"It is not the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies. It is the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies, and shout 'BULLSHIT' at the top of their lungs!" -- Michael Rivero 

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AMERICA has vowed its "unwavering support" for Guyana after Putin's dictator pal Nicolás Maduro threatened to snatch more than half of the country and take its oil.

Guyana's tiny army is on full alert for an invasion from Venezuela, and Brazil also moved troops to the area amid fears a conflict could spill over the border.

Venezuela-Guyana tensions soar, US mounts military exercises MikeRivero Thu, 12/07/2023 - 12:38

The United States announced joint military flight drills in Guyana on Thursday as soaring tensions over a contested oil-rich region with neighbor Venezuela prompted the UN Security Council to call an urgent meeting.

A border feud has been spiraling over the Essequibo region administered by Guyana for over a century but also claimed by Venezuela, which is now seeking to bring the area under its rule.

"$24 Million From Foreign Nationals": House GOP Formalizes Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Releases Resolution Ahead Of Planned Vote MikeRivero Thu, 12/07/2023 - 12:37

Ahead of next week's vote to formally move forward with the Biden impeachment inquiry, Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) has released a 14-page resolution that would authorize the investigation.

Illegal Migrant Encounters Surge To Record As Biden's Border Crisis Worsens MikeRivero Thu, 12/07/2023 - 11:44

As corporate progressive media diverts the public's attention with Time Magazine's naming of Taylor Swift as Person of the Year this week, the Biden administration's southern border crisis continues to spiral out of control. 

Ukraine’s military has circulated a list of arms it hopes to receive from Washington over the coming months, including several new weapons not featured in past US aid packages, according to Reuters.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry staffers handed out a “list of armaments to meet the needs of defense forces of Ukraine” during a closed-door meeting among officials and weapons industry executives in Washington, DC on Wednesday, a copy of which was later obtained by Reuters.

Action Alert: Tucker Carlson to Interview Alex Jones Tonight About 9/11 and AJ's "Prediction" MikeRivero Thu, 12/07/2023 - 10:31

Dear Friends - we have a breakthrough opportunity with Tucker’s confirmed interest in getting to the bottom of 9/11. He just announced yesterday that he will interview Alex Jones tonight Thursday 12/7/23 — which usually goes live at about 8PM Eastern:

Biden Approval Rating Nears Lowest Level Since Start Of Presidency MikeRivero Thu, 12/07/2023 - 09:46

This month is the lowest point in United States President Joe Biden’s approval rating throughout his entire tenure in office.

On Sunday, a three-day opinion poll closed, where it was shown that only 40% of the respondents approved of Biden’s presidential performance.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the United States would be "responsible for Ukraine's defeat" if Congress fails to approve the Biden administration's $106 billion request to fund the wars in Ukraine and Israel, among other security issues.

Yellen made the remarks Tuesday to reporters while on a trip to Mexico City, calling the funding "utterly essential" and as a pre-condition for the International Monetary Fund to keep funds flowing uninterrupted into Ukraine, according to Reuters.

As ominous indicators mount, a disconnect persists as many believe the economy is thriving. The collapsing yield curve, paralleled by the decline in oil prices, is underscored by emergency bank REPO interventions. Despite these red flags, some remain oblivious to the economic downturn.