transcript of Zwonitzer’s interview with the FBI, the investigating agents asked him if ” the fact that a special counsel had been appointed and you had all these recordings was in your mind when you slid these documents over into the trash…” Zwonitzer, who acknowledged deleting several years’ worth of audio records of interviews with Biden, at first tried to deflect—merely stating he “was aware of the special counsel investigation when that happened.”

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The yuan/ruble exchange rate will now set the trajectory for other currency pairs on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), including for the euro and dollar, the Bank of Russia (CBR) announced on Thursday.

The statement comes as the latest round of US sanctions prompted the MOEX on Wednesday to suspend trading in dollars and euros. The UK followed Washington’s lead on Thursday, introducing restrictions against the Russian financial system. Transactions in US dollars and euro will continue on the over-the-counter (OTC) market.

“The yuan/ruble exchange rate … will become a reference point for market participants. The share of the yuan in Moscow Exchange trading in May was 54%,” the Bank of Russia said. “Thus, the yuan has already become the main currency in exchange trading,” it added.

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The “lab leak” theory is in the news again. It is essentially revealed as a mainstream position now. As we always predicted it would be.

Two weeks ago the New York Times ran a long opinion piece endorsing it (we covered it in This Week).

Last week economist Jeffrey Sachs endorsed it in his 2-hour interview with Tucker Carlson,

and yesterday RFK jr endorsed it as part of his presidential campaign:

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On May 14, Alexey Pertsev, one of the lead developers of Tornado Cash (TC), was found guilty of money laundering by a Dutch court and sentenced to sixty-four months in prison. TC is a privacy-preserving protocol developed for the Ethereum blockchain: it allows users to deposit funds in a TC pool and withdraw them to a different address, thus making it impossible for external observers to track financial activity. TC is completely noncustodial, meaning that users are in control of their own money at every step of the process. In other words, developers do not have any technical means to control how individuals interact with the TC smart contracts.

Because of its privacy-preserving features, TC was sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control in August 2022: citing concerns with money laundering and terrorist financing, the United States government made it illegal for US citizens to use TC. Soon after the blacklisting by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Pertsev was arrested in the Netherlands; Roman Storm and Roman Semenov, the other TC lead developers, were arrested by US authorities in August 2023 and charged with money laundering and sanctions violations. The sentence against Pertsev creates a precedent that threatens not only developers’ freedom to write open-source code, but also users’ ability to transact without being tracked by unwanted third parties, including government snitches. The war on privacy waged by Western regulators is in full swing.

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A flotilla from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet has begun training for long range strikes while en route to Cuba, where they will dock in the capital Havana just 350 kilometres off the coast of the United States. The small naval contingent is comprised of two combat vessels including the Yasen-M Class nuclear powered attack submarine Kazan, and the Gorshkov Class frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which represent by far Russia’s two most capable ocean going surface and submarine combatants. The Russian Defence Ministry reported that the ships delivered simulated long range strikes against enemy naval targets located over 600km away, with this following prior excesses by the Admiral Gorshkov simulating countering an air raid using its guns and anti-aircraft systems. The deployment of the ships to Cuba has been widely interpreted as one of many responses to escalating U.S. military support for Ukraine, including provision of longer ranged missiles and permitting them to be used against targets deep inside Russia, as well as providing personnel and targeting data by aircraft and satellite to facilitate attacks.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred to the United States as an “enemy” while speaking to reporters on Tuesday, in an apparent hardening of rhetoric between the two countries.

It remains unclear if the use of the word signals an official policy change, as the spokesman had previously argued that only President Vladimir Putin can make such decisions.

Washington’s refusal to allow former US marine, UN weapons inspector and RT contributor Scott Ritter to travel to St. Petersburg was “the latest manifestation of the rabid campaign to prevent US citizens from interacting with the Russian Federation” – which would only be “understandable” if it was somehow related to his former intelligence status, Peskov told journalists on Tuesday.

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Ukrainian women are getting bodies of their dead sons and husbands without their organs. They were sold off on the black market. One woman said her son’s kidney is missing, and he’s alive.

We don’t know how many soldiers are involved, but it is happening.

Zelensky signed a bill allowing it but regulating it. However, Ukraine has a dangerous, free-wheeling black market.

Organ donations are a big business.

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Illegal immigrants enjoy gaming a lot. Among their favorite things to do is figure out how to make money quickly. In Brooklyn, New York, illegal immigrants have recently taken up this pastime again since they discovered that, should they be unlucky enough to be struck by a driving vehicle, they can profit from jumping in front of them.

According to a January story in The New York Post, locals and law enforcement in Brooklyn’s residential neighborhood of Bergen Beach were alarmed by reports of illegal aliens jumping in front of passing cars.

Former Bergen Beach NYPD officer John B. told The Post, “They’re scaring people saying, ‘You just hit me, and I’m going to report it if you don’t give me the money.'”

On January 7, a freelance photographer tweeted that individuals in several parts of Brooklyn, New York, were having the same issue. A statement from Salvatore Calise, the previous president of the Bergen Beach Civic Association, alerting locals to the problem and detailing his victimization, was also attached to the tweet.

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Russia today unexpectedly expanded the geographic area of ​​tactical nuclear weapons exercises to include the Leningrad Military Formation in addition to the Southern Military District. 

This is a deliberate deception of NATO, which has now realized that Russia is not carrying out a simple exercise... In fact, this mobilization coincides with the arrival of Russian ships in Cuba. Strange timing. 

The Leningrad military sector stretches from the border with Norway in the north to Belarus and includes the Northern Fleet and the Kaliningrad enclave in the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.

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The Israeli military said Hezbollah fired about 215 projectiles against northern Israel this morning, setting off sirens across the area and setting fires. Officials downplayed the large number, saying there were no injuries.

This may not be a one-time event, as Hezbollah official Hachem Saffieddine said at a funeral ceremony for Hezbollah commander Taleb Sami Abdullah, that the movement would intensify attacks in “severity, strength, quantity and quality.”

Abdullah was a senior commander in Hezbollah and the highest ranked officer to be killed in the past eight months of Israeli attacks. He was killed late on Tuesday in southern Lebanon.

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Recently published reports have revealed the systematic sexual abuse and torture of Palestinian men, women and children by Israeli forces during the assault on Gaza.

On Wednesday, a report published by the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry concluded that the frequency and severity of sexual and gender-based violations meant that they were likely “part of [Israeli security forces] operating procedures”.

The inquiry detailed multiple instances of Israeli forces publicly stripping Palestinian women of their clothes and veils, and subjecting them to sexual harassment in front of their families during ground operations in Gaza.

The commission noted that “Palestinian men and boys have been disproportionally affected and victimised on many grounds”, and heard several reports of male victims being subjected to sexual violence in Gaza and the West Bank by Israeli forces.

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A building in the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza was hit by an Israeli airstrike on Monday, with footage showing the moment of impact.

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