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"This vaccine is directly killing individuals…It can damage you, no doubt about it.  The scoreboard is lit up as bright as it can be: death, hospitalization, cardiac and neurologic injuries, miscarriage, still birth, it can’t get worse.  I can’t think of any drug or any injection that is as dangerous as this group of vaccines, in particular, the Pfizer vaccine." -- Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Posted on March 19, 2022 by Maddie | spacejelly

“To prepare a full and complete account”

As I mentioned in the introduction, an enormous grant was paid to the University of Virginia by the Rockefeller Foundation to help cover the costs of developing the Covid Commission Planning Group (CCPG).⁠1 Now, a year later, the group seems to have grown some legs — and teeth. Philip Zelikow, who directs the group, spent some time arranging the “adviser” team. It is a long list of doctors, pharmaceutical company board members, former politicians, public policy makers, and former FDA officials (or, as some might call them, “stakeholders”) containing a lot of the usual suspects.