Thought for the day

"No one ever is selected by the puppet master to be the POTUS unless they agree to carry out an essential piece of the agenda.  Once they sign the contract to become President of the U.S. Corporation, they work for the Federal Reserve not the American People.  So, it's the foreign owners of the FED who always choose the POTUS.  However, that does not mean a POTUS, once installed in the Oval Office, cannot go rogue.  JFK did just that.  So did DJT." -- Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer


It’s time to talk about pedophilia in the classroom, says one “woke” professor.

Ole Martin Moen from Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway is calling for the ‘de-stigmatization’ of child rapists. Citing his supposed research, Moen believes that “a substantial number of high school students have an intrinsic sexual identity” that he relates to that of LGBTQ+ individuals.