"Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn." -- John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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Authorities in Yazoo County issued an emergency Wednesday morning about a levee break.

The following is part of an announcement from the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office:

"If you or someone that you know lives in the Eastbrook subdivision on Highway 16 in Yazoo County you need to evacuate IMMEDIATELY!!! The levee is about to break on the lake and the houses will flood. Please get out ASAP!!!"

Yazoo County is approximately 20 miles northwest of Jackson.

NASA engineers have discovered the cause of a communications breakdown between Earth and the interstellar explorer Voyager 1. It would appear that a small portion of corrupted memory exists in one of the spacecraft's computers. 

Kaleigh Levine was running drills in the gym with her lacrosse team at Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio, when everything turned black.

“The coach wanted me to get back in the line, but I couldn’t see,” she remembered.

Her vision returned after a few minutes, but several months and a half-dozen medical specialists later, the 20-year-old goalie was diagnosed with a mysterious condition known as POTS.

The popular kids snack Lunchables contains relatively high levels of lead and sodium, a consumer watchdog group warned Tuesday.

Consumer Reports (CR), a consumer advocacy group, said it tested 12 store-bought versions of Lunchables — which are made by Kraft Heinz — along with similar lunch and snack kits and found “relatively high levels of lead and cadmium” in the Lunchables kits.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly published a new report admitting to hundreds of thousands of cases of previously undisclosed injuries caused by Covid mRNA shots.

The CDC revealed that it received a staggering 780,000 previously undisclosed reports about a wide array of adverse effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Alarmingly, Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration had tried to hide the reports from the public.

However, the CDC was forced to publish the information following a court order.

A world-renowned molecular geneticist has blown the whistle to warn the public that Covid mRNA vaccines were “designed” by globalist elites to “destroy humanity.”

According to Dr. Michael Nehls, the injections were created as part of a plan by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), The World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma, and globalist world governments.

The plan sought to “conquer the human mind” by destroying most of the human race and breaking down barriers that were preventing the globalist agenda from being ushered in on a global scale.

A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

Norfolk Southern has agreed to a $600 million settlement to resolve class action lawsuits filed after a freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio spilling more than a million pounds of highly toxic chemicals into the community.

According to CNN, the company has not admitted liability or wrongdoing in the settlement.