Thought for the day

"The problem is not the clown on the throne…he isn’t actually the problem and if he wasn’t there, some other psycho would be there. Which is why the crappy idea of statism is what has to go." -- Larken Rose

World War I was one of the defining events of the 20th century. The conflict took place in much of the world from 1914 to 1918 and included most of Europe, the United States, and much of the Middle East.


In terms of technological history, World War I is significant because it introduced many new types of weapons and was the first major war to "benefit" from technological advances in radio, electric power, and other technologies.


From the outset, those involved in the war were aware that technology would have a significant impact on the outcome. In 1915 British Admiral Jackie Fisher wrote, "Inventions are going to win the war."


New weapons such as tanks, zeppelins, poison gas, airplanes, submarines and machine guns increased casualties, and brought war to the civilian population. The Germans opened fire on Paris with long-range (60 miles or 100 kilometers) guns; London was first bombed from the air by Zeppelins.