Thought for the day

"The more shocking a news story is, the more likely it's bullshit!" -- Michael Rivero

Execution of Kyiv Jews by German Army Mobile Assassination Units (Einsatzgruppen) near Ivanograd, Ukraine. The executioner appears to be standing over the body of the already executed person. The gun barrels of other executioners are visible on the left edge of the picture.


The photo was sent to Germany from the Eastern Front and intercepted by a member of the Polish resistance at the Warsaw Post Office collecting documents on Nazi war crimes.


The original print was owned by Tadeusz Mazur and Jerzy Tomaszewski and now resides in the Historical Archives in Warsaw. The original German inscription on the back of the picture read: "Ukraine 1942, Jewish Action [Operation], Ivanograd".


In the words of British journalist Robert Fisk, the picture is considered "one of the most influential and inspiring images of the Nazi Holocaust". It was featured in several books, and was displayed in photos as "precious and terrifying evidence" of "Nazi brutality in Eastern Europe" in both Poland and Germany.


In 1964, at the height of the Cold War, the popular German weekly Der Spiegel (ed. 49/1964) published the picture with a diatribe, which many angry readers named, claiming it was made by Russians. Fake, although the most objectionable. Evidence was found from official German records.