Thought for the day

"The Elderly are useless eaters." -- Henry Kissinger, Quoted in the book "The Final Days".



A Royal Air Force pilot getting a haircut and reading Greenmantle by John Buchan. There are a lot of interesting things about this picture, the color, the apparent stillness of these two men during the war, the young pilot smoking a pipe, and also the fact that he is reading a book in World War I during World War II. Is. war.

The pilot's name was Francis Mellersh and he was twice awarded Britain's Distinguished Flying Cross and recommended for the Victoria Cross.

About this photo of his daughter: "We have the original of the photo, and the book (he was mad about John Buchan) and that bloody pipe killed him at 72 in the end. I'm afraid of people who are fighting for war and Instead of dying daily, they are careless about their health.

Instead of resuming his Oxford studies at the end of the war, Francis stayed in the RAF for over 30 years and flew (often with a red arrow) until the end.