At least 14 people have been killed and 24 injured after Ukrainian missiles struck a hospital in the city of Novoaydar in the early hours of Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The medical facility in the city, which is located dozens of kilometers away from the frontlines in the central part of the Lugansk People’s Republic, treated both local residents and soldiers, the ministry noted. It added that both patients and medical personnel were among the victims.

Kievs Forces Once Again Using Civilians as Human Shields UK Media Reports MikeRivero Wed, 01/25/2023 - 12:30

There seems to be no limits to the criminal practices of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime. As well known, in addition to deliberately killing civilians in Donbass, Kiev also uses ordinary non-combatant people as human shields. Although the Russian side frequently denounces this reality and is accused of “disinformation” by the West, now even some Western media outlets are starting to admit some of the Kiev’s crimes.

Pentagon Not Currently Pursuing Back Pay for Troops Discharged over Vaccine Mandate MikeRivero Wed, 01/18/2023 - 07:50

The Pentagon said Tuesday it is not pursuing back pay for service members who were discharged from the military for not complying with the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for the military.

“Right now, we are not currently pursuing back-pay to service members who were dismissed for refusing to take the COVID vaccination,” Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said during a press briefing.

The U.N. confirms civilian deaths in Ukraine have surpassed 7,000, but says the real toll is far higher. MikeRivero Tue, 01/17/2023 - 12:12

As rescue workers continued to bring out bodies from the rubble of an apartment block struck by a Russian missile in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro on Saturday, the United Nations said on Monday that it had confirmed the deaths of more than 7,000 Ukrainian civilians in the 11 months since Russia invaded.


Several days ago, another video confirmed torture of Russian soldiers by Ukrainians was widely spread online. However, it was widely ignored by Ukrainian media and international MSM. Unidentified Ukrainians called mothers of two Russian prisoners of war (POW), threatening to kill their childs. Ukrainians demanded a large ransom for Russian soldiers. The Russian soldiers were tortured during the call.

Lula da Silva Orders Officials to Forcibly Inject Protestors With COVID Vaccines As Punishment MikeRivero Mon, 01/16/2023 - 15:20

Newly installed Brazilian President Lula da Silva has ordered officials to begin forcibly injecting protestors with COVID-19 vaccines as punishment for their dissent.

Julian Assange If He Had Written About Russia or China, He Would Have Been Hero and Nobel Prize Candidate MikeRivero Mon, 01/16/2023 - 10:06

In a miserable travesty of justice which is actually no surprise in our decayed western civilization – or rather non-civilization, Julian Assange is about to be extradited to the United States from the UK’s most notorious Maximum-Security Prison, Belmarsh.

For what? He had originally been arrested for “raping” two women in Sweden. Pressed for the truth, the women admitted it was consensual sex, but “he didn’t wear a condom”. They were clearly coerced to accuse Julian Assange with rape. Because Washington wanted Sweden to extradite him.

Assange: The Decisive Moment MikeRivero Mon, 01/16/2023 - 10:05

Julian Assange‘s father John Shipton announces from Australia in this interview with Berenice Galli, a novelty that could be decisive for his son’s destiny: “I feel that we will prevail and that Julian will be free. I feel it, I see it, I perceive it through the hundreds of contacts I have all over the world”.

Detailed Report Exposes CIA-Backed 'Zero Units' In Afghanistan MikeRivero Sun, 01/15/2023 - 08:25

n 2019, reporter Lynzy Billing returned to Afghanistan to research the murders of her mother and sister nearly 30 years earlier. Instead, in the country’s remote reaches, she stumbled upon the C.I.A.-backed Zero Units, who conducted night raids — quick, brutal operations designed to have resounding psychological impacts while ostensibly removing high-priority enemy targets.